Daru-l Khilafah

Mawlana is upset with the Muslim Alims who gathered in Istanbul to discuss Islamic issues and the conditions in the Muslim countries and yet never mentioned “Daru-l Khilafah”. How can the laws of Shari’ah be discussed in the absence of any guarantee of its application, the Khalifah? They ask for a solution to the crises in the Muslim world and do not ask where is the Khalifah. Mawlana asks all these Alims if they know how the Khalifah of the Muslims was betrayed by the enemies of Islam.

The Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ’s Khirkah-i Sharif (mantle cloak garment) and Sakal-ı Sharif (strands of his blessed beard), part of the Sacred Relics collection, Hırka-i Şerif Mosque, Istanbul.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Allaahumma Salli alaa Muhammadin wa alaa Aali Muhammadin wa Sallim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 29th of April 2013.  

 Audhu billahi minashaitan irajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar Wa Lillahil Hamd. Wa Rasuluhu Sahibul Risalatul Mutlaka We are sending Salatu wa Salam to the pride of all places and skies, our Master, the Fahru Kainat.  Meded, ya Rijalallah. Here you are, O Shahu Mardan, your lovers are astonished by you. Let us listen from you the sohbet of today. You keep everything under your vision; you are Sultan, You are Shahu Mardan, here you are Shahu Mardan is saying now: May we say, O’ lovers of Shahu Mardan, O’ those who keep Truth, who worship the True One, who hold Islam in high esteem. O Shahu Mardan, let us listen what is the situation and of today let us listen.   

Ok, let’s listen. Let us say: Allahu akbar Allahu akbar wa Lillahil hamd. There are 15 days more to reach the honourable month of Rajab. Which day was yesterday? The 28th? H.M: 27th. S.N: 27th There was a meeting in Istanbul. Let us hear Shah Mardan. What is the news? How do the People of Truth see it? Let us hear it, Insha’Allah.  Meded,ya Rijalallah, Meded, O’ Shah Mardan the lion of Allah, Shahu Mardan. Yesterday was the 27th of April. The newspapers in Istanbul announced – Eh – these newspapers have no value. Their input is all lies, Someone was asking: What is the material these newspapers using? Ya Hu, they said to him, don’t you know? Lies! Their main input, of these newspapers, are lies. If they want they make something big, if they want they make it small. They invent lies when it suits them and confuse the minds of people. They destroy the peace of the nation and do all kinds of corruption. O’ Shahu Mardan, we are listening to you. O lovers of Shahu Mardan.  On the 27th of April there was a gathering of  learned people in Istanbul. Have you heard about it? No?  Ya Hu, don’t you look at anything? They say learned people had a meeting, and now we analyse this. Shahu Mardan will analyse it 500 learned people gathered in Istanbul and they were 500 ignorant ones. Where are we going? They asked. We are going to Istanbul. Ya! What is happening in Istanbul? For what reason do you go to Istanbul? Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim O’ Shahu Mardan, draw your sword Dhul Fiqar and let those who go there hear this, all these so-called learned people who are really ignorant. Where are we…  going? They asked. To Istanbul.  What is the value of Istanbul? they couldn’t say, not anyone of them.

The original honourable name of Istanbul is Daru-l-Khilafah. The station and palace of the Khalifa an honourable place/Makan.

