The Month of Safar

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ

The month of Ṣafar has come and with it many troubles. Mawlānā tells us what to do to be protected. The world is full of wild animals looking like people. Live like man.

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق

Sohbat from 1988

We are in the month of Safar. It is the heaviest month. In this month many troubles come because it’s Safar. In the month of Safar many troubles come. It is said that seven hundred thousand troubles come. May Allah give them to the unbelievers. May He(subhanahu wa ta’ala) not give them to us.

Say 3 Shahada and 300 Astagfirullah everyday.

Say 3 Shahada and 300 Astagfirullah everyday. Continue with this everyday till the month ends. 3 shahada: Ash’hadu an La ilaha il’Allah,wa sh’hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasuluhu. Say 300 Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah. Everyday give charity. If you can’t find someone to give it to, put it somewhere first thing in the morning. Then when you find, give, because a lot of accidents happen this month. You can stop accidents and troubles only with charity. One charity closes 70 doors of trouble. Therefore how much you can afford or how much you want to give from your heart. Give a charity to counter the day’s trouble. Take care about that.

Everyday give charity.

May Janabul Haqq show us bright days. And may all the world be guided and brought to this brightness. The enemy of Mankind looks like Man but in reality are wild animals. May we be protected from their evil. There is a verse in the holy Quran, Astaizu Billah: “Wa-idha l wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5) As a sign for doomsday “wuhoosh” wild animals, will gather. It is an indication that the brutality of today is from people who look like Man but are really wild animals. The world is full of wolves, full of hyenas, full of jackals, full of foxes, full of bears. There are a lot of bears. Because neither grass nor meat is safe from bears. This animal also eats nuts. Therefore there are so many wild bears now. Halal, they don’t ask for halal or haram. They eat everything. Bear kinds are a lot. Altogether, wolves, hyenas, jackals, and lions are the kind of predators that there are a lot of. Like tigers and then like vipers, like snakes, like centipedes, like scorpions, vermin. The vermin are countless now. The vermin have filled this world.

“Wuhoosh”, “Wa-idha l-wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5) The meaning of this verse was given to my heart yesterday. I keep on reading that the gathering of the wuhoosh, their coming together, coming out, this matter is a sign of doomsday. As they are showing today’s people’s wildness attributes. Everyday buying newspapers to see what kind of murder man is doing; man the oppressor. Is he Man or of the kind I am talking about? Everyday what the newspapers are writing is like a drop in the sea. If they would write everything happening it would be uncountable. There is so much brutality now in this world. Because mercy has left the hearts the people have turned brutal. That’s why now the world is filled up with animal acting, human looking, wild animals of every kind. That’s “Wa-idha l-wuhooshu hushirat” (81:5)

“Wa-idha as-suhufu nushirat” (81:10). Suhuf means In Arabic suhuf means newspaper. There weren’t any newspapers, everybody was reading the Quran. Now whoever opens his eye, before cleaning it, looks at the newspaper. What is happening? Gold. Has the gold rate lowered? Gives his eye light away for it. Newspaper. “Wa-idha s-suhufu nushirat” (81:10) When the newspapers came out, it was also a doomsday sign. The newspapers came out and the Quran is not read anymore. Everybody reads newspapers, magazines; reads novels, comics. So, yes.

You don’t understand what I’m saying, Oooo. If I would say, there would be an earthquake in Europe. In other words whoever lives like Man, how happy his life will be if he takes care about his humanity. They come as Man but most of them leave as animals. That’s it. That came useful. You came as Man, live like Man, leave like Man. That’s to be a man, to be courageous and brave. Allah sent you as a Human; look at My servant how he comes? Does he come as a Man or as an animal?

May Allah forgive us. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. Yes. Believe in Allah, live like Man. Believe in Allah and live clean. Believe in Allah and pass away clean from this world. Believe in Allah and be together with clean ones on Judgment Day. One said this to the Sultan; ‘it is time to be with Allah.’ Yavuz Sultan Selim, may his abode be paradise, answered: With whom did you think we were with until now? With Allah. Whoever is with Allah, his sword will be sharp. That’s why you can’t stand in front of him. Who is not will be despicable.

May Allah give us faith. Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.


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