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Al Haqqania

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Al Haqqani

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat – June, 1998.

Dastur, yā Sayyidī, Madad Madad, yā Sultān al-Anbiyā’ Madad, yā Sultān al-Awliyā’, Madad, yā Sadātinā l-kirām. A‘ūdhu bi-Llāhi min ash-shaytāni r-rajīm ،Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm Lā hawla wa lā quwwata illa bi-Llāhi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azīm O Allāh, inspire us with righteousness and protect us from the evil of our egos! This is a message from our generous guardians & masters from my master Sultan al-Awliyā’ ‘Abd Allāh ad-Dāghistānī may Allāh Most High increase his station evermore through his servant Shaykh Muhammad Nāzim al-Haqqānī, the one carrying the byname al-Haqqānī.

As tensions increase in the land because moral corruption arose after Sultan ar-Rashād and spread rapidly among communities and individuals, from house to house, from neighborhood to neighborhood. Corruption has spread and ignorance has become common and darkness rules and Iblīs and his armies have taken control of large portions of mankind and possessed their hearts with the darkness of unbelief, hypocrisy and dissent. May Allāh protect us and you from falling into the temptations of evil, as they surround people on their left and on their right, from in front and from behind them, from below as well as from above, so that there is no spot left without evil – announcing corruption has taken leadership in the land, and the secret of the noble verse has become apparent. I seek refuge with Allāh: “and they fear a day whose evil will be widespread” (76:7) “and they fear a day whose evil will be widespread.”

This is our day: evil with countless wings flying over the land and over Allāh’s servants. So beware with utmost care, O servants of Allāh, Allāh Himself is warning you of destruction, annihilation, and ruin. So don’t blame anyone but yourselves if something hits you from the wrath of the All-Compelling! Join the ranks of the pious ones to be saved from annihilation and destruction in this world and on the Day of Decision.

You grew up in an age full of darkness in which there is no discerning between wrong and right and in which the orders of the Creator, Exalted is He, are not obeyed and people are ruled by their desires. “and they refuse common kindnesses” (107:7) although the Exalted reprimands them, saying, “Have you seen the one, who has taken his desires for his god?” (45:23). And He ordered them to go against their egos and desires and shaytān and this world while they were in a majestic setting – “The day We punish them with the greater punishment, We shall truly take revenge.” (44:16) So beware with utmost care. O servants of Allāh, fear Allāh, fear Allāh, regarding yourselves and your spouses and your children and your deeds.

“Show mercy to those on earth so that who is in heavens will show you mercy!” “Who doesn’t show mercy won’t be shown mercy.” This is a definite rule. Whose heart is bereft of mercy definitely the wrath of the All-Compelling will come down upon him. So beware with utmost care if there is no mercy in the servant’s heart for the servants of Allāh, be warned of the darkness/oppression. The Exalted, He says, “Verily, I have forbidden Myself oppression, so don’t oppress!” It is pure oppression which leads the servants to destruction, bringing ruin to the land, from East to West, from North to South.

I am warning you and I say: Beware of the anger of the ego and beware of fanaticism. There is no fanaticism in the religion of Islam, nor in the religion of Christianity, nor in the Jewish religion. You must show mercy, and if you are merciful, Allāh will be merciful to you. Stand straight in the court of al-Haqq and “do what is good, verily, Allāh loves those who do good!” (2:195) There can’t be the least doubt “Allah is Witness over what you do.”(3:98) and not an atom’s weight escapes Him neither of good nor of evil! So understand, O servants of Allāh, that verily, Allāh orders you to be just and equitable. Give Allāh’s servants the rights you owe them! That is enough.

Wherever you find the fire of dissension you must extinguish it! Whoever strives to extinguish the fire of dissension his Lord will reward him with a reward from Himself and He will say on the Day of Gathering, and also before the Day of Gathering during his worldly existence, He will single him out through the abundance of light appearing in him as if he was the sun in the sky. O servants of Allāh, it is your duty to help those who are in distress. This is a matter of great importance, which will please the Lord, Exalted is He & Most High. There is no action more beloved to Allāh Most High than helping those who are in distress.