Let us say:  Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim We are going to the Daru-l-Khilafah. To the Daru-l-Khilafah. We are going to wipe our face on the exalted Maqam of the Caliph. They couldn’t say it, Daru-l-Khilafah is the name for Istanbul. It is the palace and station of the Caliph. These scholars didn’t say like that. They just said: We are going to Istanbul. What honour does ‘Istanbul’ have? The original honourable name of Istanbul is Daru-l-Khilafah. The station and palace of the Khalifa an honourable place/Makan. What gives honour to Istanbul is to be the Daru-l-Khilafah, the place where the palace of the Khalifa is. Istanbul was conquered and from then on Istanbul became Islambol (abudance of Islam) and became the honourable and enormous respectable and glorious, Maqam of the Khilafah, the homeland of the Caliph, the honourable Caliph. It became the exhalted throne of Caliph. The one who conquered it was Sultan Mehmet. Heaven is his station. He gave the honour to Istanbul. As Our Prophet (ﷺ) said: Latuftahannal-konstantniyyatu rumiyya Quranfalani’mal-amru amruhowa lani’mal-jayshu wa zaliqal jash. The Prophet (ﷺ) said and praised him, (Sultan Mehmet). The centre of unbelievers where they always stood against Islam, Constantinople, would be conquered. One thousand years before the conquest of Istanbul, it was announced that this would happened. How many years have passed since? From that conquest of Istanbul up to today how many years have passed? 400… 500… 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 it is almost 700 years, that the banner of Islam was erected there by Sultan Mehmet The Conquerer, who was praised by the Prophet (ﷺ). That a beautiful Sultan, would conquer Istanbul, what He said, Emir means sultan. wa lani’mal-jayshu wa zaliqal jash, and those who conquer would be such glorious soldiers. From that time on that place became the Daru-l-Khilafah, the honorable centre and capital of the Islamic Caliph.  

For 700 years Istanbul was the Daru-l-Khilafah; the honorable and glorious centre of the Caliph. Capital and Sultanate of the Caliph and their homeland. Since 1453 accordingly, 600 years ago, that place became the Daru-l-Khilafah; the palace of the Khalifa, his center and capital city of Caliphate. From that time on the Greek Constantinople was fallen, finished. The nose of the unbeliever was broken. Constantinople which was beloved to the unbeliever’s world, filled with the voices of the Adhan. Their bells became quiet. The Islamic soldiers entered. Fatih within 53 days, destroyed the world’s strongest castle – a 21 year old lion! He destroyed kufr (unbelief) and cut its throat. Istanbul became Islambol, Asithane. The Daru-l-Khilafah is there. Now they said that 500 scholars went there and Shah Mardan says all of these 500 are ignorant! Why? Not even one of them came out and said: We came to the place the Sultan who was praised by  our Great Prophet (ﷺ), opened this place to Islam, Constantinople became Islambol (abundance of Islam). It was called Asithane; it became Islambol. They didn’t say that unfortunately.   

These 500 scholars are ignorant. They went there for eating, drinking, and to show off, All of them are ignorant. They didn’t say: Here is the Asithane, the Daru-l-Khilafah. Oh Trukish government. You invited us.  In your invitation letter you should have written that: I invite to the Asithane, the Daru-l-Khilafah (But you wrote:) I invite you to a gathering in Istanbul, what is your value that you invite them to Istanbul? Why do you invite to Istanbul? Why do you say Istanbul? Why didn’t you say Daru-l-Khilafah? The honour of Istanbul is to be the Daru-l-Khilafah. Not one of these so called scholars, I am upset with Glen Hodja too, He didn’t say either that this gathering is going to be in the Asithane, the Daru-l-Khilafah. Neither the Arab Alims, nor the Indians nor the Iranian Alims nor the Alims of Damascus said that: Here is the Daru-l-Khilafah.  


For 500 years, who held the banner of Islam, who conquered Hagia Sophia, with the imperial order of the Sultan; this is Islambol.

