Wrong Ways

Despite the endless Divine favours bestowed on “Hazrat Insan”, the “Khalifa of Allah” and the secret of “Be and it is”, yet Man chooses to be the animal of his enemy, the devil. Man turns his back on all of this by turning his back on the Bismillah. Muslims run after the Christian world, forgetting the imperfection that has been evident since the disciples, and follow “Wrong Ways”.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ‘aly Muhammadin wa Sallim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق ),

Sohbah of the 5th of February, 2013

…He is like a lion. I will destroy shaytan and his followers, with the permission of Allah. As-Salamu Alaikum O our holy listeners! Of course those who listen to holy words receive their blessings and become holy. 

Shukur Allah, shukur Allah, He (swt) made us wake up alive and healthy. I have a prayer: O Lord, may You not make us confined to bed Ya Rabbi! You created us for Your servanthood. May You grant us power for Your servanthood. You are the Sultan from pre-eternal up to eternal. Who are we? What are we? O our Lord! You still glorified us and called us “My servants”. We call You “Our Sultan”. Our Sultan, Our Subhan. You are the Subhan, You are the Sultan, You are the Most Glorified One O Lord! A group of people belonging to shaytan who have no value, no honour are out to disgrace Islam! Let them try. They will see what will come on them from now on. 

Salam Alaikum. Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim, we may draw the sword of the Bismillah. Draw its sword and don’t fear. Allah Almighty granted us the sword to repel shaytan and his followers. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, la ilaha illa Anta Subhanak! Wa qina adhaba-n nar. O Lord, power and qudrah and magnificence belong to You. What are we? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Shaytan, says “No, I will make Your servants animals for myself”. Really? So dunya is given into your hands? People come and beg “Accept me! Write me in your book”. Since they come and apply for it, since they come and beg to shaytan “write me also in your book” so he writes. And onto each one of them he puts a saddle and then releases them, “Go now”. “What will we do?” Your work is corruption”. “Yufsiduna Fi -l ‘Ardi” (2:27). “‘Ataj`alu Fiha Man Yufsidu Fiha Wa Yasfiku Ad-Dima’a” (2:30). Angels knew. Angels said “O our Lord! A nation which will make corruption and will make the earth upside down is coming among them”. “I know” He (swt) says. “I know” says Allah Dhul Jalal. You are Subhan O Lord. “I know, but there are servants whom I will appoint to discipline them, to teach them adab”. All of them came with the sword of Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim; the Prophets (as).   

He (Adam) said the Bismillah and landed on Sarandib. Prophet Ibrahim said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and was saved from the fire. Prophet Noah said Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and was saved from drowning. Among the past nations Prophet Abraham, the father, the ancestor of the Prophets (as), was saved from the fire of Nimrod by saying Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. And Noah (as) was saved by saying Bismillahir-Rahmani r-Rahim. “Bismi Allahi Majraha Wa Mursaha” (11:41) 

They teach you adab. They may teach you the Bismillahir-Rahmani r-Rahim and I turn the world into a garden of roses instantly.

O Allah, Your Name is the most high. Who keeps Your Order is Your servant. When a person makes service for such a Sultan, can he ever have troubles? They ask “Whose friend is he?” “This one is the government’s man. He is the man of the ruler, or the Bey, or the Pasha”. They take pride in this. What is their work? What is their pride? His pride is in being “the man of the president, or the man of the minister, or the man of this mayor, or the man of this Pasha…” They say like this: Don’t lean against a wall, it can collapse. Don’t lean against a tree, it can tip over. Don’t rely on Beys or Pashas, they can pass away. (Rely on) Allah Jalla Jalaluhu and those whom He (swt) sent. The people like us have no attribute, no power. But the Prophets He (swt) sent, and the distinguished servants; try to be close to them. They teach you adab. They may teach you the Bismillahir-Rahmani r-Rahim and I turn the world into a garden of roses instantly. Wa Huwa `Ala Kulli Shay’in Qadir. Our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan. Bismillahir-Rahmani r-Rahim. Before it reaches to the nun, Kun Fayakunu. He (swt) says “Be!” and it becomes before kaf reaches to the nun. 

