The Servant Of The Sultan

There are two kinds of Men, “The Servant of the Sultan” and the animal of Shaytan. Mawlana points to these two kinds and urges everyone of us to consider which of the two we are and which we would like to be.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat of the 10th of January, 2013.

Safar ul-Khayr Sohbah

As-Salamu Alaikum O servants of Allah. There are two kinds of people. Our way is the way of sohbat/association. We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. What an honour, what a great honour it is to remember the Holy Name of Allah. What a great honour, there is no end to it. We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allah, our Allah, You created us O Lord. And He (swt) sent Prophets to train us. 

A pine tree, or an eucalyptus tree, or a sycamore tree is only a log. But when it is sawn, it comes out as clean board, as clean lumber. Or else, even if it is a 100 years that tree remains as a tree. But once it goes through the saw, it comes out as clean lumber. And you can use it in any form you like. The people also- Allah Almighty created them, for example like the trees. We may use the example of the trees. If they are disciplined, if they accept to be sawn like the trees, they become of some use. What is our use, what is our mission? Our mission in this world is to be servants to Allah. Say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Remember the Name of Allah- the Holy Name of Allah Dhul Jalal & have no fear. We have reached today. What should we do? There are two kinds of service. O Lord, how beautiful are the Prophets that You sent us. How beautiful the Awliyas, Anbiyas You sent us, to teach us everything. 

I will give a lesson now. Look for Who makes me say it, not who says it. There are two kinds of people. One of them, one kind is the animal of shaytan- works for shaytan; he is the animal of shaytan. One kind serves Ar-Rahman. He is honoured. His situation is good, has no complaint because he works for the Sultan. How else can a person’s situation be if he works for the Sultan? The most decent one is the situation of those who are at the Sultan’s door & work for Him, masha Allah. It is all smooth & clean, they have no complaints about their lives. Everything for them is ready & in order. 

A tree.. Subhan Allah, a tree grows in a land. Who makes it to grow there? It’s Lord, Jalla wa ‘Ala. Man can only plant a stick on a farm, can’t do anything other than this. After this, Who is that One Who disciplines it, Who makes it to root, to have branches, to blossom, adorned with fruits, with all kinds of fruits? What man does is only a stick. What do you do for what is beyond it O mankind? O mankind, why do you not say? You only plant a stick, or throw a seed. Who makes that seed to open? Whatever seed it is, that seed disappears. A grain of wheat falls to the ground. After a while it opens. It turns into grass, turns into a crop. A grain disappears, gives an ear- from one to ten, from one to a hundred. Allah Almighty multiplies that one grain in any amount He likes. Wheat or barley comes out in many multiples like this. Man plants one grain but Allah Almighty doesn’t grant only one for this one grain. That one grain disappears & gives seven spikes with the power of Allah Almighty. And that vanished grain of wheat or barley appears in each spike as 10s or 100s of grains- as He (swt) likes. Who does this? Allah (jj) does. If man makes service for his Lord that man is honoured. He has honour. Allah Almighty glorifies his every thing. In the old times there were people who owned farms, who owned villages. The villagers there would plow, plant their farms. It would both help that Agha that his farms are plowed and also those people that they receive their livelihood this way because they work for the Agha & the Agha does not leave them unpaid. 

The same applies to mankind also. There are two kinds of people. One is the animal of shaytan & the other is the servant of the Sultan. Is there a third one? No. Today’s people have all become the animals of shaytan. None of these people have a good service, today’s people that they call the 21st century. There is what is before it also but they don’t mention it. Since life on earth started, the order of the world is this way- People are either servants of Allah or animals of shaytan. Is there a 3rd class? No, two classes. One is the servant of Ar-Rahman, who is honoured with His service. Second is the kind who is the animal of shaytan- neither his stomach nor his self is ever satisfied. They can find no comfort nor do they live a sweet life. They fall into struggle, into humiliation & keep fighting one another. They keep killing, crushing each other. They finish each other’s honour. Who are they? Animals of shaytan. 

