Ma’rifatu Llah

We have to know why we were created otherwise our life is wasted. People are busy filling their stomachs and never worry about their hearts. The stomach needs the toilet but the heart yearns for the Lord. A man without love is dry wood, good only for the fire. If Man knew who Man was, he would never fight. If you want to fight, fight your ego. Look up to find the honour you seek. Know that if Allah Wills, an ant can carry the whole world.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Ma’rifatu Llah

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat of the 13th of June, 2013Sha’ban

Allah. Dastur ya Rijalullah. Dastur ya Sahibal Maqam. Ay yaran. Shah Mardan’s friends! O Allah. Grant us nearness to Your special servants. O Allah in order to get nearness to You, we want to be near Shah Mardan Hazrat. May our bodies get health! May our day be good! May our honour be high! May our health be good! May our light increase! O our Lord, our Subhan, Our Sultan! “Narju rahmatak, wa nakhsha ‘adhaabak” O our Lord, we are expecting Your Mercy! We fear from Your wrath! May power come to our hearts! O Lord, may we show our respect to You with highest regards. May we busy ourselves with glorifying You! May we recite Your Name, glorify You, and offer You our servanthood! Our Lord! You created us! You are Subhan! You are Sultan! You are Absolute Subhan, Absolute Sultan. May our day come with goodness! “Come to our assembly all who are present,” says Shah Mardan. 

Ay yaran Shah Mardan. Let’s say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May all pain leave us! May we open up! May our love and ardour increase! Let us not be like garbage! We are weak servants of our Lord, honour and grants and gifts come from You, O Rabbana! He reaches us for the sake of Al-Habib. The beloved one of Al-Habib is the Lion of Allah, Shah Mardan! Lion Ali, Lion Wali, the Lion on the way of Allah, Sahibul Maydan. Then, Isma’u wa’u. Hear and understand! From the side of Haqq, from the advices that came to the Prophet of Truth, hear and understand, so that your honour increases. Mankind is honourable! “zidni nuran”. Increase us in light. May our honour increase! 

Then, let’s begin, and say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May our strength increase! May we not be contemptible! Allah who is Jalil, His servants cannot be contemptible. At the Sultan’s door, one cannot be wretched. Maybe, from the grant of Allah Al-Jalil, he can get his divine gift, and light will come to his face, his heart, and his body will be refreshed. His being will revive. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi l-Hamd. Please go on Shah Mardan, what happens to those who listen to Khaliqul Yazdan (Lord of Goodness)? What happens to them on Allah’s way when they listen and obey Al-Habib? This, earthly cage, opens up as earth opens, happiness comes. Happiness comes. By reciting Allahu Akbar, those who are on Subhan’s way are endowed with many divine gifts. O idiot one, be at the door of the Sultan from where divine grants come. “Yawmun jadeed rizqun jadeed.” 

Please go on Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you! May we not lose strength! May we get strength! When we say to get strength, we don’t mean growing our bodies to be like cattle that are put on the scales everyday! What we want is the spiritual growth that Shah Mardan offers us, from Janabul Haqq. May that be what we ask for! Let’s say then, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Our Mawla who can give a cure for every misfortune, may He take away, He can… Don’t ask, O Lord take our burden. No! Watch adab! Watch your adab! Your troubles can be taken and carried away by an ant. Please Shah Mardan go on! He can take your burden away by means of an ant! That, Khaliqul Yazdan, The Creator Allah, if only He wills. If He says, burden to be lifted from a servant, even if one has a burden like a high mountain, and an ant is ordered, it takes his burden. An ant can take away our burden. Who you are! If Khaliqul Yazdan, Subhana wa Ta’ala orders an ant, to lift the burden/grief of the ones on Earth, if He says take their burden away, can that ant carry this world? Of course it can! By the order of Janab Rabbul Izzat, “Take away their burdens”, it takes them away at once. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. You are Subhan, You are Sultan. You are beyond any describtion, our Mawla! 

The Sultan of Prophets, Sarvar-i Kainat, Honour of the universe, like this world, he can carry a thousand universes with no difficulty. Our Prophet, is the Master of Universe.

