Take From the Jewels

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ

Dunyā is an opportunity to take the jewels that the soul desires. Some people take a little and some a lot and some pass it up to take nothing of lasting value. Those who don’t take are in darkness and it shows on their faces.

Ightanama l-fursa When the river running take as much as you can take because, perhaps after a while, river not running.


Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Sohbat of the 23rd of March, 2007

Ightanama l-fursa When the river running take as much as you can take because, perhaps after a while, river not running. 

a’udhu b¡llahi mina sh-shaytani r-rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Dunya, it is a chance for everyone who [is] living now and we must take our care because we are on way – passing, passing as a river, mankind with of man, side to another side [side-by-side], walking as a river running. And we have been ordered to take something from this life to be for our eternal life up to eternity. We may say we are passing through a passage both sides you have so many shops. They are, not selling – putting everything and announcing, saying ‘O People, whom on this bridge or on this passage passing, you may take from your right hand or from your left hand anything you like, you may take it. Freely. Take! That is a chance – ‘Fursa’ opportunity for this life. Because you are passing, and it is free, free to take anything. You may take jewels. You may take anything else as you like. 

Heedless people, they may be occupied only to look, not taking. Some people taking a little bit. Some people taking more or less. Who is taking from everything, is a lucky person. Therefore, Prophet saying ‘Ightanama l-fursa’ You must take care, full care for that opportunity to take as much as you can carry. And, it is not a heavy burden on you because this, as walking ways in airports – you are standing on it – walkalators, moving-way. You may put there, it is not necessary to put on you and that may go. Therefore, now we have that opportunity to take even a little bit. But clever ones, whom taking a lot of things. Why? So many people never taking anything. Take a lot of valuable jewels. 

Some people looking, there is eating and drinking things also. They are occupying themselves for their egos to eat and to drink, not looking that the side of jewels. They are very happy from eating and drinking because that side also is free. Enjoying. Everything for what? Eat and drink, never looking this side. Clever ones saying ‘No, this, that has no value. When we are going outside finish this.’ This, jewels that you can’t find such a beautiful jewels. You must take from these. Take it! And, as much as you are taking, it is not getting less. Millions or billions people running on that passage, from here to hereafter and never ending. When taking, another coming up, taking another coming up. Always that it is full. Jewels, always. As long as all eating and drinking also never finishing this side. 

Who is taking his soul’s wills, soul’s spiritual desires, that it is never going to finish or vanish, he is most lucky people. Every time you can find this. Therefore, to keep with you this tasbih. Carry this, making people to take every hour, every moment taking. Saying Allah Allah. Saying La ilaha Illa Allah. Saying Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala ‘ali Muhammadin wa sallim. Saying that belongs, glorifying Allah Almighty, Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah wa la ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar. Everything they are jewels keeps people to remember. And now, in our days shaitan, shaitan [is] trying to blame people who carrying tasbih through his hand – saying ‘Why you are carry it?’ You may add through your fingers, and I am saying ‘No’ fingers. We have these, no need. If you are not keeping tasbih we may add them counting with our fingers. And this is only for thirty three, no more. This, we are in need more and more. 

It is a symbol for Muslims to carry tasbih.

Prophet (ﷺ) opening entrance for treasures and saying, I am taking 33, 33, 33 but beyond this, you like to do after praying 99 enough. But after it, if you like to take much more – it is free! Take! But those shaitan people, wahhabi people they are never using this, tasbih. Saying for what? I am saying for counting numbers of our tasbih. You can do, they are saying, without counting. Yes, I tried it so many times. If I am making without this, tasbih after a while I am finishing and forgetting. But this reminding me. And this is a, also a good sign for Muslims. It is a symbol for Muslims to carry tasbih. And particularly a symbol for tariqat people that tariqat is a more, more strict, strict discipline. Who some people, some foolish ones asking about tariqats and tariqat is a… shariat is a discipline but tariqat more strict discipline. Shariat gives to people much more time for dunya but tariqat making it less and less and to be with their Lord more and more. Shariat saying, you can use dunya as you like from halal. But tariqat saying, O People you must take what it is enough for you from dunya and more give for Allah. Therefore tariqat is much more strict discipline. 

And these, who keeps tasbih in his hands he is trying to keep that discipline – not to forget his Lord. Because who forgetting, forgotten, finished. And if you are forgetting Allah Almighty, you are going to be with your ego with your shaitan. No Allah for you, and you are falling in kufr, in darkness of hells. And you should be here through the valleys of hells. Therefore now people you are looking through their faces, on their faces covering darkness, darkness Darkness does not mean black. No. White people, but their faces in darkness. Black colour people, but they are in lights, lightening. That is from Allah Almighty to His servants – shining, face of a servant, whom who working for his Lord, his face or her face shining, lightening. But whom they are working for their egos and becoming with shaitanic service, even their colour is white, but they are in darkness. You can’t look to their faces. “taqsha’ir”. If you are looking cleanly to the faces such a people, whom they are leaving their Lord’s divinely service, darkness of their faces making your hair to stand up. 

Therefore, it is important to look after so many means that make you to continue with, to be with Allah Almighty. As long as you are with your Lord, that lights running through your face, through your body, innerly or outside. But whom they are forgetting, darkness on their faces. They can’t smile, they can’t laugh. if they are smiling, it is imitated smiling. Or if laughing, laughing by force. That is their punishment through this life because they are with shaitan, and shaitan, his face is dark in darkness. He never smiling, shaitan. Only when he is, he is making a trick for mankind and that one falling in trap, then shaitan laughing. Therefore, billions of people they forget smiling or laughing. Finished. Therefore I am looking sometimes in TVs and some programs, some people playing in it and there is a laughing from so many people to make whom looking to that TV, from their laughing may laugh. If they are not laughing, then they lost, they forget to laugh. Therefore every time ‘hehehehe’ Haji Mestan ‘Hahahahaha’ This especially making this because people never laughing. When they are hearing that people laughing they are making themselves. If they are not drunk. 

Therefore, whom going to be with Allah Almighty always happy and joyful. People coming to me, and I say ‘if not laughing, don’t come. Walk away.’ Yes. We are happy with Allah, with His endless Mercy, His endless favours, we are happy! We are proud to be His servants and He is our Lord. Endless honour! But that, majority of people lost it. And they can’t smile, even smiling finished! He is smiling? La hawla wa la quwwata. Only Egyptian people [Mawlana laughing] ne oldu Ahmed? (what happened Ahmed?) 

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq 


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