Unfortunately today the whole world has become the animal of shaytan. Shaytan orders: “Hit, kill, oppress, take from them what they have, wear it out, take everything. Leave no religion, no faith, no honour & no virtue in them”. Shaytan says “you are their god”, he makes them say like this. And they think that it is true, so they walk according to the instructions of shaytan. Meaning shaytan made today’s people all animals. They became the animals of shaytan. All their doings are shaytani. The people of the 21st century have no good actions. They have nothing to do with goodness. All of them are corrupted, disreputable, evil, low class ones.. They are not like men, they are not like animals either. Animals know what they should do. The people of today don’t know what they are doing. And the calamity of all the world of today is because they became animals to shaytan. All of 21st century’s people are animals of shaytan. They don’t make service to Ar-Rahman. Shame on them. Thu/spit on those who leave Ar-Rahman & are animals to shaytan! 

In today’s world shaytan is doing as he likes, made all men animals for himself. O people, pull yourselves together! Look at the things happening. Is this humanity? No. The way things are going on earth now is human? No. Is it the clean life Allah ordered? No. What is it? Being animals to shaytan. All people- men & women, even the children, all of them walk on the path of being animals to shaytan, teach being animals to shaytan. It is all about this. Therefore beware, You will either become a servant to Ar-Rahman or an animal to shaytan. There is no other way, the people should know this. If they are servants to Ar Rahman, they are respected & valued. Their everything will be ready & beautiful. The violence & terror of today is whose order? Did Allah order for us such a life? Hasha. Allah Almighty is presenting us a clean, decent life. And shaytan says to the people: “No, don’t listen to Him! Come after me, be my animal. I will give you such a life that you will be surprised”. What is the name of that life? High society life. The high society. 

“Shaykh Effendi, do you not know the high society?” “What high society? What is its translation?Animal of shaytan!” High society is the class in which shaytan turned the people to animals. What a beautiful illustration, what a beautiful expression. Who invented the high society? Shaytan did. And shaytan is cheating people this way “High society, high society is exceptional”. Yes, you are exceptional because  you are animals of shaytan. Shame on you that you never make sajda. You never say Allah’s Basmala. Those who have no Basmala on their side, they are made to be the animals of what shaytan called “the high society life”. Shaytan gave its name: high society. That’s how they call, high society life. “What is high society life?” “In the high society life, everything is allowed. We do everything we want, it is freedom. It is democracy”. 

And there is also democracy. “There is democracy. It is the time of democracy. Everybody is free. If he likes he can take off his underwear & urinate in the open space of the palace. Well, it is the high society life, he has the freedom to do it”. Do you understand what we mean by the open space of the palace? Like the square you have in Taksim. He can take it off & urinate. You can’t say “What are you doing?” “How can you ask me this? It is the time of freedom. I have the need to urinate so I will use here as WC”. This is the high society life- the life shaytan makes his animals expect. Unfortunately the people of today, say 99%, are the animals of shaytan. They do what shaytan orders, do not even keep an order of Allah Dhul Jalal. It said “Leave them”- The order of the Heavens, “leave them. Since they have become high society people, let them fight one another”. And they are doing this now- The people of the 21st century are fighting, killing each other. They don’t know what they are doing. Is this humanity? No, it is not. What is it? This is being animals to shaytan. 

Allah Almighty created man as man- created as the most honoured creature. He (swt) granted him honour. Shaytan says “No, don’t listen to Him. Follow me. I make for you such a high society life that it makes you suffer all the way”. So people- today’s lesson is this- are of two kinds: either the animal of shaytan or servants of Ar-Rahman. May Allah not make us the animal of shaytan. Every dirty thing on earth is the doing of shaytan. Who is it that makes people get used to it? Shaytan. They learn what shaytan teaches but don’t teach what Allah Almighty teaches. They don’t learn either. Aman Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. 