For 500 years, who held the banner of Islam, who conquered Hagia Sophia, with the imperial order of the Sultan; this is Islambol. We should show our respect, did they think to visit his Maqam(graveyard)? Some say this is bida, other mindless ones say it is haram and again other mindless ones say this is kufr (forbidden). Did they go and visit Sultan Fatih? They didn’t. They only went, like hungry wolves to the invitation for eating and drinking. Did they go to pay respect to Abul Fath, the Conqueror of Islambol, Sultan Mehmet Han, heaven is his  station. Did they say: Lets visit him? Visiting Maqams is accepted; it is a Sunnah of the Prophet (ﷺ), and the visit to the Prophet’s (ﷺ) tomb, is compulsory to those who are capable. Did these 500 so-called scholars, these ignorant ones, did they say: Let us visit Sultan Mehmet the Conquerer, who is the Sultan that opened Constantinople (for Islam)? The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Latuftahannal- konstantniyyatu rumiyya falani’mal-amru amruho wa lani’mal-jayshu wa zaliqal jash.” The Prophet (ﷺ) said: surely Constantinople, the city of (Emperor) Constantine, will be conquered so that the pillar of kufr (unbelief) will be destroyed on their heads. Is there anyone who says this? “Falani’mal-amru amruho.” Our Prophet praised the Sultan, Fatih, the conqueror. Did these 500 so-called scholars go for a visit to his graveyard? To recite even one Fatiha? May the tombs of those who closed the Hagia Sofia Mosque be closed. Did they go there? To announce that The Sultan Fatih who was praised by our Prophet(ﷺ), opened this place which was the last point of kufr, and honour of the unbeliever’s world, Constantinople, Constantinople, Hagia Sofia. Hagia Sophia. Let’s go and see where Fatih Sultan entered on his horse. Did anyone of these Alims say like this? Did anyone of them come forth? No, they ran for eating only to make a meeting and speak empty words. The angels threw back their empty words. The scholars of the Islamic World. What kind of scholars are they?  

Oh Shah Mardan go on, tell them! They are pretending to be scholars. Do you know where you have come to? They say to Istanbul. Its name is not Istanbul. Asitane; means the homeland. Whose homeland? The homeland of the Caliph of Islam. Asitane; is the place where the palace of the Caliph is there, he used to rule the whole Islamic world and the  world of unbelievers, were trembling with fear of Him. Did they go? Not even knowing its real name. They say “we are going to Istanbul”. No.It has honor but not with the name Istanbul. Location of the Caliph, Capital of the Caliphate, the city where there is his palace  and Sultanate/sovereignty.  Go on Shah Mardan, tell them the truth, They are not scholars, they are ignorant ones, 500 of them. Where are they? They say Istanbul. Ha! You shouldn’t have said Istanbul. You should have said, the Capital City of the Caliph. It is the holy city, the capital, where the Caliph of Islam, was located. Not even one of them could say we are in the capital of Caliph of Islam; that we are invited to the Capital  of the Caliph. Please go on Shah Mardan! Scholars were invited, for what? What to show them? To eat dinner? Are you invited to be shown off the palaces, and to make you see the pictures of the ones, with so many made up affairs and cheating, who removed the Shairiat of Islam. The Capital of the Caliphate, where the Caliph was located.

How many years had it been? What is the new name of the capital where the caliphate was removed by force? They removed the name DarulHilafe (city of Caliphate) and called it, Istanbul. City of Caliphate, is the centre and capital of The Caliph. The center and capital of The Ruler of the whole Islamic World, Caliph of Muslims. Not anyone of them mentioned the  name, city of Caliphate(Darulhalife). The city is not Istanbul, it is Asitane (name of Istanbul in Ottoman times), the centre of the Caliph of Islam, the capital of the Sultans of Islam  who trembled the whole world, not anyone of them could say, this is the place…So they are ignorant. Because if they say “Capital of Caliphate”, there comes more on this, Please Shah Mardan go on! Asitane was the name of Caliph’s capital where there was his Palace/throne. His throne and palace are still here, where is he?   

