Don’t Involve Your House In Trade

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani ق

25 December 2021 / 21 Jumādā al-Awwal 1443

Fajr Prayer, Akbaba Dergah

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,
Auzu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,
Wassalatu Wassalamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidul Awwalin wal Akhirin,
Madad Ya Rasulallah, Madad Ya Sadat As’habi RasuLillah, Madad Ya Mashayikhina,
Dastur Mawlana Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani, Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani. Madad.
Tariqatunas sohba, wal khayru fil jamiyya.

Our Holy Prophet ﷺ says that happiness in this world is to have a good spouse, children and a house. And Turkish people say that residence is for Dunya and Iman is for Akhirah. To own a house is a good thing. It is a big favor of Allah ﷻ. When people have a house, they take shelter in it. Even if they work and do others things, they can live by. However, some people… It is the end of times; certainly Shaytan is cheating people even more. Something occurs and people sell everything they have in order to earn money. In attempts to earn more, they then lose their homes.

People make trade, have profit and loss. But they should never approach a place where they take shelter with their families. They shouldn’t think about making trade and earning money by selling it. “Gold rates have gone up, exchange rates have gone down, we will buy foreign currency and have profit”. They shouldn’t think so and make a mistake. Many people make this mistake. Sometimes they ask and sometimes they don’t. That is the limit; it is called a red line now. Don’t approach your house, the place where you and your children take shelter in. Don’t touch it. It is a favor from Allah ﷻ to you. You should protect it. That’s it. You can involve other things. You will profit or lose, but don’t leave yourself on the streets and don’t put your children in misery.

In the end of times, as we said, stock market and exchange rates increase every day. There are various things that deceive people and make them think, “I will sell my house now and buy three or five houses instead”. They lose their homes and are left on the streets. We should pay attention to this. Greed is not good. If you are greedy for something, be greedy for the presence of Allah ﷻ, be greedy in the worship of Allah ﷻ.

There is an Arab and Turkish proverb; while going to Damietta for [getting] rice, a man loses bulgur as well. It is a good example. Not everyone now knows what Damietta is. Before, they used to know. But now, they are teaching and studying at universities and don’t know where Konya is, let alone Damietta. Damietta is a city in Egypt. The most famous rice in the world grows there. It was impossible not to find rice there. Before, it was not like now, you couldn’t always find bulgur and other provisions. So a man was offered bulgur. But he said, “I am going to Damietta to get rice. Rice is more delicious. I want to have rice”. He went there and by the wisdom of Allah ﷻ, he couldn’t find rice that year. He returned and wanted to get bulgur in order not to be hungry. But they had sold out from bulgur as well. He was left without anything.

This is a good example for the condition of the people now. They are selling their homes and investing somewhere in order to buy five or ten more houses. That goes away and there is no house and no place to stay. Therefore, pay attention to this. No matter how much you want to do so, put it out of your mind. Beware of depositing your house in order to make trade. That is the limit. Don’t be greedy, may Allah ﷻ protect us.

The advice of our Holy Prophet ﷺ is that the house is happiness in this world and is beneficial for Akhirah as well. Those who are renting are renting. But when someone who owned a house is left outside, all kinds of disasters happen to him. May Allah ﷻ protect us. May Allah ﷻ protect us from the bad and greedy characteristics of our egos insha’Allah. May Allah ﷻ help each and every one of us.

Wa min Allah at-Tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.


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