Urs Sharif of Hazrat Abu Bakr as-Siddiq RA – Sohbah – Certainty (Yaqīn) by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani ق

There is a belief about believing also: There must be certainty. Only those who have it can give it, otherwise it is like eating plastic fruit. Certainty belongs to the heart, action to the organs. Keeping the Lord’s relationship in the heart improves certainty. Wrong actions weaken it. When certainty is strong the heart commands the organs.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Certainty (Yaqīn)

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat – June 13, 1984

It is a protection.  

(We told him if you ever have bad dreams or anything frightening you,  you say ‘Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim’ and you’ll be safe.  So he says “if I say ‘Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim’ why do I need this for protection?”)  

You may forget sometimes Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim,  but it is written in this taweez always.  Therefore its barakah going with him always.  If we are forgetting but it is written on it, and we mean to say that  “O our Lord we are keeping Your Holy Name forever with our heart”.  That is the meaning because  “insaan murakkabu min an-nisyan”.  This is Arabic saying:  Man just established his foundation on forgetfulness.  

Therefore we are writing such a holy words, holy names.  When we are forgetting but we intending that, we always remembering.  By this writing we are showing to our Lord that Your Holy Name on our hearts.  Maybe we may forget because mostly people engaged by this life’s problems and troubles and sufferings may forget. Mostly forgetting.  But when we are putting this we are saying we are carrying Your Holy Name forever with us, ourself.  It is written.  

I am not understanding.  

(That if you are wearing the taweez nothing bad can happen to you).  

Yes, prevents, according to your certainty, yaqin.  Grandsheikh was saying me once a soldier coming to a sheikh and saying to him that “O Sheikh,  I am going to jibha, fighting.  I am soldier going for battle.  Write for me something I may carry it so that no bullets comes on me or touching me.  That sheikh saying, “I can’t do, I don’t know”.  Then that soldier taking a pistol,  “How you are sheikh and don’t know such a things?  If not writing I am killing you, shooting you”.  How you saying ‘I don’t know’ ?  I’m shooting you, if don’t write”.  

That person saying, “One minute, I am writing, I am writing”.  Writing something and making taweez, giving him.  “This, put on your neck”.  Soldier saying “It is alright?” “Yes, alright”.  “We shall try now,” he’s saying,  “how we can try? Take this pistol and shoot me, shoot on me”.  Yahu, go away, in battle you are under trying, not here, never, I am not going”.  “I must try. If you write alright, all or not?”  How much that sheikh saying ‘go away’, never going and taking the pistol making like this shooting, bullets coming, falling, coming, falling.  

Soldier saying “It is alright, that is alright.  Now I shall try you also”.  “Go away, I don’t like to try, no, no”.  “I am shooting you if you are not going to try”.  Putting on him and shooting.  Going away, dying.  And he said “better like you, sheikh ma lazim.  No need for such a person.  No belief, you are giving more harm to people.  You’re not believing that you are writing.  No need for you, better you went”.  Leaving him, going.  It is a tale, maybe happened or not happened, doesn’t matter.  But it signs that if a person believing sincerely, certainty gives power to persons but only knowledge never giving a person benefit.  

May be big scholar but not certainty with him, may be a ordinary person but he has certainty for a few knowledge, or a few matters he may be able to defeat [win] himself from satan and devils.  He may be able to defeat evil and that scholar cannot.  Yes.  So many learned people they can’t keep them away from evil.  So many from standard people, common people, ordinary people, they keep himself.  Understanding?  Therefore a little bit certainty is more important [than] to be a kingsize scholar without certainty.  Understanding?  Hu, Mawlai.  

When Allah Almighty giving knowledge, giving with certainty.  There is a belief for believing also, must be certainty.  Certainty is soul of beliefs.  Certainty.  

Therefore everyone can learn more and more knowledge.  And as Aba Yazid was saying,  “You are taking your knowledge from dead one to dead one”,  signing: no certainty.  We are taking from Allah Almighty.  When Allah Almighty giving knowledge, giving with certainty.  There is a belief for believing also, must be certainty.  Certainty is soul of beliefs.  Certainty.  

You may say: amantu billah,  I believing in God, in angels, in books, in prophets, in Last Day, in qadr.  That is a little boy, begins school and saying,  ‘alif, ba, ta, tha’,  without certainty.  Saying, following his teacher.  But after when he understanding, becomes certainty that it is just alif or ba or ta.  Therefore it is important thing for everyone to make himself to improve his certainty.  Not staying as he is.  