Sha’ban Mu’azzama, may it be mubarak! In this Sha’ban Mu’azzama, if He orders an ant to take the burden of all of humanity to lift their burdens, that small ant can carry the whole burden of the Children of Adam. That small ant which used to carry grains in its mouth, becomes like a dragon, taking away the burden of the whole world! Learn, know your Lord! Shah Mardan is telling us from the Greatness of Allah! O Lion of Allah, O Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you! Please go on, how nicely you tell! If only He orders a small ant, it can carry the world like a straw in its mouth. No doubt it can! Ay ya Rabbi! What power we have to esteem you! Prophets don’t have that power! The Sultan of Prophets, Sarvar-i Kainat, Honour of the universe, like this world, he can carry a thousand universes with no difficulty. Our Prophet, is the Master of Universe. You should know him! If you don’t know, you are ignorant! 

Why do you live? Don’t live an animal’s life! You are human, human. Your rank is higher than Angels. It doesn’t suit you to run after straw. Please Shah Mardan go on, your friends admire you! May we open up, O Shah Mardan! May the heaviness leave us! Allah who can make an ant carry the whole world, Jalla Jalaluhu, Jalla Adhamatuhu, what is the heaviness on you? Your worries/troubles are for the straw you would eat. No, no! You are not, created for searching for straw, and eating straw. Khaliqul Yazdan created you for His service. Don’t sleep. The one who asks for Yazdan, asks for His love. People are running after straw, straw. They don’t know what they are looking for! Please Shah Mardan go on, let us learn! 

Love is required for learning, love and longing are required. Without love and longing, one is like an animal in the barn!

Love is required for learning, love and longing are required. Without love and longing, one is like an animal in the barn! A donkey in a barn – It doesn’t have love or longing! It only worries about a handful of barley, a manger full of hay, that’s all. But you, O Mankind you were created for His service by Khaliqul Yazdan. You were created by your Creator for service! Man khadam khudam. One who works is paid back. O people! Please go on Shah Mardan. Tell us what we have been created for! For collecting straw? For piling up barley? Pity on man! If this is his honor, he has none! Finding a cup of straw, a cup of barley! Don’t sleep! Open! Let your mind open! 

This is from the Oceans of Ma’rifatullah! You were created for His service by, Khaliqul Yazdan. For service, Janab Rabbul Izzat created you for His service. Be at His service. Wear the Belt of Divine Service, so that you may find honour. What an honour! Performing servanthood to Janab Rabbul Izzat, for His service. Ay Shah Mardan, please go on, your friends admire you! Please go on Shah Mardan! May we get used to and learn, may we get honour! Sha’ban Mu’azzama! It is the highly honored holy month. Know the month you are in, the day you are in! Know their glory! One who doesn’t know the month or day he is in, is nothing. Know your glory! Janab Allah has given you the glory! 

People are running for the position of doorman. They say let’s find a job! What is your profession? Nothing! Can you work as a doorman? E, I can. And when asked, what is your profession? – I am the gatekeeper of the Sultan. I am a doorman. You run to be a doorman of a man! What is your service at the door of your Creator? Collecting straw? Man is the exalted human being. Please go on Shah Mardan! Ma’rifatullah. May you know, learn! Know your glory! One who doesn’t know his glory is an animal! Know your glory, know your honour! Know what you are created for. Know at whose service you must be! Who doesn’t know this is below the level of animals. 

Today’s people, are fighting for straw/hay. This straw is mine, no, this is yours! The case of; I have little, you have more! All people’s fighting is for straw/hay! That one saying – you got more! This one saying – you got more! They are fighting each other, for what? For straw/hay. Leave straw! Khaliqul Yazdan created you for His service Give us strength O Lord, to show our respect to You, to glorify You, give us spiritual strength, O Lord! Our Mawla appointed us at your door! (Shah Mardan’s door) This is our highest honour! Listen then! Listen to Shah Mardan, so that he can fill you with love and longing! Instead of filling your intestines with waste, listen to Shah Mardan, he can fill your heart! He can pour divine treasures into your heart! Don’t fill your intestines! If you fill your intestines, you will go to the WC. Feed your soul, feed your soul so that your soul is full of treasures. Go after it, and ask for more! “Wa Qul Rabbi Zidni ‘ilma.” (20:114) (And Say, my Lord, increase me in knowledge.) 

