Who Is The Mushrik?

” إِنَّمَا الْمُشْرِكُونَ نَجَسٌ – Indeed the Mushriks (polytheists) are unclean” (9:28). Who is the Mushrik? In the presence of the Sultan, how can one ever look at anyone else? Do not be jealous! Be pleased with what you are given and do not interfere with the Divine wisdom.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Who Is The Mushrik?

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbat of the 17th of May, 2013

As-salamu Alaykum, Dastur. Madad Ya Rijal Allah. Today is the holy day of Ragha’ib. May it be blessed. May it come with mightiness. As-salamu alaykum Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. May the day of Ragha’ib be blessed for you. Shah Mardan Habib ur-Rahman. Sahib, Sahib Dawran. Sahib Dhul Fiqqar (sword). O blessed Sahib. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan’s beloved ones/ friends, the ones who love and respect him, please come to our assembly. Our assembly is the assembly of knowledge/ wisdom, the assembly of honor. Let’s say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim – Allah’s (swt) Great Name. The servants who mention His Name, the beloved ones of Shah Mardan, the ones who say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Yaran Shah Mardan, Shah Mardan’s beloved friends, The one he loves and respects, holy people, ask for blessings. Ask for the blessings of today. This day is a very honorable day. Madad Ya Rijal Allah. Madad Ya Sahib az-Zaman, Madad Ya Sahib Dawran. O Shah Mardan and the ones who follow him, Yaran Shah Mardan. The ones Shah Mardan loves. May our day be holy/ blessed. The honor of today may it also be dressed on us. Listen Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, let’s listen to him. What is he saying? What instructions is he giving? 

Allah (jj) has given people honor

People are honorable, people are the most honorable for Allah (swt). Take care of that honor. Those who don’t protect that honor, will be disgraced on earth and in the hereafter. O Shah Mardan, the field is yours. Good servants, search for their assemblies. Their assemblies are Shah Mardan’s. Every good assembly belongs to Shah Mardan. Let’s be honored, let our honor increase. Our way is by sohbah/ association. Associations with good people give people honor. Those who associate with bad people become bad. They become disgraced, they become dishonorable. Search for honor. Allah (jj) has given people honor. The ones who are keeping that honor are Shah Mardan’s Yaran. They will gather with him. They will be with him. Madad, go ahead (speak) O Shah Mardan. 

The one who forgets Basmala is forgotten.

Say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Every time you say it, honor is dressed on you, an honorable dress is dressed on you. When we say dress, it isn’t just what we are wearing, but in Shah Mardan’s presence there is an honorable dress. You will wear that. In order to wear that, say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim so that the dress of honor will be dressed on you. Don’t forget! Don’t forget Basmala, or you will be forgotten. You’ll be forgotten. The one who forgets Basmala is forgotten. He has become rubbish. He is like a carcass that is thrown in the rubbish, the one who forgets Basmala. Basmala gives the person a dress of honor. And let’s say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. After you wear that dress, you will be accepted in the Divine Presence. To go to the Divine Presence, you must wear clean clothes. Those who are not clean cannot enter the Divine Presence. 

Who are Mushriks (polytheists)?

Be clean! Allah (swt) likes clean ones. Rasulullah (ﷺ) loves cleans ones. Who are clean ones? They are pure/ clean people. The ones who hold fast to Shah Mardan’s way are clean. They are pure. Those outside his way, are dirty/ impure. “Innamal Mushrikuna Najasun” (9:28) Those who don’t recognize Allah (swt), those who don’t keep His orders, those who keep satan as their guide. The Mushrik (polytheist) is the one who commits shirk. What does that means… Ay Sahib Dawran… Who are Mushriks (polytheists)? Those who leave Allah’s orders and keep satan as their partner, as their guide. Mushrik are those who worship satan. Those who don’t accept their servanthood to Allah are Mushrik. Those who put their own ego first are Mushrik. Those who listen to their egos are Mushrik. And what is a Mushrik (polytheist)? “Innamal Mushrikuna Najasun” They are dirty, impure – The dirty, unclean ones who put their egos first. “Allahu yuhibbu ‘l-mutatahhirin” (2:222) Allah (swt) likes clean ones. 

Be clean! This is Islam. Be clean. Don’t be dirty, don’t be impure. Islam dresses people with the dress of cleanliness. What you wear outside of Islam is not clean. Everything outside of Islam is dirty/ impure. It is dirty. Everything other than Islam is dirty. Where is the place for dirtiness? The WC. That is why- “Innamal Mushrikuna Najasun” (9:28) Mushriks are those who don’t recognize Allah. Those outside Islam are dirty/ impure, that means they are the dirtiness that is in the WC. Islam says to be clean. Go ahead (speak) O Shah Mardan, the Door of Knowledge, the Door to the City of Knowledge, Shah Mardan, Sahib Dawran, Sahib Dhul Fiqqar, Asadullahil-Ghalib Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Listen O Shia, Listen, you who claim to be Alawi, Be clean. Let all your work/ actions be clean. Who is clean? The ones keeping the way of Shah Mardan. If you don’t, they will throw you into the sewage of dirtiness. When we say sewage of dirtiness, it means they’ll be thrown in the WC. Where is the place for dirty ones? It is WC. 