But beware O mankind! “‘Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun”(85:12) Your Lord’s Grip is very severe. If it comes, it makes you all flattened, makes you crush each other, makes the earth like a desert. If He wants, He brings an affliction from the Heavens, may Allah protect us. If He wants He makes the oceans overflow. If He wants He opens up the Heavens & hundreds, thousands of tons of snow come down from above. From where does this snow come down? Snow. They can’t get out of it. They can’t protect themselves from it They can’t find shelter-their houses collapse on their heads. They run out of food. O people! O people of the 21st century, think! Don’t be an animal to shaytan. Be servants to Ar-Rahman. This is the advice. Success is from Allah Almighty only. 

May Allah not leave us in the hands of the dirty ego, in the hands of shaytan. What they call democracy is the life shaytan teaches. What they call Sultanate is the Order of Allah Almighty that Sultan is the chosen servant, clean man who represents Allah Almighty on earth. O Lord, You know. May You forgive us O Allah. May You forgive us, may You send us Your servants who will teach us these ways. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. O Glorious Prophet, may you intercede for us. You taught us the best ways. We left all of it & are running to the way shaytan shows. Forgive us, O Glorious Prophet! Tawba. Say tawba, repent. Say “I will not be an animal to shaytan”. Say everyday – this should be your dhikr. “O Lord, I won’t be the animal of shaytan”. Or frankly speaking “I will not be his donkey. I want Your servanthood, O Lord. Let me make service for You. May You make it easy for me, O Lord. Accept me into Your servanthood. Save me from being the animal of shaytan”. Say this & you will be saved. If they don’t say, they will fight each other. They will finish each other. Day by day worse ones, more troublesome ones will come on them. Because shaytan sits on their necks with full power: 1- democracy. 2- high society life. These finished the people- made them all corrupted, disreputable. And the people are drunk, they are not aware of anything. 

These words that we are speaking, we speak whether they like it or not. Is there anyone paying me? I don’t want anything from people. What we say is Haqq/Truth. O Lord, forgive us for the honour of the Beloved May the flags of the Beloved be raised. May You make us step firm in his way. May You make us from the clean servants. May You not make us from those filthy ones whom shaytan dirties. May You save us from being animals to shaytan, O Lord. Allah Allah. O Glorious Prophet, may you intercede for us. O our Umm Hiram Sultan, may you come to our rescue. O awliya of Allah, reach us. We ask your help to be saved from being animals to shaytan. May Allah also make your stations higher. You have this power. May you send us a power which will put our lives in order. Bi Hurmat al Habib, bi Hurmat al-Fatiha. This came nicely. May Allah save us from being animals to shaytan. Is it true, Mehmet? 

H.M. Amanna. 

M. May Allah show you good days. May our day be good. Start your day by making sajda to Allah that our day be joyful & happy; that Allah protects you from all kinds of calamities. Ok, did you read for me Mehmet? May Allah grant you safety. Shukur Allah. O our Lord, may You send Mahdi (as) who will save us. May Your awliyas come to our rescue. We are left in the hands of shaytan. Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. 

They sit all day in the coffeshops. Shaytan says “Sit”. The adhan is recited but they don’t get up to pray 2 rakats. Shaytan does not allow them. Hey! for whom are these mosques? Are they for the animals or for the men? If it is for the men why don’t you go & pray 2 rakats? O our Lord, may You send from the awliyas those who are the glad tidings of Your Beloved & who will teach us our ways Ya Rabbi. Fatiha. 

Allah bless you, good bye. We got hungry from speaking too. Long live Hj Mehmet. Step firmly. “O Glorious Sultan!”, they would say like this for the Sultans. When he went up to the mounting stone to leave for war, they would bring the horse & the people would call like this: “O Glorious Sultan! Step into the stirrup of the horse firmly! Allah is with you. Ride!” Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar…He leaves with applause. This is. May Allah grant us these days again. Ok son, go in safety. 


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