The one thing better than helping the distressed is to help those crying for help, (from a poem:) “O You, Who help the one calling for help, if You don’t help us, who will help? And we have no Lord as Helper except for You, O Lord of the servants!” We are asking for Your help. O our Lord support us with a special support by the high rank of Your Beloved, the Chosen [al-Mustafa], Your Messenger, with whom Allāh is pleased [al-Murtada], Master of the First & the Last, whom You sent as a Mercy for all the worlds by the sanctity of al-Fātiha.

This is what I have to say & I’m asking forgiveness for myself & for you & all believers. Success belongs to those who ask forgiveness, so I ask Allāh for forgiveness. Regarding the daily practices [awrād]: There is permission for all that which Mawlana (Shaykh ‘Abd Allāh) has assigned to us, according to your capacity. As much as you can do keep to the awrād of the Shaykh! To increase the honor of the Prophet (salla Llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). al-Fātiha.

Sh. Hisham: We don’t understand what al-Haqqānī is. It’s a new name.

Shaykh Nāzim: Al-Haqqānī is the one who never accepts oppression or injustice. Every human has rights. Don’t say: this one is a Druze, that is a Christian, this is Alawi, that one is a Shia; that a Syrian, that a Lebanese or Iraqi. This one’s a Jordanian, that a Saudi. This is a Turk, that an Arab! Each sect and each individual from each community has the right to enjoy existence in their world so that they may progress by their acts of obedience to their Lord, Exalted and Most High. And Allāh, the Exalted, has made this earth a place where all servants can enjoy their existence. Every servant has a right to live in whatever country he likes!


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Mawlana Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (Qs), sohbat of the 1st of July, 2014, Lefke, Cyprus.


As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuhu. Tariqatuna s-sohba wa-l khairu fi-l jami’a. Ramadan mubarak inshaAllah. We had no chance yesterday, we talked about something else.

It’s the 4th day of Ramadan today. MashaAllah it is a very good month; very holy, blessed, abundant month. Allah Azza wa Jalla has given His believing servants all goodness, beauties, blessings. Everything that is beautiful He has given to His believing servants, both apparent and hidden. Fasting is a beautiful worship. It is a worship to discipline your ego. However, as much as worship is difficult, as much peace comes to a man. It gives the peace of defeating the ego. A man feels very good – a Muslim, the one fasting in Ramadan, the one who believes. Who doesn’t believe, it passes like normal days to him. But when Ramadan comes to a believer, no matter where he is on earth, Allah puts that beautiful feeling inside him. Fasting during the day, tarawih at night, sahur – each has its sawab (reward). Good deeds are written. Ranks are increased.

We were in London and returned just last week. You know, when Ramadan came, Sheikh Effendi used to go to London a few days before Ramadan. He would spend Ramadan there. He was there all the time. He stayed there even after Ramadan. Ramadan was like a holiday every day. It was like a holiday for people. At night he would come after iftar, lead taraweeh, give sohbat. They would talk, then it would be morning. At nights, mostly tahajjud. Until other prayers are made, it was sahur already. After sahur a prayer, a morning prayer, then work. So nearly more than 16 hours of the day all of them would spend in worship, in lovely talk and Allah’s love. Everybody tells about it, nobody can forget those days. Then Sheikh Effendi was… There’s no one who doesn’t change except Allah. Everything else changes. Sheikh Effendi was young then. He would give 5-6 sohbas a day. Not a 5-minute sohba like ours.

That time was the time full of abundance, blessing and light. That’s why, many people became Muslim. Even unbelievers became Muslim. Who was on a wrong way found the way. Muslims. There are many Muslims. However, many people don’t know about Islam. With that blessing, with that abundance, that miracle, all of them, most people came to the right way. This is the blessing of Ramadan, the blessing of Sheikh Effendi. So Ramadan is a gift given by Allah Azza wa Jalla to His believing servants. May Allah let all of us keep on this beautiful way with our families. May there be guidance for other Muslims as well. May there be guidance for Muslims. May they come to the right way. This is a beautiful way of Allah, the way of love.

