The Never-Setting Sun

Last night Mawlana was watching closely the explosive events in Egypt. Mawlana felt very sorry for all the people who obviously need something but do not know what they need, or what is to come next. This morning, Mawlana presented all those, fighting over their wants and needs, with the right direction in which to look. Mawlana also gave all those, arguing over Islam and Islamism, a taste of the True Islam. He said that nothing happens in this world without a reason and that what happens is deserved.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat of the 1st of July, 2013 – Sha’ban

As-Salam alaikum, O yaran Shah Mardan. How beautiful are you- who wait for Shah Mardan, who seek Nur from Shah Mardan. Your trading (business), O people, should be in Nur not nar (fire). Your every day business should be with Nur not nar – should not be with fire. That Nur is coming every morning, you should take your naseeb (share) from it. What is unable to receive its share from the Nur the sun brings as it rises is the rocks, or the earth or the animals, which have no value. You didn’t come to this world, O Man, to fight. But they take everything the wrong way now. 

For whom does the sun rise? It rises for you. With Whose Order does it rise? It rises with the Order of Who created it. What does it bring? It brings Nur. If it didn’t bring, who could survive on earth? Look at the sun, it stands (in qiyam) and makes sajda when it is rising. It rises with azamat. Then it distributes that Nur- distributes it over this earth of ours. After it gives what it ought to give. Who is destined to take from it, takes from that Nur and then the Nur of sun goes down, disappears in the sunset. What remains in its stead? Darkness comes. Who does not look to the sun is in darkness. Look to the sun, O Man! Sun takes its share in the morning. It uses it- illuminates the earth, brings life. And in the end, it goes away by making sajda to its Lord. Where does it go? Who created it knows. 

O yaran Shah Mardan. Sun- there is the zahiri (apparent) sun. The apparent sun is the sun we see. It takes and feeds the whole universe with the Nur it brings. When its work is done, when that Nur is completed, it goes back to its place. Wake up O Man! Say “There exists the Rabbu-l Izzat Who arranged these earths, these heavens in every form – Who created them in the most beautiful forms & assigned them to serve Man”. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. People today have become confused. They leave the Nur and run after the darkness. All the Prophets came- all of them brought Nur. Who accepted took from it. Who didn’t take were left in darkness. If people don’t take from that Nur, they are left in darkness. Who look to the sun but don’t take their share from the sun run like animals in the streets. They run like animals. Why do you run? Your naseeb comes from Heavens, look up! Look at the sun that comes, that rises. For what purpose does it come? Does it come to make you fight? 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Shah Mardan is who teaches us this – let him go ahead and speak. His word is Haqq. Take your share. There is our share in dunya and there is our share in akhirah also. O our Lord! Allah Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens. Look to the sun so that you can be a sun. If you look elsewhere, you are left in darkness. To receive Nur – This is our business in dunya. Everyday Allah Almighty is sending a new business. Rabbi zidni Nura. O our Lord, may You increase our Nur. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran are your admirers. Look for great people. Don’t walk with a candle, seek a sun O Man! Every night when the darkness descends, even if you lit all the lights on earth, it cannot illuminate the earth. Think! Look at the sun that rises every morning, look at the Nur it brings. You also seek a sun, O Man! 

There is the sun that appears in the sky and there is the sun that rises in the hearts of the people.

There is the apparent sun and there is also the spiritual luminosity/nuraniyyah and the spirituality(ruhaniyyah) for you of a sun that descends from Heavens. This (apparent) sun – if you look at it, it rises and sets. You should seek the never-setting sun so that you are dressed with the dress of the never-setting sun. The honour dress of the never-setting sun may be dressed on you. What do you strive for? What more do you strive for? Ok, leave aside what you strive for, what do you fight for? Why do you fight? This dunya is neither mine nor yours. It is like the example of a han/hostel. One will come, stay, and then leave. Think, take something from it. Have a business/trade. Our Lord Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens grants us everyday. Look to the rising sun and take your share. There is the sun that appears in the sky and there is the sun that rises in the hearts of the people. The suns that rise in the hearts of people are with the Prophets- Alayhumu s-salam. The greatest sun is with the Master of Creation (ﷺ). Take from his Nur so that you can be a man, you can be decent- meaning you can be a servant. 

