The Sohbat Of The Zero

Your Happiness lies in realizing yourself, your identity, who you are. Have all the things you learned so far brought you closer to yourself? Learn the secrets of the zero, the medal of non-being. If it was not for the One, you would remain only a zero. You keep collecting zeros to grow, but after a certain number of zeros you will not be able to read yourself any more. There are endless levels of knowledge and only the master can take you to yourself. Adab Ya Hu.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat of the 11th of June, 2013 – Shaban

As-salamu ‘aleykum, ya hadirun. As-salamu ‘aleykum, ey yaran Shah-i Mardan. May our day be a blessed one. The great holy month of Sha’ban, which has been sanctified in Allah Almighty’s Presence, which has been elevated in rank and value. May the blessings of the holy month of Sha’ban be dressed upon us, too. Of the majestic manifestations of the great month of Sha’ban, may we, too, be given a share. 

Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. Habibu r-Rahman. Ey yaran Shah-i Mardan. Our path is the path of Allah. Our business is Allah Almighty’s servanthood. When you are asked, “What is your occupation?” say: “I work for Allah.” Don’t say, I am out of work. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. Everyone is struck with awe at your words. May the honour of this great holy month of Sha’ban be dressed upon us. May it be dressed upon our outward aspect and our inner aspect, too. O Shah-i Mardan, Habibu r-Rahman. Shah-i Mardan, those who admire you, those who love you; those who love you, who admire you. Ey Shah-i Mardan your lovers are struck with admiration for you. Admiring you for your honour, for your light, for your adab, those who love you. Count us also among those who are with you. masha’Allah kan, wa ma lam yasha’ lam yakun. What Allah wishes comes to pass, what He does not wish, will not happen. Let us ask, and Allah will grant it. 

Now Shah-i Mardan is speaking this: Kunu ma’ Allah, be with Allah. O those of you who love me, who regard us highly and who admire our path: you must live for Allah so that you might be given more honour. You must join the path of the Beloved to whom the Lord of Glory has given His Love; on his path let us travel. Let us find honour on it. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan! Let this day be a good day for us, by the blessing of your prayers. Let us find honour in what you address to us. Thanks be to You, O Lord. May our eyes and countenance be given Light. May our body be given health. The month of Sha’ban the Grand has arrived. It is a month which has been made great in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty, a blessed month. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan, the words you speak are accepted, and your adab is exalted. O Nation of Muhammad, ta’allamu, learn. You must learn. A farmer learns farming from his father. A gardener learns gardening from his father. A servant learns his servanthood from Allah’s servants. What is our occupation? Our occupation is Allah’s servanthood, our service of the Lord. Therefore, come to us, O Shah-i Mardan, your lovers are struck with awe of you. Let us begin, let us begin, in the Name of Allah. Whatever you begin, begin it in the Name of Allah. Write for Allah, speak for Allah. Work for Allah, walk for Allah, move for Allah. Leave the path of shaytan, O sons of Adam! 

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li-llahi l-hamd. The son of Adam finds honour with reciting takbir, with Allahu Akbar he finds dignity. Constantly say: Allahu akbar, Allahu Akbar. Our Lord is Allah, our Prophet is the glorious Muhammad. Inspire us, O our Lord. Let Him inspire us with good things, our Lord of the Heavens and the Earths. He wishes it, He calls us to become His servants. Come, O Shah-i Mardan, O lion of Lions. From his dignity Your creation trembled. He who was made grand in Allah’s Presence, Shah-i Mardan, pay attention to him, learn from him, ta’allamu. “fa inna l-‘ilma faridatun ‘ala kulli mu’minin wa mu’mina”, Knowledge was made an obligation on every believing man and woman, on every Muslim man and woman. 

First, you must learn about yourself. Who are you, who am I?