Oh Turks where is your Padishah/Sultan? Where is your Sultan? Where is your Sultan, the Ruler, who was governing over the Islamic World? No one is asking this question, because  they have no wisdom or knowledge. This is not Istanbul but, it is Daru-l-khilafat, which is called Asitane. They couldn’t say so, they couldn’t question on it. Only occupied themselves  with the dinner that is served. Not a single Scholar could say we are in Daru-l-Khilafat. Istanbul is Asitane. None of them thinking on this reality! They are going to be angry but they are so arrogant and they are lost in feasts and running after fame. None of them asked, or questioned on this. Asitane. Daru-l-Khilafat, used to be said. The centre, of the Caliphate and now Istanbul. Whoever removed and sent away The Caliph of Islam? They didn’t ask about it.  A hundred ignorant men, had signed to remove The Ottoman Sultanate, again some others, ignorant as previous ones signed to remove the Caliphate. Masha’Allah. Is this nation deep asleep?  A handful of ignorant men, he had only three assistants, that leading one, one of his assistants was called, bald Ali, sword Ali, insane Ali, his undersecretary, it is documented in history like this. They overturned a mess in order to remove the Caliphate. “Caliphate” is not an authority that could be removed by an assignment of a hundred stupid and ignorant ones. How could the Authority/title which  gave world glory be removed? Did anyone of these scholars who went  to Istanbul, ask such a question? They didn’t.  

Say to them Shah Mardan, O’ the beloved one! He is happy. Oh Turks, you should ask: Are you Turks or are you Ottoman? Which one of these names has an honour? What did Turks achieve? Ottomans are the ones who opened  the doors for Anatolia. Ottomans.They suffered and still  are suffering  for their wrongdoing/committing & contempt to Ottomans. 500 Scholars came, all of them  are ignorant! They couldn’t say this is Asitane; Homeland of the Caliph of Islam. Where is the caliph? They removed the caliph and caliphate in their very first national congress. Is that so? The Supreme Caliph and his authority Caliphate was removed with the assignment of a hundred ignorant men, who insulted him, and he was sent away from his homeland  also his innocent family. Is this the honour you have, Oh Turks? Is this the performance which the republic of Turkey is proud of? Why were these things not told to  those guest scholars? Those guest scholars are also not  thinking or asking. Daru-l-Khilaphat? If they were aware of this reality, they would have said we are in the Capital Caliphate. We are in Caliph’s capital?  What happened to his authority? Where is he? We sent away the Caliph.   

Oh Arabs, Oh Persians, Oh Kurds… How could the Caliph of Islam be sent away? How could you let this happen? The Caliph of the Muslim community, his holiness, who was holding the banner of The Prophet (ﷺ). How could you send such a person away? They say: we did. We even sent away their little children. Well, who did you give it to? We gave it to Salanik Donmeleri. To Salanik Donmeleri. What did  they convert from? From Judaism. Are there any scholars who know this? They came and sat down, we came to Istanbul. A meeting…what meeting? This meeting is a worthless… meeting with curses raining on it. None of you will succeed. Because you have come to Daru-l-Khilafah. You couldn’t say: Alhamdulillah… we reached the home and palace of the Khalifa. Because if you did say this, then they would ask you – We came, where is the Khalifa? The Turks sent him away. Shame! How can Turks send their Khalifa away? Who gave Turks that authority? They say: the assembly in Ankara gave it to them. How many people? 120 members. Are they in their right minds, what can they know? Yes, they didn’t ask this, Daru-l-Khilafah. They came to the place that was the Khalifa’s holy palace.  They couldn’t say, so many scholars came there, so many ignorant ones came. They went and wandered the palaces. But they didn’t wander the palace where the Khalifa was. Because it is prohibited. You don’t mention this. You only look to that one who has his statues everywhere! These are the Great Ottomans! How can you bring them down? The Arabs too, they all signed and came to eat!  Wasn’t your stomach full in your own country?  Why did you come to Istanbul, to wander around? To dance with girls, to eat and drink? Why don’t you speak the truth? This is Daru-l-Khilafah, the way of the Khalifa. Where is the Khalifa?   