Do you accept dirty ones at the dinner table? How can you invite them? O Shah Mardan, go ahead (speak). Clean ones are accepted to the dinner table. Dirty ones are sent to the WC. Know O people! A Mushrik (polytheist) is the one who puts a partner with Allah (swt). Allah (swt) has no partners. Wahid al-Ahad, Allah (swt). Look to Him. Don’t look anywhere else. Let your eyes be on Him. Ya. At the assembly of a Sultan, will a person look at anyone other than the Sultan? His gaze will be on him (sultan). O people! “murakabu minan nisyan” People always forget. Don’t forget! The way you stand in the presence of a Sultan, at least stand like that. Don’t leave Allah’s (swt) assembly or you will be disgraced. Those who stand in the assembly of Allah (swt) are honorable. Honor is befitting of mankind. Dishonor is not befitting of mankind. 

Allah (swt) dressed mankind with the dress of honor and that is why satan was jealous and become angry.

Allah (swt) dressed mankind with the dress of honor and that is why satan was jealous and become angry. It rebelled and became disobedient to its Lord. Although, Allah (swt) gives the dress that is suitable for each one. Satan, before it became satan, had its own dress. It was wearing a dress and it was a teacher to the angels. And when a different dress was dressed on the Prophet Adam (as), the dress of Sultanate, satan became jealous. Jealous ones are those who have fallen into dirtiness. There is no jealousy in Islam. Jealous ones are those who are running after the dirtiness of dunya/ world. Why be jealous of dunya? Even if earth was made of solid gold, it would not be worth being jealous. Dunya is a carcass. It isn’t gold. It is a carcass. Dogs are the ones who run after carcasses. Don’t bring the level down. “Wa laqad karamna bani Adam” (17:70) “We have honored the Children of Adam.” We gave them a high rank. That is why satan is jealous. It wasn’t happy with what it was given, it saw it as little. It was jealous of what was given to Adam (as). When it became jealous, it became dirty, impure. 

An ant is happy being an ant.

A dirty one cannot be in the assembly of a Sultan. They kicked him out. Satan also had a mightiness. As soon as he was jealous, that mightiness was taken from him. Satan became ugly, the ugliest creation. It is more ugly than any animal. “‘Innama l-Mushrikuna Najasun”(9:28) And why is satan working so hard? From its jealousy, it wants to make all people like itself. Don’t be jealous! Don’t be envious! What is given to you is suitable for you. What is given to someone else is suitable for them. “Wa ata kulla shay’in haqqa.” Allah (swt) has given everything its due rights. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. An ant is nice as an ant. A horse is beautiful as a horse. A cat is nice as a cat. Every creation has its own special dress in which Allah (swt) has dressed it. An ant says – I don’t want to be a beetle. An ant is happy being an ant. 

Every creation, other than mankind, likes its own dress.

Every creation, other than mankind, likes its own dress. They don’t say – we don’t like our dress. Allah (swt) has given each creation a dress and that dress is suited to them. The dress given to mankind is different, it befits mankind. The dress given to a horse is different. The dress given to a donkey is different. Mankind is Hadrat Insan. Allah (swt) does whatever He wants. He said – We have honored the Children of Adam (as). I made them My khalifa/ deputy, no one can interfere. I dressed them with the dress of khilafa, why do you try to interfere? O iblis, get out of My Presence. I have the Authority, I am the Creator. I am Rabbul ‘Alamin. It is not your place to interfere. I can dress whoever I want with whichever dress I want. I dress the cat with the dress of a cat. I dress the mouse with the dress of mice. I dress each creation with its special dress. A cat is not jealous of a dog. A wolf is not jealous of a dog. A bear is not jealous of a lion. No. Each knows its own condition. They say – I accept what Allah (swt) dressed me with. It is suitable for me. 

You should see everything as appropriate/ suitable. See everything as appropriate, don’t interfere. Don’t interfere with the Divine Will. Be happy/ satisfied with what you are dressed with. There is honor with what you are dressed with. A cat is dressed with a dress. The cat doesn’t say that it doesn’t like it. It says – I like it. Do you want to be a dog? No I don’t, it says. A dog says – I was created like this. Do you want to be a wolf? No I don’t – it says. The dress given to me is suitable for me. Know this! Whatever your Lord decided is appropriate for you, you should accept it. Every creation, says – the One who created me dressed me with this dress. It is so nice and suitable for me. It is so nice for me. The cat looks in the mirror – O how beautiful I am, it says. It doesn’t say – I want to be a dog. They know and find the beauty in themselves. They don’t object. 

