You Are In Need of A Sheikh

Mawlana says: listen to this sohbat over and over. It is a whip for your nafs. You need a teacher to be an example for you of the ‘perfect man’.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق ),

Sohbat from 2005

A fly, a housefly, doesn’t want to become a mosquito. A mosquito doesn’t want to become a housefly. A honeybee doesn’t want to become a wasp. A wasp doesn’t want to become a honeybee. A rabbit doesn’t want to become a cat. A cat doesn’t want to become a dog. Every group likes what is given to them and they say to their Lord: “O our Creator You are Subhan, You are Subhan, You are Subhan. And not one says let me become one of the sons of Adam. “Ferih fahur” – they have joy and and pride. They say; “I praise the Name of the Lord who created me.” 

But mankind says “trouble”. In other words, he asks for trouble, a troubled life, everything trouble. They call him – “troublemaker” and he causes trouble. He is from a class that causes trouble to himself and causes trouble to others. He doesn’t like himself, his rank. Those with these attributes trouble themselves, and also cause trouble to others. This world is like that now, so ignorant. If the old generation would witness what is happening they would claim these are not “humans”. Old generations would say: “They have no adab, no education, no shame!” That’s what they would say….. They would say, “what kind of people are they?” Allah has bestowed on them so many blessings but they still don’t give thanks to Allah, they still aren’t happy. What is it then? What do they like? In return for all these blessings, which he doesn’t like, where will be his place then? They grab him by his forelock and they throw him to hell. “Now you may like it here! This is the place you may like. Let’s take you there.” Aman ya Rabbi. 

The ignorance of these people, their arrogance. They don’t like anyone including themselves. They don’t like anyone. They become arrogant ones and this attribute takes them over. That’s another trouble – They only like themselves, no one else. That’s the other trouble. They don’t like anyone. No one likes anybody else. Both of these are the attributes of shaytan. Shaytan didn’t like anyone. Shaytan didn’t like the Prophet Adam. It said, “I don’t like him? Why? “I am made from fire and he is made from dirt. He can’t even come near me!” “Me!” – it liked itself only. It caused trouble in the whole world. The example of this is the state of the world today. 

Primarily, there is only liking oneself – arrogance in the world now. “I wish I was like this person or that!”, they say. And also there are those who like themselves only. That’s the other one. They think are something. Two attributes that exist mixed up together. Either he only likes himself and in front of other people he says “the best one is me” but then when he is alone he doesn’t like himself either. That is a weird state. Arrogance and not liking (approving of) anybody else. Then he also doesn’t like himself – “I shouldn’t be in this state, look at the others.” And burns himself with this fire (of jealousy). He destroys himself, doesn’t like himself. When amongst others, he only likes himself. When he is alone, he says, ” Look at me, what an odd thing I am!” and sadness overwhelms him. 

This is how the world is now. No use for them. No matter what he gets, he doesn’t give thanks. He doesn’t say “Shukr ya Rabbi”. That is why they are making us say this: even a cat doesn’t wish to become a human. A dog doesn’t want to become a human. They say “I am in the best state possible. My Lord created me like this and I am happy with my Lord.” Hasha minel huzur, donkey get whipped, carry all the loads of humans, get kicked around but they don’t want to become a human. It says “My Lord created me like this and I am happy with my Lord.” Why you don’t say it! Say – Allah has created us as the most honourable creature, but we still complain, don’t like ourselves, want to become something else. What are we to become? 

Angels could not undertake the amanat (Trust) but man undertook it. Janabi Haqq, gave that honour to man. They never think about the spiritual (other than earthly) honour.

Angels could not undertake the amanat (Trust) but man undertook it. Janabi Haqq, gave that honour to man. They never think about the spiritual (other than earthly) honour. This will become earth, it (the physical body) will become a skeleton, it will look horrible. They can’t see beyond this cage of skin. They can’t see beyond it. The Angels could not take on the honour given to man. We are carrying the Trust. Therefore, this is what Janabi Haqq is asking: O My servants! Know Me! I ask for nothing else! Know Me O My servants. Don’t say “He doesn’t exist.” I exist! If I didn’t exist, you would not exist either. Think! You cannot exist by yourselves. Say; “O Our Lord”. 

He says “know Me.” O our Lord, we fail to say this. The Lord who created us who gave us life – We have so many faults, forgive us, give us Your forgiveness. O our Lord, we know You, Ya Rabbi. Say this. He says I will forgive even if you (My servant) asks once! But he doesn’t. This is how evil men of 21st century became. In appearance human, but in reality animals. Even animals don’t accept the state man is in now. Ya Rabbi, don’t leave us to our bad nafs. 

Man is need of a spiritual person to become insani kamil (perfect man). If not then he will remain at a level lower than animals.

Therefore, man is in need of tarbiya (training). This is a huge book, it says that man needs a spiritual guide (teacher). Man is need of a spiritual person to become insani kamil (perfect man). If not then he will remain at a level lower than animals. There are hundreds of thousands of books like this one. All of them teach man this fact. All Prophets came for spiritual teaching/guidance. Then their successor’s – awliyas followed in order to educate us. Because our spirituality is pure, clean but our physical bodies make it dirty, destroy it. That’s why they came – because you are in need of them. 

You need an example, you need a guide. You need a Sheikh. You must have a Sheikh so he can teach your nafs adab – manners. No one accepts somebody else by themselves. No one accepts that anybody is above them. They say “I don’t want.” Then they will remain in that filth. If you open up his grave after 3 days of burial, you’ll see the state he is in. He starts smelling even in this world. May Allah protect us. May Allah not make us one of those who smell badly. Ya Rabbi clean us, gather us together. Let’s live a clean life and die clean. Let’s sleep in the grave clean, so angels don’t see us in filth when they come. Aman ya Rabbi. Pay attention to this point. 

The world makes people dirty, makes them filthy and soiled. The more they run after the world, the filthier they become. They become even filthier as they forget Allah. Dirtiness is not just one type: there is external dirtiness but very few are not also dirty spiritually. The world is in spiritual dirt now. Therefore, more and more violence is coming over us. We seek refuge in Allah. Aman ya Rabbi. Don’t make us among those (filthy) people. Fatiha 

Our instructions for today are finished (that’s all). This is important. Say salams to our brothers and tell them to listen this sohbat. Let them listen once or even 5 times, 10 times. Don’t say we already listened to this, stop. Listen again. This is a whip to our nafs. Our nafs don’t want to listen again and again but listen to this again once every three days or 5 days or once a week, once a month – this one and also the other sohbats. 

If they gather together with clean ones they will be gathered with clean ones (hereafter). They will sleep clean in their graves too. Ya Rabbi include our names amongst Your pure (clean) servants. For the sake of the Habibul Akram and bi hurmati l-Fatiha.  


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