Why didn’t these 500 scholars get up and say anything? La Jum’ah. Neither their Friday Prayer is valid… nor their imams are valid. Without Khalifa’s permission, Friday Prayer is not valid. Even if prayed, it is not accepted. Because the Khalifa’s… name must be mentioned. And they must call people for his obedience. O’ Leader of Turkey’s Diyanet (office for religious affairs)… give me a Fatwa if I said something wrong or a lie. How can I say something wrong? Shah Mardan is the one speaking. If that is so, we came to Darul Khilafah. We came to the precious, holy, honourable home of The Khalifa. Alhamdulillah. Well, where is the owner of the home? Where is the Khalifa? The government in Ankara kicked him out. They kicked him out along with his entire family. Did they have the right? For 700 years they ruled over 3 continents, a pure lineage, representing Ahli Sunnah wa Jama’ah, the whole world of disbelievers… where afraid and intimidated by them. Why did you throw the Ottomans out? You didn’t even leave their children. Look at the history! Why are they coming there? To eat? They weren’t full in their own homes?   

What did you do in Islambol? If you came to Daru-l-Khilafah… Is there anyone among you who asked, where is the Khalifa? I think not one of them will make it to Eid. Since, regarding Daru-l-Khilafah… they didn’t say anything or  ask anything, His home is here, his palace is here, where is he? Why are you showing us the palaces? Palaces represent the grandness of an empire. But where is the owner? How did you treat the owner? Why don’t the Turkish scholars ask… this magnificent and honorable city… Daru-l-Khilafah, where is the Khalifa? Well, we kicked out the Khalifa. Spit on you! You sent away the Khalifa. The Khalifa is the one representing Islam, the ones who frighten the entire world of disbelievers with mightiness & majesty. Well, we got rid of them, we brought everything to Ankara. And we opened Istanbul, whoever wants can come and stay. No! Allah (swt) will ask. Allah (swt) is… the Protector of Islam. Islam is Allah’s religion. They fought against Allah’s religion. By force they made women uncover their hair, by force… they made people wear the disbeliever’s hat. Hat revolution, free to wander around revolution, nonsense things about men and women equality. Where are our Pashas and deputies? The parliament members were called Saylav in the past. They messed up everything. One person is left, no one else for you. You came to Daru-l-Khilafah. Why don’t you say, where is the Khalifa? You didn’t search for the one coming from the Khalfia’s lineage. Are you scholars? You are all ignorant ones. All you think about is going out, eating & drinking, you are just making a show, we are like this, like that. These are supposedly scholars, they came to a meeting.  Ask – this palace of Daru-l-Khilafah, where is The Sultan of the palace? What did you do?   

You are putting laws… do you have the authority to bring down the sultanate with just 100 people? You say, we brought down the Khilafah with just 100 members. What is this? They couldn’t ask because they’re busy… with eating, drinking, and fun. Is this what…  Islamic Unity (Islam Birligi) says? Without the Khalifa can you have Islamic Unity? You are not afraid of Allah, You are not ashamed of Prophet (ﷺ). Why did you go there? 700, 500 people went just for a show, wearing ties, like the thing they put around the necks of animals… with their strange moustaches and without covering their heads, they are wearing the latest fashion clothes, invented by Jews, and they are coming and speaking at the Islamic Unity. Without the head,  can you have unity? Is this the place of the Khalifa? What did you do with the Khalifa O’ Turks? Ask them. You were given the greatest honour… and you sent out of your country the biggest honour given to you. you sent them away from the lands that they conquered with their swords.  Will Allah (swt) give you honour? Go ahead O’ Shah Mardan. The people are so ignorant like this now. This is all they want. Ask, search for the Khalifa. Without the Khalifa, Friday Prayer is not valid, Eid is not valid. Without the Khalifa, no Fatwa can be carried out. Friday khutba is given under his name. Without mentioning the Khalifa’s name… there cannot be a khutba. Who do they mention now?  Go ahead, Oh Shah Mardan! They’re saying, 500 scholars came there- they are 500 ignorant ones! No one is asking this! Well, we are asking. Let them answer. Daru-l-Khilafah / Asitane is here. Without the Khalifa… there cannot be Friday prayers nor Eid. 