Learn! What shall you learn? First, you must learn about yourself. Who are you, who am I? Eh, look in the mirror and find out. When you look into a mirror, do you learn about yourself? When you look in the mirror, you see a shape. Who is that? If there is no mirror, man cannot see himself, he cannot know himself, cannot become acquainted with himself, cannot understand. He cannot serve. So first you must learn who you are. “Identity” they call it nowadays, your identity card. The official looks at it, then he looks at its owner, and says, yes, you are that person. If that man does not confirm that you are that person, that person cannot know himself, he does not know his identity. Because a person cannot by himself look at himself. He needs a mirror, he looks in the mirror and sees: That must be me, that is who I am. If he has no mirror, he cannot know himself. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan, Habibu r-Rahman. Let us have a good day. Our day today, is the second, the third day of the great, blessed month of Sha’ban, masha’Allah. Sha’banu shahri, the month of Sha’ban is my month. Allahu Akbar, give takbir. Allahu Akbar, give takbir. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li-llahi l-hamd. Everyone, mankind and Jinn, tremble before him who gives takbir. Therefore, give takbir. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li-llahi l-hamd. Come, O Shah-i Mardan, today is the third day of the great month of Sha’ban. May your high-minded himma reach to us. Let us find out, for whom we were created. Let us get to know our identity, who we are. 

If there is no mirror, a person cannot know himself. No. When he looks into a mirror, he says: That must be me. He knows himself from a mirror. He should have a mirror with him, a mirror, so that in the Divine Presence he might know what he is, and who he is, and what he may be living for. So that he might know this unique feature. What are you and who are you, and what is your occupation? This is Shah-i Mardan’s teaching. O Shah-i Mardan, who is the Master of the Field, who is in awe of his Lord. Let us listen to you. Ta’allamu, learn! Knowledge is an obligation for both men and women, he says. As much as he needs, as much knowledge as he needs to make himself known to himself – that is obligatory for everyone. Who am I? If you can’t find an answer, they will lead you away and tie you up in the donkey stable. If you yourself do not know who you are, they will put you in the stable. You will know yourself. 

Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan, your words are lovely. He says, Man must realize that he is human. He sees an image, a picture he sees and says: Heh, so that must be me… That is your form. It is an image, a photograph of you. But where is the original of what is shown in the photograph? Yes, if the original subject of the photograph is not known, of what use is it? In that case, what does identity mean? It is not clear who he is. You must learn about your own identity. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Marhaban. Marhaban, ey yaran Shah-i Mardan! Let us know, let us find out, let us get to know ourselves. He who does not know himself is an animal. You are a human being. Your identity is not the identity of animals. Your identity is another, animals have a different identity. 

Shah-i Mardan is necessary in order to teach us this. He will take you to yourself.

Talabu l ‘ilmi faridatun ‘ala kulli muminin wa mumina” – talabu l-‘ilm, the search for knowledge is obligatory for every man and woman. Do we fulfill the duty of this obligation? How should we fulfill it, how should we get to know? Man cannot see himself. Only when there is a mirror he says: So that one there is me. Who can this possibly be? It is you. How strange! So, that is me. Come in front of the mirror and have a look. Turn and look at yourself from all sides. So this is me. If you don’t know this – he who doesn’t know his own identity, is an animal. Speak, O Shah-i Mardan, Habibu r-Rahman, you are the Leader of Brave Men. Your way can lead man to his own humanity. What are we in need of? Since we are human beings, where is our humanity? You need a master to lead you to yourself, who will lead you towards yourself. You are an unknown, unrecognized being. But you need a master who will take you to this existence, who will take you to yourself. 

That is exactly what mankind today has lost. They strive in vain. They study and learn for years and years. You studied for so many years, received some kind of certificate, some diploma or other. Have all your studies brought you any closer to yourself? You read many volumes of books, but does anything you read bring you any closer to yourself? That is the art, that is what needs to be learnt. Shah-i Mardan is necessary in order to teach us this. He will take you to yourself. O you people living in this world! Which one of you has reached to himself? You are far from yourself, very, very far from yourself. Come closer. Reach to your true identity, come closer. It should be known who you really are, you must know this. You need Shah-i Mardan who will teach this to you. Eh, they study until their heads throb, then they are given a piece of paper, a certificate. Does that certificate, does all that you have studied, bring you any closer to yourself? 

O all you people, all you who are regarded as scholars! This is a question. Have you learnt any knowledge that will take you to yourself? Eh, he has not taken that kind of course. He has never met anybody who teaches such courses. Eh, if you have never seen one, then you are an unknown being that has not yet discovered itself. O you people! Search for such knowledge that will take you towards your humanity. O Shah-i Mardan, come and speak to us. Through studying alone, he cannot progress. By constantly staring at a stone, man cannot learn about himself. It is our duty to find out about ourselves. What is life like for one who does not know himself? His life is zero. A beast eats and drinks; that man is of that category as well. A donkey eats and drinks, and it knows about its being a donkey. 