This is a word according to the level we are in, O son. We can’t go beyond it. This is an ocean. For this we say; if one spoke about the Bismillah for a thousand years, for a million years, for a billion years he spoke for the endless power oceans of the Bismillah… Bismillah, the Holy Name of Allah Dhul Jalal. Allahu Akbar. O our Lord, mankind leaves this now and accepts being animals. They don’t make sajda but accept being animals to shaytan. Can they ever find goodness then? They call it madjaz. What they call madjaz is that they put the grapes which got old in a cube and they compress it. They crush it, press it…With some of it they make dessert, or with some of it, they make vinegar. We call this crushed, compressed thing madjaz. There is no more grape bunches left in it anymore, all of it is in that cube. Some of it becomes a provision which is halal. Some of it becomes the drink that Allah Almighty prohibited. Now dunya also has became madjaz Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, our son. Shaytan made the world as madjaz. Who speaks is not obvious, who listens, who understands is not obvious. Who works is not obvious. 

There is no one asking who he is, there is no one who asks, “To Whom am I related? I exist in this existence. Who is He that brought me into this existence?

There is no one asking who he is, there is no one who asks, “To Whom am I related? I exist in this existence. Who is He that brought me into this existence? Who is my Master?” Even animals know their masters. They know their owners. But the great Man does not accept Who created him. If you don’t accept, you become madjaz. Whole world is madjaz now. They turned the huge world into an unusable place. This huge earth; if you collect all the people on earth and put all of them next to one another, they can’t even fill Arabia. The rest would be left empty. Along with this, they became madjaz. “It will be yours, it will be mine…” Yahu “Wa Lillahi Mulku As-Samawati Wa Al-‘Ard- And to Allah belongs the sovereignty of the Heavens and the earth”. Why do you claim it? Something may hit him all of a sudden and that person falls dead. Finished! What is this wildness? “What can we do Shaykh Effendi? Shaytan put us in the place of animals, took the whip in his hand too and he continuously whips us. We have no strength left from his constant whipping. We are all in a terrible situation because of his constant whipping”. 

O Man! You are created to be the Hazrat al-Insan, who is made to have a distinguished station among the creation, who is created as the Deputy of Allah on His earth.

Allah did not create you to be animals to shaytan. Allah Dhul Jalal made you His Deputy on earth. He (swt) ordered His Holy Name to be mentioned, He (swt) ordered His Holy Name and His Holy Orders to be kept. And He (swt) made you descend to earth with the rank of honour, calling you “My Deputy”. And you leave this, you go and become an animal to shaytan, become a donkey to shaytan? “What can we do, we are bewildered”. Well, shaytan has ‘bawl’, they call it urine. Who drinks it becomes drunk. And when he gets drunk, shaytan gets on his neck and starts whipping; he whips until he falls exhausted. O Man! You are created to be the Hazrat al-Insan, who is made to have a distinguished station among the creation, who is created as the Deputy of Allah on His earth. The rank you will be given… The rank that will be given to you on earth is zero! Allah Almighty already dressed you, He (swt) already dressed you a rank. “Wa ‘Idh Qala Rabbuka Lilmala’ikati ‘Inni Ja`ilun Fi Al-‘Ardi Khalifa”(2:30) Allah Almighty said to the angels: “I will make a Deputy on earth”. We can’t say beyond this. There is power in this. “Fi Al-‘Ardi Khalifa”. He(swt) did not say “Khalifati”. “I will make a deputy on earth”. It means, I will create an honoured creation who keep My order and will send him to earth Allahu Akbar. 