O Our Lord! Fill us with treasures, with Divine treasures that are in Your Presence! We don’t want to fill our intestines! Mankind couldn’t get this right! Why? satan made mankind like animals. The most honorable organ of mankind is the heart. The heart has light/nur. There is waste in the stomach and the intestine. People living today, are running after waste to fill up their intestines. With what do you fill up your intestines? With something that goes into WC. Which is the honorable organ? The Heart is. The Heart! Its contents are different! Your intestines want to fill the WC. Your soul, heart, asks for the Presence of the Lord; to be in the Divine Presence. The stomach, intestines want the WC to relieve themselves! Your heart longs for its Creator, Khaliqul Yazdan who created you for His service. Allah created you to perform servanthood. Eating straw/hay and filling the WC.. Hasha! 

Mankind has another honour. Its honour is in heavens! Its spiritual being wants to fly above to the heavens! That is why mankind loves to fly!

Please go on Shah Mardan. People have lost the true path! If this were not so, would they make all these troubles? What are you created for? If asked, they would say for eating. What is the result of eating & drinking? The WC! Bre! Are you a toilet machine? Did the Creator create you for filling the WC? Mankind is the most honourable creation! Mankind is not created for filling the WC! Mankind has another honour. Its honour is in heavens! Its spiritual being wants to fly above to the heavens! That is why mankind loves to fly! However he tries in a wrong way! You can’t fly with your intestines full of waste! You look for the WC. You are full of waste! This is your occupation! If you fill your stomach with what animals are eating your attribute is like animals. Take notice of the sanctified glorification of the Angels. Fill yourself with this, which makes you fly without wings. To where? Above to the seven layers of heavens. 

O people, listen to what Shah Mardan is saying! Ay yaran. May we understand and know our situation. Know to whom you are making service! A new realm may be opened for us! We will be taken out of the animal world, to enter the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm there’s no worry of eating & drinking. In the animal world there is only eating & drinking. Leave this to elevate your spiritual being! You will be taken to Rabbul Izzat’s Presence. Allah, Subhana wa Ta’ala, may you get closer to His Presence! Ask for Him! Leave fighting! However, people of today are not asking for Truth, but asking for the waste of the world! For the dirt of the world, they are fighting, they are claiming. It doesn’t suit Mankind. It doesn’t befit Man to run after the world, to fight for worldly things. No! Leave this! If you to fight, fight against your evil ego! Search for holy ones who will raise you to the heavens. Let your war be against your lower self/ego! 

Be human! O the honourable one I created, Man, the robe of deputyship, the robe of honour has been dressed on you, not to run to the WC, but in order to come to Me (Allah says). When you are coming to Me, I send Shah Mardans to dress you with robes of honour and faith. The service of Sultanul Anbiya is different. If only Man gets to know himself, the world would be in peace. Since they don’t know, people are fighting each other. Ey, take it, take the whole world! Will you put it in your pocket? If we say the whole world is yours, what will you do? How will you prove this? E, I have papers. Leave papers! What do you have in your stomach? – I have waste in them! Don’t fill yourself with waste! Don’t occupy yourself with it! What is there in your heart? There is divine Light, and Nur of Muhammad! There is the nur of Shah Mardan! Try to fill your heart with this. 

Don’t be after waste, manure! You will make your face ugly! Some are ugly. They are the doormen of the WC. He who runs after it, is mindless! Today’s people are running after entertainment places like pubs, clubs, brothels. This doesn’t suit you! Doesn’t befit you! What befits you, is the power that gets you closer to the Creator! That is love! Without love one is like wood, dry wood which will end up in the fire! That is why fire is being prepared now! Say O clever people – what will you say against the words of Shah Mardan? You can’t say anything, anything! Say! Know your value! Please go on Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you! How beautifully you speak O Shah Mardan! 

This month is Sha’ban Mu’azzama! Whoever pays respect to this month, his spiritual being grows stronger! He will get his share of love and longing! One doesn’t have love & longing, if he doesn’t love the Prophet! There is no heaven for those who are not on his way. There is heaven for those on his way. Beyond these is hell! It is torment for him! O Lord! That is why holy ones say – you are called for service. You were created by Khaliqul Yazdan for His service. He is calling you, The Creator of Earth and Heavens – Allah! He is calling you to His Presence, His Presence, and so-called people are saying, we don’t want Him. We want the WC! E, take it on your head! Toilet.. They don’t know what to ask. If only the Children of Adam knew, would he leave jewels for dark stones? The world is full of dark stones. Jewels are precious. Know the value of the jewels you are given. O human, you are called Hazrat Insan(Honored Man). Your rank is high. 