Eh, man also eats and drinks, but what does he know about his own self? Does he know himself? Where have all these creatures come from? This existence, who gave it to me? Do you have an answer? Who am I? Is your identity defined by your physical existence? Or do you reach to some spiritual power? If you had no spiritual power, you would resemble the donkeys in their stable. You must know your own self. 

The key to all hidden truths lies in Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

Allahu Akbaru l-Akbar. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Come, O beloved friends, let us speak: Bismillahi r-Rahmani, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The key to all hidden truths lies in Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Formerly, the very first thing children were taught to say was: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Even if he did not know its meaning, he would receive blessings from it. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. One who says Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim throughout his life, his face will be lovely to look at. His deeds will be righteous, he will be loving and lovable, he will love and be well beloved. He who cannot feel love, will not be loved in return. He who cannot feel love is not a human being. Man, he is the most highly honoured human being. He is very, very precious. But nowadays, after the first age of ignorance, after the jahiliyat ul-‘ula, people have entered the second age of ignorance. They no longer ask: Who are we? They just run in the streets. 

Eh, what are you running for? What are you looking for, by running in the streets? Is there anybody there, he should say to the people running in the streets. Why are you running? What are you looking for by running in the streets? Is it food or drink? Everybody eats and drinks, even animals have their allotted provisions. Why, then, are you running, what is it you want? O you people of the 21st century, these are important questions. If you can give an answer, you are the greatest of all scholars. Why am I running around in the street? As soon as I awake, I get up and begin to run around. What are you running after, what is it that you want? Are you looking for something to eat? Everybody has that. So what else is it that makes you run around like that? I need to get my certificate. No. Does your certificate fill your stomach? Does it give you any honour? Because that certificate did not make you known to yourself. It does not identify you to yourself. 

If there is no number one, you are zero. Who is number one? Ask this.

Eh, what is a person who doesn’t know himself looking for? What he is looking for is zero. What is zero? That is the question. Ask the most knowledgeable person: What is zero? He will answer you: Zero is, zero is the mark of nothing. So if you place the digit 1 before it, what does it become? It turns into 10. That has a meaning for you. If you add another zero to it, it will give you yet another meaning. A one in front, followed by zero and another zero and another.. People become confused. If we take away the 1, what will be left over? Zero is left. 

Eh, you must understand, understand your own condition. If there is no number one, you are zero. Who is number one? Ask this. If you cannot answer this question, what good is all that you have read and studied? For what is all your struggle? For nothing. You are zero. If you add a 1, you become 10. If you add another zero, two zeros it becomes 100, if you add three it becomes 1000. What sort of mystery is this? In this zero, what miracle lies in its being zero? Is there a miracle in being a zero? There must be a kind of miracle there, if you place a zero after the 1, and it becomes a 10. Allah Allah. A zero after the 1 has a certain value. If you place a zero after the 1 it becomes 10. Eh, so what is zero? Zero is the absence of something. If you add two zeros, you get 100. How did it get to be 100, what is 100? 

Zero wants to perfect you.

Ask, O man! O you philosophers, ask! What is it that the mindless people who upset the world nowadays are running after? It is zero. So, describe zero to me. Describe zero to me, you cannot do so. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Come, so that we might understand. Let us understand and know. Zero, ha! A zero following the foundation of your existence makes you into 10. Two zeros make you into 100. And you proceed from there. If I add 10 zeros, you get a number you cannot read, that is to say, you cannot identify it. Two zeros after the 1, that we can understand. 3 million, 4 trillion, quadrilions centillion, hexillions and so forth. It goes on and on. Eh, so how far does it go? Ask yourself, O man. We placed a zero after the 1 and you became big. One zero after a 1 makes 10, your value is 10. If you place two more zeros there, your value will be 1000. If you put 3 zeros, it will be 1000. It grows in value. Eh, if there is no 1, what remains in the universe? Zero is left. 

O proud people of the 21st century, answer this. Don’t say, I have my diploma. Understand these words I am speaking to you. Number 1, when does it gain in value? If you place a zero behind it, it assumes a value. If you place two zeros, its value increases. Add many more zeros, and man can no longer comprehend it. Zero wants to perfect you. Where are you, O scholars, O Islamic ‘ulama? Speak up. Let the European scholars and ‘ulama speak up. Come, O Shah-i Mardan! your beloved friends are in awe of you, explain to us. 