Mankind, “Wa lakad karramna Bani Adam. We have honoured the Children of Adam. I dress on them the rank”. You leave this and be an animal for shaytan! You enter the hell shaytan appointed. You enter the dirty life and then call it “high society life”! The high society life is the life which is the WC of shaytan, that shaytan does all over their heads. He doesn’t leave any of them. “You, come here and I get on your back! You, come here…” Women and men, all of them became animals to shaytan. Shame on them! “No! Don’t listen to him” says shaytan now. “You are making my service. I give you honour. I dress on you the honour of dunya”. And he did, dunya became madjaz. Aman Ya Rabbi. May You save us from this humiliation. 

We are calling now: “Is there anyone who can save us?” There is, there is. But they can’t think of looking for them yet. They look for them on earth but they come from the Heavens. Such holy ones will be sent who are appointed from the Heavens, who know about the Realm of Malakut, to correct the earth. The rest will be swept and thrown away. Finally Gog and Magog will eat them. When Gog and Magog come, they won’t leave anything behind from the mankind.  They will eat all of them. May Allah not show us those days. What can we do? This is a sohbat, they make us speak to create some awareness. It is not that I look and study from books and prepare something. But they call it tuluuat (inspirations), they call it appearances. We have advice ready to be spoken which can make the world reach safety. The permission is given to such a helpless servant like us to speak the words that will be heard. 

We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How beautiful! How beautiful, how nice. There is no trouble or sorrow left in us. I am My Lord’s servant! I am a small servant of My Lord Who is the Absolute Owner, Absolute Sultan of the earths and Heavens. I am a small soldier of that Sultanate, to make all that shaytan wants to do and his corruption of mankind fall on his own head! This is my mission. I don’t live for anything else, only to keep my Lord’s order and to destroy shaytan’s sultanate. With what can you destroy? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al Hamd. When he draws his sword with Takbir, their technology becomes zero in the first Takbir, becomes ashes. Their planes won’t fly, their fleets won’t float. Their soldiers, cannons, weapons; he cuts them off instantly. It is soon. 

Shaytan made the nations go too wild. He will make them kill each other and then sit on the top saying “Well done! I took my revenge from the children of Adam. I made them injure one another and corrupted all of them like this. They can go to hell now if they like. I took my revenge” says shaytan. He strives for this. 

May Allah protect us from the evil of shaytan. We have power. Even if there are 1000 shaytans, when you say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, when you say “audhu Billahi min-ash shaytani-r rajim”, even if there are 100 000 shaytans, they will all be under our feet. But people don’t listen to the Prophet’s word (ﷺ). They become madjaz and they will become even more. New generations will come. This is a rubbish generation, they will throw away these ones. Allah Almighty will send a new generation, all clean. When you look at their faces, you will see men who shine like the sun. When Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) comes, it will change. When Prophet Jesus comes, whole dunya will be in such a happiness and merriment for 40 years. Don’t even ask. May Allah make us reach those happy days. 

No matter how much we spoke of the Bismillah, it is impossible to finish its blessings. It is not possible! Shukur our Lord that He (swt) inspires us and makes us recite the Bismillah Prophets recited. “Iqra’ Bismi Rabbika Alladhi Khalaqa”, was it not like this? “Read! In the Name of your Lord” it says, but these people read in the name of shaytan. Can they ever find goodness? He(swt) will make them madjaz. Birds and insects will eat their dead bodies. We hope that Allah will not make us from them, as well as all mankind. For this I am calling to them: say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say! Say and you get saved. Allah (swt) sends from His unseen armies. Mercy is descending. It will come down strong, Sh Mehmet Effendi. No need to plant, grow anything. The Maidah/table will come down. The table will come with such prosperity and blessings that no one can imagine. With what? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and here you go, the table comes down. 

