Heavenly Honey

Look for the beautiful things, the things acceptable to Allah. Look for the honey of the heavens.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ‘aly Muhammadin wa Sallim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق ),

Sohbat of the 31 of January, 2014

Rabi ul Awwal Sohbah

As-salamu alaikum to those present. Ey yaran Shahi Mardan. Welcome. May Janab Allah fill our hearts with the love of His beloved one. May our hearts be content. Welcome. Ey yaran Shahi Mardan. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd. You are the Subhan Ya Rabb. Marhaba. Marhaba. Ey yaran. Marhaba. Even the angels will say marhaba to the believers in paradise. How beautiful. May Allah also grant us this. 

Let’s ask for beautiful things, Sh Mehmet Effendi, beautiful things. What is beautiful? All that is acceptable to our Lord is beautiful. Our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan. May He increase our strength and power. May He increase our love. Madad ya RijalAllah. May Allah not put us with the lazy ones. Let’s not be lazy. MashaAllah. Thanks to Allah, hamdu thana (all praise). 

Our new day, Sh Mehmet Effendi, our son, our new day! Yawmun jadeed rizqun jadeed. (New day, new provision) Rich ones don’t give the same thing. No. Nor do sultans give the same. What comes down from heavens every day is also new. Everyday fresh. Everyday beautiful. To do sajda to our Lord, to show respect to our Lord, to glorify, to praise His greatness how beautiful that is. 

Marhaba ey yaran. Marhaba to those seeking Allah’s path. Allah Jalla wa ‘Ala grants us blessings everyday. May our strength and power increase. May our strength be on the way of Allah. Our strength is for our Lord. Let’s not fall down. Madad O holy ones, O those holy ones seeking Allah’s path. Ey yaran Shahi Mardan. Shahi Mardan – O highly esteemed servant of Allah, Marhaba. Marhaba. Marhaba here and marhaba hereafter. Shukur Allah that He’s made us reach to today. InshaAllah our son Sh Mehmet Effendi hz., with our young Mehmet may your day be full of contentment. 

Today is Friday of the holy month of Rabiul Awwal. We wish that on this new Jumaa day new strength of faith, dress of faith, contentment of faith, light of faith, is dressed on us.

Let’s not carry any sadness. Let’s carry contentment. When Allahu Akbar is said, may our hearts open up. Let’s be happy. How beautiful! New day, new manifestation. Today is Friday of the holy month of Rabiul Awwal. We wish that on this new Jumaa day new strength of faith, dress of faith, contentment of faith, light of faith, is dressed on us. This is what we wish. We want to stay at the gate of Rasulu Kibriya and not be expelled. Let’s do deeds so Rasulu Kibriya approves of us. He likes us. Do deeds that he will like. Deeds that Rasulu Kibriya will like. Our master will say – “Well done”. Awliyas will say “well done”. When they say “well done”, our bodies get strong, our faith becomes strong, our light increases, our happiness, contentment increases. May Allah Jalla Jalaluhu place us among those happy servants. 

Let’s be content Sh Mehmet Effendi. We are in the ummah of the Beloved one. Why search for contentment other than this? Why seek more than to be of the ummah (Nation) of the Master of the Universe? May Allah give our hearts strength. May He give strength to our faith, strength to follow Your ways and to live for You. O our Lord, Your beloved one has accepted us, grant us blessings so we can follow the path of Your beloved one. 

May the noor of our faces increase. Noor descends everyday. Seek noor. Seek Noor not Naar (fire). Don’t run to fire. This world is fire. No use for anything – it means “edna”; most rubbish thing. Rabbul Izzat did not even look at it once, at this world. Hasha! Janab-i Haq has no need to look at it. 

O our Lord; O Great Prophet give us strength for the love of yaran Shahi Mardan. Keep us on Your straight path. Let us run after Your love. Let us run after Your beloved one. May our hearts open up, be content. Let’s run to our Lord. Let’s run after His beloved one. MashaAllah. You are our Lord. This takes away all troubles. Allah does not give trouble to His servants. Hasha! He grants contentment to His servants for the barakat of His beloved one. Be content for we are among the ummah of His beloved one. 

Man needs to know his honour. He needs to know what to seek, to run after. Don’t work for this rubbish world. O our Lord, My Mawla, the One who raises the sun, may our hearts shine with the noor of faith. 

Don’t run after the world. Run after the way of His beloved one. O our Lord keep us straight on the path of the beloved one. “Yuthabbitu Allahu ladhina amanu bilqawli ththabit fee lhayati d-dunya wa fi l-akhirat” (14:27) Is this how the ayat is? “Yuthabbitu Allahu ladhina amanu bilqawli ththabit” (14:27) “Allah keeps firm those who believe”. Without that footing you cannot step into the heavens. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Let’s say Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd and start our association. 

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allahu Akbar. He lifts up all burdens. Our deeds become “kun fayakun” my son. You become a roaring lion. Don’t be like a lazy cat, be a roaring lion. Ya. The ummah of the Beloved one are like roaring lions, full of honour and noor. All beautiful attributes are on them. O our Lord, keep us straight on the beautiful path of the Beloved one. No burdens will remain in our body. Our eyes won’t seek this world. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd. Look at the heavens. Try to take from the heavens. The Earth is rubbish. Heaven is the jewel. They say look at the heavens. May Allah keep us among His accepted servants. May we walk at the feet of His Beloved one. Fatiha. 

Those following the path of the yaran don’t get sick. Their illnesses are not real. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd. Always make the Takbir, our son Sh Mehmet Effendi and also our younger son. Whatever you see; say Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd, You are a lion! Allahu Dhul Jalal, made us from the ummah of His Beloved one. Let’s say – Allahumma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi – so all of our troubles disappear. All of our worries go away. Nothing is left to upset us. We open up like a lion. Our news reaches to the heavens. May they say – “This servant is the one following the ways of the heavenly lions.” May Allah grant you this. May your face smile and your heart be content. May all your endeavor  be worship. Fatiha. 

Wherever you turn, it’s the rubbish of this world, rubbish. Don’t run after it. Don’t run after rubbish. May Allah keep us away from rubbish. It’s a mistake to say Allah for this. There are garbage men, rubbish collectors. They keep rubbish away. Run after the jewels (the essence). Say ‘Allah’ so the Earth and Heavens are shaken. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahi l-hamd. Fatiha. 

Eat from the honey of Heaven don’t look at the earthly one. Eat from the honey of the heavens.

Eat from the honey of Heaven don’t look at the earthly one. Eat from the honey of the heavens. That is what suits the son of Adam. Keep eating that one. Our Lord, may the burdens on us be lifted. May our children have strength; the Ummah of Muhammad open up. May we receive power to defeat shaytan. Bi hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha. 

They make a fake honey, Sh Mehmet Effendi. And also there is the one bees make. The one bees make is this one. Eat so you become a lion. O our Lord, may the depression on us be lifted. May you receive power. May your love increase, my son. Let’s live for the sake of Allah and Rasulu Kibriya. Let us walk on the path of the awliyas. O Ummuhan Sultan, protect us. Protect us. 



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