Certainty that with Prophet mostly coming to Abu Bakr, Allah blessings him.

Everyone knows but not everyone has certainty what he knows.  Certainty coming through the heart of Prophet, peace be upon him.  Certainty that with Prophet mostly coming to Abu Bakr, Allah blessings him.  Certainty that coming to Abu Bakr not same coming to other Sahabas.  Everyone has cetainty but not like Abu Bakr’s certainty.  Can’t, you can’t take certainty from a person who hasn’t it.  You are understanding?  No everyone can give you.  If I haven’t certainty, I can’t give to you.  Who has certainty may give to you.  

Therefore it is important to listen a person lessons from sharia, or from tariqat, or from haqiqat, from reality.  If he has certainty with him giving to you with certainty.  If not, giving only some figures, giving to you.  Now there is plastic roses, plastic fruits, he can give you but when you are biting it, you understand that it is plastic.  Even a shapeless fruit is most lovely to you [than] to be a houseful plastic apple.  What does it mean to have a houseful plastic apples?  Or grapes, or bananas, or oranges.  Better than this, if shapeless apple or grape or banana because you can eat that, you can’t eat that, that others.  

Certainty coming from hearts and entering in hearts.

Therefore don’t be cheated by charming lectures, charming writers, no.  Ask for someone who may give you certainty.  Certainty coming from hearts and entering in hearts. Sometimes there is comprima or condensed, a little tablet gives you power as one ton food.  Concentrate.  Pumping, gives you too much strength, more than this, yes.  Some of them, therefore the ranks of certainty also going to be different.  Therefore certainty of Abu Bakr, peace be upon him, is too much from others.  But from every one, from every Sahaba, Prophet saying, peace be upon him, you may take certainty.  

You must find their inheritors.  Certainty that Prophet just brought it, to his ummah is not taken, taken up.  Yet among ummah.  Keeping that [are the] inheritors.  If you are in need for it, you may ask, you may find.  If you are not in need and you are saying plastic is better for me now, you may take as much as you like, enjoy yourself.  Therefore, our lectures, or sayings may be shapeless in sight of scholars’ writings and their lectures but we have something that mostly scholars losing it, never having.  And that is making the servants of our Lord whom they are asking certainty and sincerity, coming from east and from west.  

It is not important the number of our listeners or our readers.  It is not important.  Important that there is even a lot of people may listening and keeping and accepting such a jewels from reality. Grocery shop, too much people, going, coming, going, coming.  But jewellery people not so grocery shop.  Rare comes people to jewellery and it is enough for him.  I never seeing for jewellery making advertise on televisions but so many other things, grocery shop’s materials, you may see advertising on television.  

Therefore don’t be cheated.  In your time, that going to be famous.  so many people claiming that they have spiritual ways,  spiritual relationships, spiritual relationship to heavens or spiritual powers.  Don’t be cheated.  In our time who crowded among himself, thousands of people don’t say for him anything, but you may understand that it is going to be inside empty.  Because people now in our time looking only outward, outlooking view.  They have been cheated by appearance of people.  Whom they are in need to show themselves making too much noise.  

(…very strong and sometimes very weak, sometimes not there at all.  How to get it stable, regular, continuous?)  

Regular yaqin, regular walking on certainty.  Sometimes, yet as we are beginners, our egos carrying us and when you are stepping  on his way, our yaqin going to be like weak.  As much as we may keep your Lord’s relationship in your heart certainty going on  and going to improve  but if you are seeing sometimes  coming back  you must know that something wrong with our actions  effecting on our certainty because our actions is like a mirror for our certainty.  You can know everything for every action. Our actions effecting on our certainty.  

Therefore you may understand when your certainty going to be weak must be something wrong with our actions.  (Not wrong from inside?) Wrong from inside because certainty belongs to our heart but actions coming through our organs.  Something wrong from any organ, affecting on our certainty. When we have certainty we may keep our organs from every prohibited action.  If not you can’t do that.  Therefore heart is commanding on our organs.  If you can keep your heart then you can keep your organs.  You can’t keep your heart without certainty. 

Wa min Allahi tawfiq. 

22nd Jumada Al-Akhirah 13 AH

Urs Mubarak of the 2nd GrandShaykh of Tariqah Naqshbandiya Aaliya – Hazrat Abu Bakr as-Siddiq RA

Al Fatiha


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