In the Holy Quran, the ant was mentioned – “qalat namlatun” (27:18) The ant’s name was mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Mawlana sheikh nazim qs

Whoever objects becomes satan. Satan became like that. It said – “I don’t like it, I don’t like it.” What didn’t you like? I didn’t like that Adam (as) will be khalifa. Well who are you? You cannot have wisdom until you know your place. If someone knows their place, their limits, they will find honor. If they cross their limit, they become dishonorable. In the Holy Quran, the ant was mentioned – “qalat namlatun” (27:18) The ant’s name was mentioned in the Holy Quran. The name of the horse or that of any of the other animals wasn’t mentioned, but the ant’s name was mentioned. It is honorable, it was aware of its honor. It said – “O ants, “the One who dressed us… our Mawla/Master, dressed us with this dress.” “How beautiful we are. What beautiful ants we are.” “We are glorifying Allah (swt) who created us as ants” “We are thanking our Lord.” We are glorifying, we say – Subhansin Ya Rabbi. You created us as ants. 

Know yourself, give thanks for your situation, so your honor will increase.

Know yourself, give thanks for your situation, so your honor will increase. If not, your honorable dress will be taken, and a disgraceful dress like satan’s will be dressed on you, and you’ll be thrown to a dirty place. Be happy with your condition. Allah (swt) created me like this. Don’t say – I want to be more beautiful. Say – I am beautiful. Don’t say – I’m ugly. Don’t think you’re ugly and put makeup and this and that on yourself. You won’t become beautiful by your clothes. Say- Allah (swt) created me beautiful. Ya Rabbi many thanks to You that I am a human. O my Lord who gave me this rank and dressed me with this dress, I are glorifying You – Subhansin, Sultansin. Say this O people! so your glory will increase. If you don’t, your glory will decrease, not increase. 

Their entire life is passing in difficulty because they are not satisfied, they didn’t like the dress given to them by Allah (swt).

Mawlana sheikh nazim qs

Look at what Allah (swt) gave you. Don’t go searching for beauty for yourself. The dress Allah (swt) gave you and dressed you with, suits you. A cat doesn’t say it wants to be a dog. A dog doesn’t say it wants to be a wolf. A horse doesn’t say it wants to be a donkey. A donkey doesn’t say it wants to be a dog. They are satisfied with whichever dress they are given. Say – Shukr Ya Rabbi. Each creation has its own tasbih (remembrance/praise) for Allah (swt) – Subhansin Ya Rabbi. You created me, You gave me this form. Thanks and praise. Say – Subhansin Ya Rabb, Sultansin Ya Rabb. Are the people saying this? No. And that is why they are never relieved from troubles. Their entire life is passing in difficulty because they are not satisfied, they didn’t like the dress given to them by Allah (swt). That is why people have no comfort or peace. They are not happy. They say – let’s wear a new fashion dress. People do not become beautiful by clothes. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Those keeping your way find comfort, they find peace, they become close to their Lord. Be from the people of heaven – your life on earth will be nice and life in the hereafter will be nice. O our Lord, dress us with the blessings of this holy Day of Ragha’ib. May the evil of satan be far from us. People should know their humanity and know their honor, and be at peace. Those who don’t know their honor, and those who are not satisfied, are always uncomfortable/ troubled. They are always jealous. They are always without peace. Say – my Lord created me so beautiful. Say, and give thanks to your Lord. Remember/ praise your Lord. Today is a holy day, the Day of Ragha’ib. The one who was created for the honor of the whole universe, Habibullah (ﷺ), this is the holy day he descended into his mother’s womb. 

O Muslims, and all people – stop killing. Stop fighting, stop killing people. That one who is the Crown of the universes, the Master of creation – keep his way so that you will be at peace. If not, you will finish each other off. Satan will make you destroy each other. Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Let’s repent. 

Let’s love and be loved so that the One who created us will be happy with us, and His Habib (ﷺ) will be proud of us.

Let love be our way. Let’s love and be loved. Let’s get rid of hatred. Let’s love and be loved so that the One who created us will be happy with us, and His Habib (ﷺ) will be proud of us. O Glorious Prophet (ﷺ), send us a Sultan. We are left without a Sultan. People have fallen into punishment like the punishment of hellfire. They are eating one another. Don’t! Don’t! The ones who eat people are cannibals. Don’t be a cannibal, be human. 

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. May Allah Dhul Jalal dress us with today’s blessings and take away the heaviness from us. May oppressors fall into each other’s hands. We hope to be honored by the honor of today. Thanks and praise for our Lord’s favors/ grants. Endless Salat and Salam to our Prophet (ﷺ). May the honor of Ummuhan (Hala Sultan) increase. May there be a cure for all sick and troubled ones. May the ones who are fighting correct themselves. May our end be good for the sake of Your Habibullah (ﷺ). O Shah Mardan, you gave us such nice expressions. Let’s keep them InshaAllah. 

Bi hurmat al-Habib Bi hurmat al-Fatiha. 


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