May non-Muslim ones who have goodness in their hearts, who have mercy, come to Islam with the blessing of this month, inshaAllah. Because it is not easy to come to Islam. Who has no mercy, who has no cleanliness cannot come. Therefore, may good people become Muslim inshaAllah. Most people are not on the right way – says Allah Azza wa Jalla. May those who are good come with the blessing of this Ramadan inshaAllah. Because it is Allah’s pleasure. He said He won’t guide everyone. He let only some of the people be guided. He showed this beautiful way to them. May Allah not let us obey our egos. May He not let us fall from the right way. Don’t give fatwa to do as you like by obeying your ego and say you’re Muslim. Keep and protect the right way.

Today is the 4th day of Ramadan. Ramadan, it is a holy month, holy month – it is a gift from Allah. For whom? For believers. This month, it is month of rahmah – mercy, baraka, wideness and light, and hudhr – peace, wisdom. This month’s special gift for believers who they believe in Allah, Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam, for all prophets, sallAllahu alaihum wa sallam – not some of them. We accept all of them. And it is difficult, not easy. Because we are fasting, not eating anything until sunset, and in this hot. Even not hot in some European country, it is very long day. It is not easy, but it is… how much it is difficult, it is more sweet. Why? Because you are taking your ego under your feet. You control your ego. This is one of the wisdoms of fasting.

Ramadan fasting month. 30 days or 29 days sometimes. And nighttime also we pray more, 20 rakat. We pray. Some of them they said they are not respecting sunnah. Some of them maybe praying 2 rakat, some of them 4 rakat, but the most of our brothers who is knowing everything – arabs – 8 rakat, they pray. You must pray 20 rakat to be… You are free, you can you can pray as much as you like but Allah, He give you present for you to take more baraka, to take more mercy from Him. Take for baraka – to pray 20. You pray 8 rakat and after you go and speak until sahur, or sometime before sahur and you sleep before sahur. No. You must pray sunnah. It is also present from Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam, to give you more reward and to be your higher position. After this, we pray, we sleep, we pray tahajjud also. After tahajjud, we make sahur.

This is 3 things for Ramadan it is most important: to fasting, and when you break your fast also reward, you pray tarawih also reward with jamaat. After you pray night-praying, sahur. You must do sahur because Prophet, sallAllahu alaihu wa sallam, ordered it is baraka. All orders of Allah Azza wa Jalla and Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam, it is baraka and for your benefit. They are not need for you. And they give you. Take this gold, take this diamond for you. You say – “No, I don’t want this.” And they are giving, and they are happy if you are taking. If you are not taking, also they will not lose anything. But they all to make this believer to take more and more from generosity of Allah Azza wa Jalla.

Ramadan everywhere, it is nice for who believes and who knows Ramadan from believers. But many believers, they are not knowing Ramadan. Ramadan also, he doesn’t know them, not affecting them. But when you believe in Ramadan and for Allah you are fasting, even you are in middle of the worst unbeliever people but you believe, you also, you feel this nice feeling.

Mawlana, you know, when he was going to London, especially going before Ramadan and whole month of Ramadan he was there. It was like feast. People, they were sleeping in Peckham and other places, one on each other, so crowded, packed. And they were very happy. Everyday like feast for them. Mawlana, he was very strong, you know, that time. They were coming all around the world. People from England also, they coming from far distance staying 3 days, 4 days. Some of them staying all month with Mawlana. But it was real concentration of love of Allah, love of Prophet, love of Awliya. He was coming maybe making breakfast, another place coming for tarawih, after tarawih sohba or qasida or something. After going to house making tahajjud. After making sahur before praying fajr together. And for all days it was long sohbat. He was giving maybe 5-6 sohbat.

It was mashaAllah like river, not like me only 10 minute. But it was ocean of light, baraka, and mercy, and peace that people were coming. Non-Muslim, they become Muslim, many of them. Even from Muslim, because Muslim also say Muslim – they are worse than non-Muslim, some of them. Not believe at all. Because not teaching them from childhood or they were in Western country. They forget everything. They were coming again, and they became strong iman, belief.

