What Is For Allah

“What Is For Allah” is what lasts and bears fruit. Whatever is not purely for Allah Alone is for shaytan… With this strong guidance Mawlana explains all the miseries people are suffering from in all domains of life, personal, social, or political.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 10th of December, 2012

Subhanahu wa Ta’ala “He may test which of you is best in deeds.” (67:2) And people compete among themselves for who will be the worst of the people. People are competing in injustice. Who among them can be more unjust to the servants of Allah(swt) than the other. They compete. They are not competing in good deeds but in injustice. 

Allah (swt) says “So the roots of the oppressors were cut off. And all thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds” (6:45) “Faquti`a Dabiru Al-Qawmi Al-Ladhina Zalamu Wa Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi Al-`Alamina” (6:45) Allah(swt) will wipe away the oppressors that is why people are boiling now. They are boiling similar to “the overflowing ovens” (11:40) It is a sign, “Wa Fara At-Tannuru” (11:40) is a sign that Allah (swt) will destroy, it is a sign… “The overflowing oven” (11:40) is a sign that there is Divine Anger coming from Heavens. He (swt) will purify this world from those devils. And therefore if it is like “Fara At-Tannuru” (11:40) it refers to a world war. It indicates that Allah (awj) will purify this world from kufr & shirk and from the actions of shaytan.  May Allah (swt) protect us. Fatiha. 

It is a great matter that they left me to speak about so I may make clear to people their condition from the beginning to the end. The history of the world is based on this point; people are either oppressors or believers who obey their Lord (jwa). “And Allah is the victorious over His Affairs” (12:21) He (swt) will wipe away those lowest kind of unbelieving people. 

Allahumma Ya Rabbi, tub alayna Ya Tawwab! Tub alayna Ya Tawwab! Appoint for us a king so we may fight in Your way O Allah! As the children of Israil asked their Prophet (as) “Appoint for us a king so we may fight in Allah’s way.” (2:246) Without a king all that they do is for the sake of shaytan. I am looking for the word, supporting shaytan. All that they are doing is supporting shaytan. All the wars are supporting shaytan & his sultanate. Otherwise the believers would ask from their Prophet(as) “appoint for us a king so we may fight in Allah’s way”(2:246) 

Now there is no fighting for the sake of Allah (swt). All of them want to satisfy their ego, their ego’s lower desires, their dirty lower ego. Fighting, and their fight is only considering their lower egos not Allah (swt). Nothing is for Allah (swt).It’s all for their dirty ego. They are spending all their efforts to be leaders/presidents to satisfy their dirty egos. All the presidents are from the people who are serving or are hostages of their egoistic desires. Now there is nothing on the face of the earth that is not for shaytan. People are making things for shaytan & they do nothing for Allah’s sake! May Allah defeat them from beginning to end. Allah’s curse is on them! Naudhu Billah 

So take heed O servants of the Lord so you may not be under the curse of Allah (swt). You will not succeed in this world nor in the Hereafter. Be with Allah (swt)! Be with Allah (swt)! Do not be with shaytan, the devil & his assistants. But be servants to Allah (swt), stand for serving the Lord of the worlds. O Lord we repent & turn to You. Fatiha.

This declaration is enough for those who believe in Allah and His Prophet (ﷺ). Otherwise they are also from the armies of the devil. Allah (swt) will, “And He defeated all groups”. Wa Min Allah at-Tawfiq. 

Put all your efforts in understanding the Great Quran. “If a group of the children of Adam said to their Prophet appoint for us a king” they did not say “bring for us democracy”. No! And a king who is not from among the people is alone, no partners with him because a king is sultan. A sultan is the shadow of Allah on earth. You must obey him or you are destroyed.

Naudhu Billah from the evils of our egos and the badness of our actions and from the evil of devils from people and jinn. May Allah punish them. Fatiha.


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