O Lord, give us steadfastness, strength, love, and longing. One who doesn’t have wings of love becomes the prey of a cat. With wings of Divine Love one reaches to the heavens, skies. Turn towards there! O Lord forgive us! Give us strength! What we know, how much we can carry, You know best! To save us from the wastes of world, there are the Awliyyullah. May they save us! May we be forgiven! Let’s be with the clean ones! O Lord forgive us! Keep the respect of this holy Sha’ban Mu’azzama so that you will open up; you will have no sickness or pain. Who has pain? Those who are eating the world, they have pain in their abdomen. Those who long for the heavens above, and the servanthood of the Lord, there is no WC for them. Hasha! They are clean. “Inna Llaha Yuhibbu l-Mutatahhireen” (2:222) Janabul Haqq loves clean ones! Be clean! Don’t get dirty with the dirt of the world. Stay clean! The first fard(obligation) of Islam is “be clean”. May Allah let us be with His clean servants. May our hearts shine. May we fly without wings to heavens, skies. Amin, amin. Wa Salamun ‘ala l-mursaleen Hususan ‘ala Sayyidi l-mursaleen. 

Please go on Shah Mardan, what beautiful information you are giving to inform us, to inform us! May Allah let us be with the ones who understand this information. Adab ya Hu! Humans became ill-mannered! They left their Lord, Padishah, Sultan. They want to be doorman of the WC. Shame on the humanity of today’s people! “Tubna wa raja’na ilaik.” Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, Give us strength ya Rabbi! Dress us with the majesty of Islam! Dress us with the honour of Islam! Dress us with the honour of health, honour of familiarty. Dress us with the honour of health, O Lord! O Lord may we occupy ourselves with worshipping You. May we put our foreheads where Al Habib al-Kibriya stepped! We want You ya Rabbi! What we ask for is our Mawla. We are incapable of expressing. May the doors open for us, the doors that are for Ummah of the Prophet of the End Times, for Allah’s servants may the doors be opened! May the ones who will save us from the dirt of the world be sent! May those servants be sent! Wa Salamun ‘ala l-mursaleen Hususan ‘ala Ssyyidi l-mursaleen. Salamat ‘ala l-hadirin wal ghai’ibin.. 

May we fly without wings! Don’t look down, look up to the skies! You can’t see sultanate on Earth! When you look up to the heavens you can see a bit of the Divine Sultanate. See the majesty of the skies at night. May we see, get strength, and fill with love and longing. O Shah Mardan, your friends admire you! May a bit of the Divine Sultanate come on us! May our day, work and end be good! May we not be satan’s toy, or a servant of dunya, Amin. Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. Give us love, give us longing, ya Rabbi. To walk on the way of al-Habib, is difficult for us. Shah Mardan, who walks his way, it is difficult to find Shah Mardan too. May we find the ones on his way, may we walk this way. 

Let’s say, Adab ya Hu! What is said here, is adab. He is teaching us adab. Thanks to Allah! May light comes on our faces, may happiness come to our hearts! Amin our Lord! O Lord, You are Sultan, You are Subhan. You know best ya Rabbi! Fatiha. 

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah. Allahu Allah Ma li siwahu. Allahu Allah Allahu Allah; saying this, we will not be defeated. We will knock out satan, millions of satans. Ya Rabbi, give us health and love. Don’t live to eat. We want to be filled with love. We want to be filled with the light of faith. O Lord forgive us! You love the clean ones! Let us be with Your clean servants. Fatiha. 

May we not be full of grief! We won’t! “Salamun qawlan min Rabbir Raheem.” (36:58) “Salamun qawlan min Rabbir Raheem.” (36:58) “Salamun qawlan min rabbir Raheem.” (36:58) Angels will greet Muslims, who will be entering Paradise, with these words. “Salamun qawlan min Rabbir Raheem.” (36:58) O Muslims with faith, may your honour increase, may your beauty, majesty, happiness increase. Ay yaran Shah Mardan, ask these from Shah Mardan. Look for these in the assembly of Shah Mardan. May you dressed with them. Don’t be an animal! Who is animal? The one who carries the burden of dunya. Man is not an animal. Mankind is created for heavens. He is not created as a donkey of dunya! However people have wrong ideas! They want to be a donkey of dunya! Hasha! Man is not created to be an animal of the world. Dunya was created for the human being, to be his animal. 

May your faces be enlightened! May your day be happy, your bodies in health, full with strength.. Ya Rabbi. May we be happy forever! May our honour be high. 



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