It was many people when I was there. I was saying come to Ramadan but it come not like Mawlana. Mawlana is only once. Who was with him, it is his luck. But alhamdulillah we are following him. We are following. We are happy with Ramadan, with Allah, with Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam. This is from his teaching. He taught us to be, to know what are our good for us, (and what) it is not good for us. Good to follow them, Prophet and awliya. Not good to follow your ego. This month, it is month of patience and to put control on your ego. Don’t make fatwa excuse for yourself. “I can do this, I can do that.” No, you must follow what Allah Azza wa Jalla saying. It is very important. One of this good teaching Mawlana teaching us. If you follow this, you’ll be high and be happy. You will be respected from people. And you will be loved for Allah, for Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam. Allah make us from these people.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfeeq. Al-Fatiha.

According To What You Ask For

The following is an excerpt from the sohbat, ‘According To What You Ask For’ by Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs).

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh

Man will really be condemned to suffer the punishment of his heedlessness as long as he is heedless.

Without a doubt, after so many years passing, of course the condition of Muslims has become that of those who are sunk in heedlessness. Man will really be condemned to suffer the punishment of his heedlessness as long as he is heedless. Meaning, the excuse saying, “We were heedless,” will not be accepted for someone who reaches the Divine Presence. Why did you not open your eyes? Did I leave you blind when We gave you the light of faith? Blind is the one who has no light of faith. So that, asta’idhu billah, “Waman kana fee hathihi a’ma fahuwa fil akhirati a’ma” (17:72) says Allah Almighty. He who is blind in this world will be blind in the next world too. This does not mean someone who is blind in his (physical) eyes, will stay blind just as he was blind in this world. Hasha. Maybe Allah Almighty says, He says He will award and grant mercy that He does not show to other servants, to those He has deprived from the light of the two eyes. And He will open their eyes to watch His Beauty, with a first view that is special for them.

All right, but what is the intention there? So that in this world, but also in the hereafter. But its meaning is that the one who has left the heart’s eye in the world, someone who has not opened the heart’s eye with the light of faith. That one he comes like that at Resurrection “Did I not give you the light of faith? Why were you heedless when you were in the world? Why did you not open your eyes? Why are you saying, “I was really heedless”? When I gave you the light of faith. The ones I did not give are different, I gave to you. Why did you become really heedless?” Because 1407 years have passed since, people are tired of moving from taqlid (imitation) to tahqiq (investigation), to haqiqat (truth). And they left that way. Even though Allah Almighty’s order is not to get stuck in imitation, to try and reach truth. Yes.

The Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, said, “If a person does not know himself, he does not know his Lord.”

Why did we come to the world? If it is to eat, drink, and multiply, then animals are also doing it. They don’t do anything else. If you spend your time doing that, you should know your level, your place then. Your place is also that. On the Day of Judgement they will say, “Take this one to the barn too.” Is it not so? This one did not do anything else. This one has no place on this side. Tie them up and pull them to the barn. Meaning – “if this is the aim behind the earthly life in this world what was the use of the mind We gave you? So you never used your mind.” And Allah Almighty says He honored you by clothing you in one of His attributes. And we made you mukarram, We were overly generous with you. So you made Our generosity like dirt. You made it nothing, then your place is the barn. They will say, “Pull, tie, pull that one.” His human form will also be removed. Whichever animal that one represents, every human’s ego represents an animal, that animal’s attribute will overcome and will appear in that form. They will be tied and pulled. He takes them there.

Allah Almighty sent Prophets to teach people human perfection. So that they may know their place. “O Mankind, there are so many of My creatures in this world who are living with you. You could not distinguish your place from amongst other creatures? Then be resurrected along with them.” He will collect them there. The ones who come to this world and do not know the reality of this world is heedless. A human who does not know himself is ignorant. The one who is not aware of his place in this world is both heedless and ignorant. You have to know your place. So there, the human who does not look at reality and does not know truth cannot determine his own place either. When does he determine his own place? When he knows truth. Yes. People do everything, run around everywhere. Everything that takes place around them concerns them and by collecting information about everything they are concerned with and trying to make use of everything, they are trying to satisfy their own egos. Man will not be able to find truth if he does not leave what is around him and turn back to himself. Well, when we are always concerned with what is outside we lose turning inward, staying by ourselves, and knowing ourselves. The Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, said, “If a person does not know himself, he does not know his Lord.” The way to know Allah Almighty goes through you. As long as you know yourself you will find the way to know Allah Almighty. Otherwise, it is impossible for a man who does not know himself to know the One who created him.