So, man is made from zero. If there is no 1, man is at zero. If you put 10 zeros, 10 zeros will give you no identity. If you take away the 1, and put 100 zeros, it still gives you nothing. The only thing giving you value is the 1. What is there other than 1? There is zero, nothing. O man, open up and learn! This is an important point. If you say “I”, of what does your self consist? Get on a pair of scales, let them weigh you, like they weigh an animal. I weigh 60 kg, 70 kg, he says, I weigh 100 kg. What is your value? Your body has the weight of an ox, is that what gives you your value? How is that? It does not reach to the root of the matter. Man, he is the most honoured human being. He possesses a certain honour. With this honour he finds his worth in the heavenly realm. If he loses that honour, there is no place for him in the Kingdom of Heaven. They will kick him out. He who rises up, will be with 1. Who sinks down, will be with zero. The true dimension of man is to rise upwards. To sink downwards signals his unworthiness. 

These issues are good for waking people up a bit – the power of thought, we call it, by way of activating our intellectual systems. Shah-i Mardan is giving us training. Tell me, then, what is your proof for your existence? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. That is your proof for your existence. But you do not present this. You are lower than the animals. Say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Your honour will grow and not decrease. O our Lord, You have sent us, in order to teach us our identity, the Sultan of all Your Prophets. You have sent his representative, Shah-i Mardan. What a beautiful expression you used! You are either zero, or you are 1. You are zero. If there is no 1, there can be no 10. If there is no 1, there can be no 2. If there is no 1, there can be no 3. If there is no 1, there can be no 5. A strange, wonderful science. Learn this. 

If you do not know that you are zero, you have no honour.

There is no end to the mysteries contained in the human being. Do not make such a big fuss, O people! Because you are zero. If you do not know that you are zero, you have no honour. Man, the most highly honoured human being. “ya ayyuha l-insanu, ma gharraka bi-rabbika l-karim” (82:6) What is it that makes you proud, that deceives you into arrogance? Is the reason for your opposing the Lord the zero that is in you? He has Existence, He is not zero. Zero – that is you. 

O our Lord, You have sent us the Sultan of Prophets to teach us the ways of adab. Let us learn them, let us be filled and enlightened by them. Let us say Allahu Akbar. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Let us begin, let us go ahead. O our Lord, forgive us. For the sake of the great month of Sha’ban, let us desist from hurting, killing, burning and destroying each other. It is Your command: “wa la taqtulu anfusakum” (4:29) O My servants, do not kill one another. The Injil, Tawrat, Zabur and the Glorious Qur’an all announce this command of Allah. Do not kill, He says. Bring to life. Raise them up. If you have killed, you are lowered down to zero. If you rise up, then you will have value. 

Man finds his honour within himself. He finds it when he realizes that he is zero.

Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. O our Lord, a word they can understand, here Shah-i Mardan speaks to his own beloved friends. If only we, too, were able to understand! Let us make an effort, let us be there in his assembly. Ey yaran Shah-i Mardan. How lovely you are, how acceptable! You are acceptable in this world, as well as in the hereafter. O our Lord, forgive us. For the sake of Habib-i Mujtaba, for the sake of Habib-i Mustafa, let the gates be opened, O Lord. So that mankind might find his honour. Man finds his honour within himself. He finds it when he realizes that he is zero. 

O Shah-i Mardan, draw your sword, Dhu l-Fiqar! Strike those who are trying to make people into zeros! Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. O our Lord, forgive us. The blessed Shah-i Mardan teaches us. Let us learn from him, insha’Allah. What will you learn? You will learn adab. “addabani Rabbi”, be well-mannered. Learn your adab, everything lies in that. al-Fatiha. 

May Allah raise us together with those of good manner, don’t walk with ill-mannered ones, lest you become ill-mannered yourself. Go with the accepted servants of the Lord so you might become acceptable. Stay with those who have beauty, so that you, too, may become beautiful. Do not go with donkeys, lest you, too, become a donkey. 

Let us partake of the blessings of this great month of Sha’ban. Let us walk in the path of those who are accepted in the Divine Presence. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. al-Fatiha. 

This is the sohba about zero. This is the sohba of zero. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa li-llahi l-hamd. 



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