The Khalifa’s Fatwa is supported by his will. The one giving a Fatwa… is a Sheikh of Islam, and it is according to the will of the Sultan. We were glorious and honourable. Today, in the streets… women walking around naked, young men wandering aimlessly, everywhere has become upside down. No chastity is left, no religion or faith is left. O’ young children being raised now, they are cheating you too. But now they are asking… who are we?  We are Ottomans! They have started to say,  we are Ottomans. Because Ottomans have honour. For 700 years, disbelievers feared them. That is why Salanik Donmeler… destroyed the Ottomans. They even kicked out of the country babies who were still breastfeeding. What kind of balance is this? What kind of justice? They made every haram (forbidden) to be halal (permissible). Did any… scholar stand up to say, we are in Daru-l-Khilafah, where is the Khalifa? Without Khalifa, no Islamic country can recite the Friday Khutba. The Khalifa’s name must be mentioned. They are not doing that. Nursi, Sayid Nursi did not say this. They didn’t allow him to say. Where is the Sultan, where is our Sultan? People are fighting each other. Everywhere is upside down.   

A handful… of so called Alawi liars have turned everywhere into… blood and smoke. They are not opening their mouths to say anything. One handful of our… honourable grandfathers, went on a boat from Gallipoli… to Europe. They ruled there for 600 years. They ruled for 700 years. One handful of conquerers, Allah’s beloved servants, there are poems about them, with swords and sheilds in their hands, like lions, like hurricanes, they made Europe tremble. At the end, the Great Sultan Hamid (may he rest in paradise)… they came to him with 7 containers of gold, and said, give us a small place in Palestine. Sultan Abdul Hamid sent them away, he said: My honorable grandfathers earned  these lands… not with gold but conquered it with their blood and swords. Get out of my sight! And finally they got rid of him too. They brought… him down from the throne and  where did they exile him? To Salanik. The home of Salanik Donmeler! They didn’t send him to Anatolia, because they were afraid. If they send him to Anatolia, the people of Anatolia would bring him back to power again. And today, all those people are sitting there, to eat and drink, sight-seeing and showing off. Islamic Unity, Islamic Community. Islamic (bla bla bla).  It is all wrong, lies, nonsense talking. And in front, 300, 500 idiots are sitting! They are saying, what is it for us? What is it for us? The government in Ankara cannot dismiss the Khalifa. The national assembly got rid of the Khalifa. We removed him, they say. That means the assembly… has the authority to remove the Khalifa. I am asking the current National Assembly: if that same law still exists, why don’t you say: we remove the republic and bring back the Khalifa.   

You are not afraid of Allah! Why do you call… these men to come to Istanbul, to show them what? To show the palaces made by our honourable Ottoman ancestors? You have no value. You are all like this, you open your hands (begging). Ottomans gave, they didn’t take. They gave honour, and they didn’t take honour from anyone else. Their honour is from Allah and heavens. This is it. Shame on those who went to Istanbul and… went to Daru-l-Khalifah… his home is here, his palace is here, what did you do with the Khalifa? We exiled him.  Shame on you. Can those who exiled the Khalifa be muslims? Leader of Islamic office, why don’t you speak. You don’t know this? You do know! There are many who know, but they have closed their mouths. No, don’t be afraid. Fear Allah!  Even if the armies of the world come against you, they can’t harm you. That’s it! They went to Daru-l-Khilafah, no one asked, where is your Khalifa? Without the Khalifa, Friday prayer isn’t valid. Eid is not valid, Ramadan is not valid, the Khutba is not valid. Shari’atun Garra’un Ahmadiyyah (Pure Shari’at of Islam). O’ our Lord, Your name is As-Sabur (The Patient One). You will give everyone what they deserve, let’s see… until the month of Rajab, so many will go by Ramadan.   