Allah Almighty does not withhold but he observes your sincerity and Ikhlas.

As you see, the Seal of prophets, our Master, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, came with the fullest marifat (enlightenment) with his perfection, our Master brought what was given by Allah Almighty to His servants regarding Allah’s marifat/ spiritual knowledge. And according to what you ask, you are given from that perfection. Now, there are motors that run putt-putt-putt-putt. Petrol as little as my beard hair is enough for its motor. It will make it run. But there are huge vehicles with 18, 28, and 40 wheels. This little bit (of petrol) will not affect it in any way. You have to open for it like you open the kitchen faucet at home, so it runs. You are given according to your size. From the Prophet, alaihi s-salatus-salam, there is a source perfection enough to feed all his ummat (nation) from his heart – S.Muhammad’s heart to the awliya.

There is a large center, the main center for electricity. Then there are transformer stations in every area. They are filled from the main center. From there the power is distributed to light that neighborhood, to serve that neighborhood. But there are reservoirs to store the force given from him too. Now, from the Prophet’s, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, pure heart, S. Muhammad’s pure heart, the inayat (care) for the awliya is stored there – from Allah Almighty to S. Muhammad’s pure heart. Then it is transferred to the hearts of awliya, from East to West in every century. They open to the ones who ask according to their request and according to their need. He sends that power source to them. It is given according to their request. More than the request is not given. However much you want, no limits. There is no limit to a servant’s request. There is no limit to Allah Almighty’s giving.

There is no end to Allah Almighty’s treasures. The person who says, “I asked but did not receive,” lies. Allah Almighty did not find in you sincerity, did not find in you Ikhlas, so He did not give you. That is the wisdom behind His denial. You will not be able to be a possessor because you will not know its value. You do not have sincere trueness and perfection. Therefore, He is not giving it to you. The wisdom behind it: even though a small child shouts and cries for the valuable ring on her mother’s hand, or the gem on her neck, should the mother give it to the little girl? She is an idiot if she does. The child wants it but she (Mother) does not give even though she wants. So, what if she gives it. Would her mother withhold it from her? She (the child) would not keep it, she will not be able to hold it. If she gives her a red candy, she will take it off her neck. Even if it is the world’s most valuable jewel, in that child’s sight red candy is more valuable than red ruby. Ruby does not taste good in the mouth, but with candy she is relaxed. You are like that as well.

Like this, Allah Almighty does not withhold but he observes your sincerity and Ikhlas. He gives it to the one who can take care of it. Why would He give if one cannot take care? In that case He starts unveiling those treasures veil by veil, when there are seven breaths left before the last breath. When will it be entrusted to you? When there are seven breaths left before a person leaves the world. Haji Ali Efendi, if you bring the world’s most beautiful girl or woman and sit her there (next to the dying), is there any movement? Any movement? Is there? The end.

Now there is trust in that man.

Be With Trustworthy Ones

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad (qs), sohbat of the 15th of May, 2014. As-salamu alaikum Madad ya RasuluLlah madad ya Sahibu z-zaman madad ya mashaykhina fit-tariqati n-Naqshbandiyatil-Aliyya. Madad ya Mawlana Sh Abdullah Faizi d-Daghistani, madad ya Mawlana Sh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur, dastur. Audhu biLlahi minash-shaytanir-rajim Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim Tariqatuna s-sohbah … Continue reading Be With Trustworthy Ones

Happy Birthday Beloved Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs)!


Happy Birthday Mawlana!


MashaAllah la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil adheem

Happy Birthday to our beloved Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs), May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’ala grant you a long and healthy life, Ameen! May you get well soon, Ameen Al Fatiha

“O our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan. For the sake of the Lord’s Beloved (sallAllahu alayhi wasalam), give us strength, so that we might serve You.”
~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi (Qs)

Allaahumma Salli alaa Muhammadin wa alaa Aali Muhammadin wa Sallim

Video link: Update on Mawlana, Shaykh Bahauddin’s Update on Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, April 20, 2014.