The Christian nation… Look at the lack of mind in the disciples. These ones show great respect for the disciples, look at the minds of the disciples. What did they say? “Can Your Lord send down a table from Heaven?” Did your Lord make a kitchen upstairs? Is there a restaurant upstairs that He (swt) sends down to you and you eat? We hit them too, we speak about those mindless disciples too. What is this? He (Jesus as) is such a great Prophet and you ask him this? They say “Your Lord”, they can’t say “Our Lord”. Their ways are wrong. Who say now “We are the nation of Jesus”, all of their ways are wrong. They draw the disciples in Heavens. Look at their minds first! Such a great Prophet that we cannot describe his glory no matter what we say. And you come and tell him “Can your Lord send down a table for us?” Is there a kitchen upstairs? Is there a kitchen or restaurant upstairs? And they draw the disciples in the Heavens. This is how little mind the disciples had. 

The 12 disciples, this is how little their minds were. They said “Your Lord”, they couldn’t say “Our Lord”. They couldn’t say “Our Lord” but said “Your Lord”. “Hal Yastati`u Rabbuka ‘An Yunazzila `Alayna Ma’idatan Mina As-Sama’i” “Rabbuka”, they couldn’t say “Our Lord”. Don’t you have anything else to ask for? You asked the Lord Almighty for a table. Is that what you should ask for? So this is what Christianity is. They are still running on it. Your ways are wrong! All the disciples said “Your Lord”. They couldn’t say “Our Lord”! They didn’t say “Hal Yastati`u Rabbuna”, but “Rabbuka” to Prophet Jesus, they are asking him. And look at what they asked: “Can He (swt) send down a table for us?” Is there a restaurant upstairs? Whose table was it that you ate at downstairs? Whose table was the one downstairs? Was it shaytan’s? Allah Dhul Jalal’s table is in front of us everyday. They still ask from the Heavens. It is coming down from the Heavens! Wrong! The path of Christianity is totally wrong! There is nothing right about it. Even the disciples said “Your Lord”, they couldn’t say “our Lord”. Allah Allah, you couldn’t get used to saying “Our Lord?” What kind of thing is this? 

And now whole world says “Christianity”. What is Christianity? What power do you have? Is this with your weapons? If we say “Allahu Akbar” once, it can make it all upside down! The power of the simplest believer, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. “Hal Yastati`u Rabbuka”. Say “Rabbuna”! Say Rabbuna. They couldn’t say. Everywhere disciples are mentioned with his name. Always disciples, disciples… What disciples? Their mind is this much! Look at what they wanted! They asked for a table from the Heavens. What you have downstairs is not enough that you ask from the Heavens? Is there a restaurant in the Heavens? Why do you still ask from him? Whose table is it that we eat every day? “Wa Ma Qataluhu Wa Ma Salabuhu” (4:157) Then they attacked him, to kill him. They think it is an easy thing, and he was crucified. What crucifixion? Allah Almighty would allow His Great Prophet to be crucified, Allah Dhul Jalal will allow this? Astonishing. They made a cross and the man on the cross, they said “Here, this is your god” Wrong, dunya is on the wrong way. 

You will either raise, raise the flag of our Glorious Prophet (ﷺ) or all others outside of his flag will be madjaz.

There is nothing right in the Christian World. The Jews go on and off. They are like a candle that goes on and off. Islam has the Sun which never goes off. It has a sun. We are lions! We can destroy! “Who are you?” “I am nothing. I am nothing but there are those who can”. But He (swt) allows it now to discipline the people: “Fight each other. Become madjas. Then Gog and Magog come and eat you”. You don’t recite the Bismillah? Ya’juj and Ma’juj, is it Gog and Magog? Let them come and eat you. They are coming. They will eat them. O Muslims, open your eyes. Allah dressed you the highest honour. He (swt) dressed it on the others too but they made it all messed up. All of the Prophets had the Bismillah. Can’t be without the Bismillah. O our Lord! The glory of Your Beloved (ﷺ) is in the Seven Heavens. Your Dominions cannot be measured. All of them have the seal of “Muhammadur Rasulullah”. But they don’t appreciate it, especially these Turks. “Ittakhadhu min DuniLlahi aliha” They left Allah and took (aliha) gods for themselves. Therefore even if its expression is hard, they make us say it: they will be madjaz. You will either raise, raise the flag of our Glorious Prophet (ﷺ) or all others outside of his flag will be madjaz. 