The head (Prime) minister or the bottom minster (…), whoever it is, When Allah’s sword of revenge strikes, it is complete. It is not left half finished. What they did to your great ancestors, armies are coming now to do 7 times worse to them. It will come again, in spite of  the disbelievers. Disbelievers didn’t fear anyone other than Ottomans. Russia is like a giant country, when Ottomans were mentioned, their hands & feet trembled. At Plevne… (in Bulgaria) they burned & destroyed Russia’s armies. Then sunk them in waters of the Prut river and left. When Ottomans were mentioned, Moscow trembled. And now, who considers us? America will give a cannon, the English will give money, the French will give a steamboat, the mill cannot be turned by  carrying water like this. Come to your senses. Bring back the Sultanate. “A’ti kulla dhi Haqqin Haqqahu” Give the rights to those who deserve it. If you don’t… this world won’t be peaceful. Earthquakes won’t finish. O’ scholars who came to Istanbul, don’t you know this? Listen and ask.  Why did you go there?   

Islam is Aliyyul A’la. Our Khalifa is alive. If they search, they will find him. If not, the world of Islam, will turn to smoke.

This is the Khalifa’s home. Can there be Islam without a Khalifa? I am asking Egypt’s scholars, Sham’s scholars, Baghdad’s scholars, Saudi Arabia’s scholars, Without a Sultan, the Khalifa, Friday Prayer is not valid, no contract is valid. Without mentioning the Khalifa’s name, the Khutba cannot be read, no Eid, no religious ceremony, without his Divine will, and it is also signed at the bottom by… the Sheikh of Islam. A holy person. Now they got rid of that too. They say, Leader of Islamic affairs… well you are using him… like a doorman. I am asking him for a Fatwa.. Can a mosque by force… be closed down as a mosque? Can a mosque be made into something that isn’t acceptable… according to Islam? Let him give a Fatwa. By whose Fatwa was Hagia Sofia closed down? May their graves close.  Why don’t you say something, leader of Islamic affairs? Are you afraid of your position? Why did they close Hagia Sofia? Who is satisfied from this? Those who did that… gave their last breath in the palace of Dolmabahsha. The one who kicked out those in the palace went there himself.  He wasn’t staying in Ankara, Dolmabahsha, Dolmabahsha, Dolmabahsha, and he died there. Islam is Aliyyul A’la. Our Khalifa is alive. If they search, they will find him. If not, the world of Islam, will turn to smoke.  Shame on those who… claim to be scholars and went there. Say, O Ihsan Oglu! This is Allah’s servant, I am nothing.  Look at who is making me speak not to who is speaking. O’ our Lord, You see all, O’ our Lord, You know. Forgive us.  Send us a Sultan to teach/train us, send us a Master. Amin amin Wa Salamun ‘alall Mursaleen. 

Shame on those claiming to be scholars and went there and… they don’t know, they don’t ask, they didn’t visit Sultan Fatih. Shame on them. May their food be haram for them. May whatever they receive be haram. Fatiha.   

Regarding this topic, not half an hour, but… 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, no matter how much we say, it won’t finish. There are so many things,  matters to say. O’ our Lord, Yassir Umurana, Farrij Kurubana… Wansur Juyushana Ya Mawlana ‘Asakiri Mansuri Muhammadiyye’.  What a beautiful name! They got rid of it, and put  another name. It can’t be! Our army, is the Ottoman army, it is ‘Asakiri Mansuri Muhammadiyye’. May Allah bless our ancestors and our holy grandfathers. May they rest in paradises. Those oppsing them… may their graves be hellfire.   

Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. Continue O’ Shah Mardan. You gave such a beautiful explanation, Masha’Allah. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.. Let them read this speech to those men of religion who gathered there. No men of religion, we have scholars. Let them read it to their scholars, let them say that one part of it is wrong. Let them show me so we can correct it – Astaghfirullah. Tubtu wa raji’tu ilallah, wa-s-salamu  ‘ala mani-t taba’a-l huda Wa-l Hamdu lillahi Rabbi-l ‘Alamin.   


Topkapı Palace and AyaSofya Mosque, Ottoman-Era Istanbul.
Painting of an Ottoman village


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