“Wa Ma Khalaqtul Jinna wal Insa Illa Liya’buduni” (51:56). “I created the men and jinn to serve Me. When they serve, I pay them. I pay them in Nur, Nur. I give Nur to who accepts and knows Me. Who doesn’t know Me may eat straw”. The adornment of dunya is only an illusion which belongs to dunya. O Man! Try to preserve the beautiful dress that is dressed on you everyday from Heavens. Don’t run after the dirty dunya. What is meant by dirty dunya is that dunya is unclean – this dunya is the dunya the whole world excretes into. A man can be a king but when what he eats starts to digest in his belly he runs around looking for a place (to excrete). He runs. Where can he run to? Protect yourself from the filth of dunya. Run away from it, it makes you filthy. Look up to the Malakut, look up to the Heavens O Man! Cleanliness- absolute cleanliness, absolute beauty is in Heavens. Look for this, so that you won’t be a toilet worker on earth. This is not Man’s honour, Man’s honour is high. 

Do “Nur-business”, don’t look to the business of dunya. Take Nur and give Nur. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. How beautifully did he express it- what is our work in this dunya? We should do “Nur-business”. We take Nur and give Nur. We perform servanthood for our Lord. Masha Allah. But these people are crazy. Why are they crazy? They run after the filth. Why do you run after the filth? Look up to the Heavens! What is Allah Almighty giving you? He (swt) put a sun in the sky and with its existence in the sky everything takes its zinat (adornment). Everything is adorned. If that sun didn’t exist, what would be the reason for adornment? Can you show your adornment in darkness? Even if you wear the most beautiful, the latest fashion dress, what would be the point in a meeting where it is all dark? If there is no real beauty in the dress you wear, if the dress you wear does not dress you with the robe of beauty from Heavens, what good does it do no matter how much you adorn yourself? None. 

The sun rises. Go after the sun. Say “There is Allah, Jalla Jalaluhu. There is Who created us, Jalla Jalaluhu. There is Who sent us His Habib (ﷺ), Jalla Jalaluhu. There is Who made our faces beautiful, Who created our every organ in the most beautiful form. Let us make sajda to Him”. Make “Nur-business”. All the Prophets were sent to teach this. But shaytan made people forget this and what does it make people do? It makes people pour into the streets. The streets are full with people. There is shouting and screaming but what do they want? Who do you scream at? Who do you call to? It is a shame, ‘ayb! You are granted reason, why do you pour into the streets? Who do you call to in the streets? They have no mind, their minds are removed. In the end of times peoples’ minds will be less, people will enter a state of dullness. People have become dull, they are running in the streets. O dull people, why do you run in the streets? Who do you call to? You are all dull, you are no good. If you were of some good, you would call to Allah Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens, you wouldn’t shout in the streets. 

Man’s work only succeeds with servanthood.

O our Lord! Our Subhan, our Sultan! Send us Shah Mardan who will teach us the ways that lead to You. Shah Mardan! His yaran are his admirers, Masha Allah. What a beautiful word: don’t run in the streets! Your rizq (provision) is with Me, says Allah Almighty. Return to Me and I will grant you your rizq. If you don’t return, then run in the streets. “Fa ‘lam ‘Annahu La ‘Ilaha ‘Illa Llahu” (47:19) Fa ‘lam, know very well that you have no other Lord except Him. There is the Sahibu-l Qudrat Who creates you, Who gives you life, Who grants you and finally Who takes you and makes you buried in your grave. Your actions don’t succeed with being a Bey or a Pasha. Man’s work only succeeds with servanthood. If you don’t perform servanthood your work doesn’t succeed. And here, no one’s work succeeds. 