O people! I am nothing but look to Who makes me speak, not to who is speaking. There are dragons. We are nothing, I only have the power of an ant. But there are dragons. There are dragons of the Muslims, of Islam who sit quietly like this, upon adab. He sits upon adab, he is a dragon too (Sh Mehmet Effendi). He doesn’t sit in vain, when he comes he hits me (inspires). So there is power. When he says “Fire!”, it reaches from East to West and dunya is finished. Ya Rabbi tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi. 

May Allah Almighty not make us from the ignorant ones, not from who forget the Bismillah. “May we remember your Name first, O Allah! it is obligatory in every action for the servants. Whosoever remembers Allah’s Name first, Allah makes his every act easy for him”. Say this O who claim to be Muslims. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. I don’t know, I was told Muslims have some meetings. I don’t know if they say the Bismillah or not. There is no goodness in the people who forget the Bismillah, they became trash. O our Lord, tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. You dressed a glorious dress on us O our Lord. For the honour of the Beloved; he (ﷺ) said “Be Muslims” and we became Muslims. Our honour and glory lie in Islam, but our huge nation removed the name Islam. They don’t say “Muslim”. What do they say? “Diyanat (Religious) Affairs”. What is Diyanat Affairs? Does it have the name “Muslim”? Sultans would show the highest respect for the Shaykhu-l Islam. With the fatwa of Shaykhu-l Islam, a Sultan could leave his throne. We removed the Shaykh-ul Islam and now call it “President of Religious Affairs”. “What authority does he have?” “Zero, Shaykh Effendi what can he have?” Zero. Why? Because peoples’ religion went down to zero level. Zero. 

Every day fires, every day hurricanes, every day floods. Every day snows, disasters, earthquakes but they can’t wake up. While they are rushing there, another man appears here; a man whom shaytan prepared, whom shaytan made drunk, goes and throws a bomb. Now whole nation has nothing else to do other than questioning: Why did this man throw this bomb? If he threw a bomb, take care of the situation and return. Why do you still investigate? “No, I will find out!” What will you find out? One day they find out about you also. That man exploded himself outside, in front of the door. But shaytan can prepare another man like him and he can explode you in your office or in your home too. We seek refuge in Allah. All of them are warnings. What do they call it? Warning, they are warnings. Come to your senses. One day they can explode in front of you also. Because shaytan has many men. There are many men who lost their minds. There are many men who lost their faith because you didn’t leave any Islam. You didn’t leave and take it now; you run from here to there, there to here… Every day fires, every day all kinds of disasters, accidents… May Allah make us far from it. O Lord, forgive us O Allah. 

O Muslims, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and have no fear. La ilaha illa Allah hasni, wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi. Say “La ilaha illa Allah. It is my castle. Who enters inside My castle will be safe from My punishment”. Now sit and say “La ilaha illa Allah” in Ka’aba AlMuazzama and how many ignorant men come instantly to say “this is bid’ah”? Spit on you! Spit on you and your bid’ah! Is saying La ilaha illa Allah bid’ah? He (swt) will discipline. Now each one of their turns will come. Don’t listen to me! Look to Who makes me speak, not to who speaks! All their disciplining is ready. May Allah forgive me and forgive you. 

We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O Lord, La ilaha illa Allah hasni, wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi. “La ilaha illa Allah is My castle. Whoever enters in it is saved from My Wrath in dunya and in akhirah” He (swt) says. They say “No, bid’ah! How can you sit and recite La ilaha illa Allah!”? Yahu people became foolish. How can a Muslim say this? If 3 men sit in Ka’aba and recite La ilaha illa Allah immediately they come like zabaniyyah and say “what are you doing? This is bid’ah!”. It is fardh! Saying “La ilaha illa Allah” is fardh! How can you say it is bid’ah? Does BaytuLlah belong to you? How can you come and interfere? But one day your intestines tangle, don’t untie and you die. May Allah forgive us. 



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