Whoever you ask, all complain about their work. They say “I have no work. I have no work or food”. Ask an animal & see what it tells you. It’ll say “I have work as well as food”. You run in the streets, saying “I have no work, no food”. Who do you call to? Why don’t you call to Who created you and say: “O Owner of Creation. La ilaha illa Anta. You are there, You are Subhan, Sultan. We are at Your door”. Why don’t you say like this? But your dirty ego does not accept – it says only, “I am!” “I am!” it says. If “you are”, then run in the streets. The trouble with self-assertion, the trouble with following dirty shaytan is the punishments that result because of this. Say “O our Lord! You are Who created us. O our Lord! You are Who grants us our provision”. Say “Make our faces beautiful, O Lord. You created us beautiful. May our beauty not disappear. May we be beautiful”. Try O Man! Try so that you can be beautiful. Beauty is what descends from Heavens. You can’t be beautiful with make-up. You can’t be beautiful by the clothes you wear either. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your yaran are admirers of your knowledge. How beautifully did you express this. You should make them used to this. They should get used to this. But they can’t get used to it in the streets Animals keep fighting each other in the streets. What will teach the people knowledge and hikmat (wisdom) is… You get used to it in the mosques, in the places of worship, in dargahs; from what the people Shah Mardan taught, teach you. You find happiness and relief this way. Otherwise no one is happy. How can they be? Even if they had a pearl in one hand and a diamond in the other, if Allah Almighty does not send us our provision from Heavens will you chew the pearl? Will you crush the diamond and drink it? 

Once upon a time there was a man, he was a King. There was this King and he had treasures. And he was saying “I am the person who owns all the treasures of dunya”. He was such an arrogant King like this. Allah Almighty sent on them a famine. He (swt) sent a famine. He (swt) sent a famine to those who said “I rule everywhere”, such that they searched everywhere to find even a handful of flour, to make bread and eat. But they couldn’t find any! And what happened in the end? Pay attention to this! They found a bag on top of his treasures and there was a note in it. “When I was a king who ruled over 7 regions, I became arrogant and I belittled the provision of my Lord. We had no food, nothing left in our hands. And finally, I had my jewels ground down. I had people find some water and with that water, I ate those ground jewels. I drank that water too and got stuck where I am. So I am the owner of these treasures” it said. Don’t mess with Allah. Don’t mess – which means, don’t fight with Allah. Allah punishes/ disciplines. “I am the King who would give up all his treasures for a handful of flour but couldn’t find it. I made my people search for water so that I could have a glass of water to drink. I had them search and find. I ate that ground powder and drank that water also and now I am left stuck here (frozen)”. 

O people! Don’t try to fight Allah! Don’t forget that you are a servant, keep your adab! O people of the West, O the people of the East! be ashamed before Allah, fear Allah! Don’t fight, don’t kill each other. O our Lord! Our Subhan, our Sultan. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Each one of your words is a different treasure. We wish we had someone to teach them to us, we would keep our Lord’s ways. These troubles and hardships would not come on us then. Now the waves of death are coming from every direction & people can’t save themselves from it. O our Lord, may You forgive us. For the honour of the Habib, may You send us a Master for the honour of Your Beloved Habib (ﷺ). May You send us a Sultan. May You save us from being slaves to shaytan.

Shukur Ya Rabbi. Shukur Ya Rabbi. Shukur Al-HamduliLlah. Let us say “Huuu”. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Let us say “Huuu” with you. O yaran of Shah Mardan, call to Him by saying “Huu”. Call to Him by saying “Huu”. He is the One Who will save you. If not you will perish. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfiruLlah. 

This address is an advice for all Ahlu-l Kitab, People of the Book, as well as it is an advice for us. We should spend our efforts and strength in Your way. We should not run in the streets. Don’t you have mosques instead of gathering and shouting in the streets? Go to the mosques and make sajda, “O our Lord. We are Your servants. We make sajda to You. We are left hungry. May You grant us from Your endless treasures”. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran are your admirers. We should learn. May Allah forgive us. 

Fatiha, for the honour of the Habib (ﷺ). 



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