Differentiate Between Nur and Nar

Nur is life. Nar is death. Nur is beauty. Nar is ugliness. Nur is the way of the prophets. Nar is the way of shaytan. The people of today are in darkness. Nar is fire and they are setting the world on fire, they worship fire. We have been instructed by Allah to “Seek the light.” You can do this by looking for those who have the light and following them. But this is difficult and finding fire is easier. Those seeking fire will find a fire coming from heaven that will destroy them. Run to the light.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 30th of August, 2013

Allahumma qawwi dha’fi fi ridak. O our Lord! May You remove our weakness towards Your good pleasure. Welcome to you, O yaran of Shahi Mardan. May this assembly of ours be beautiful, may it be joyous, may it be enlightened, may it be honoured. May it be beautiful. “Khalaqna l-‘insana fi ‘ahsani taqwim” (95:4). Allah created Man in the most beautiful shape. “Khalaqna l-‘insana fi ‘ahsani taqwim”. Learn this. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. The arena is all yours. Your yaran are majdhub, are attracted to you. Their hearts are with you. O holy Shahi Mardan. Your yaran admire you. Your yaran are coming empty, or they are coming hungry, and they desire that this emptiness of theirs be filled with your knowledge. We desire to be filled with the adab/manners of Shahi Mardan. 

Madad O Shahi Mardan. May our day be a good day. May our work be good. May our end be beautiful. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Your yaran admire you. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim for everything. “If the beginning of every act is with the Name of Allah, the end of that act does not become abtar/cut off”. Whoever remembers the Name of Allah, his doings are not cut off. Let us say Allahu akbar. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. All praise and gratitude is for Allah Who granted us the ability to say it. 

If it wasn’t for the Bismillah, the creation could not stand.

Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Your speech makes your yaran full of admiration. This dunya is a dawran (cycle). Some are on the bottom and some are on the top. O Shahi Mardan, who do they elevate? They elevate who possess adab- this dawran-e falak (cycle of existence) elevates. It degrades some others. Who it elevates are who possess adab. Who it degrades are who are deprived of adab, they are who don’t know adab. For this, Man should learn- he should learn adab, from Shahi Mardan. What supports the huge dunya? If it wasn’t for the Bismillah, the earth could not be supported. What supports the creation? It is supported with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. If it wasn’t for the Bismillah, the creation could not stand. Allahu Akbar! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbarul akbar. Subhan Allah. O our Lord, we are weak servants. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan, make this munajat/prayer for us. We are weak servants. 

What is it that makes Man grow stronger? Qawwi dha’fana fi ridak. When does a person become strong? Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. If you work in the way of pleasing Allah, you are granted strength. The weak become strong, with what? When you remember the Majestic Name of Allahu Dhu-l Jalal, you take strength. Marhaban O yaran of Shahi Mardan. You came in well and you leave well. The sorrows, heaviness on you is lifted off. The troubles and discomfort you have inside go away. You become like a falcon. The falcon wanders the skies. Qawwi dha’fana fi ridak – May You make us grow strong in the way of pleasing You O our Lord. Who wants to be strong? Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Whoever wants to be strong, let him work in the way of pleasing Allah. Finished! He doesn’t need any pills or medicine. When you take your step in the way of pleasing Allah, strength comes to you; nur comes down on you from Heavens. 

Nur can be found with the ones who possess Nur.

“Faltamisu Nura”(57:13), the Holy Verse. “Seek Nur” says the Almighty Lord of Glory. This is what Shahi Mardan is explaining- “Faltamisu Nura”, seek Nur. Nur is life in dunya and in akhirah also that Nur will be an honour, a life for you eternally. Therefore “Faltamisu Nura”, seek Nur. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Where can Nur be found? Where can one find the Nur? Nur can be found with the ones who possess Nur. “Faltamisu Nura”. Seek, it says, seek Nur. This is what our mission is. Don’t search for the trash of dunya. Don’t search for its mountains, for its rocks. Don’t search for its gold, its silver. Don’t search for its diamonds or its gold or its rubies or its coral. “Faltamisu Nura”. Search for Nur. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. 

The people who don’t search for Nur, who are without Nur, they are inside the darkness, they are in darkness. Therefore the instruction for them is, what Allah Almighty informed them of through the Master of the two worlds, “Faltamisu Nura”. One wonders if the people of today are in Nur or in darkness? The human beings today are left inside the darkness. Everything they do throws them more and more into the darkness. Nothing that people do today brings them out into the light. It throws them into darkness. Then get out of the darkness and search for Nur. Who are the people of Nur? Try to find those ones. The possessors of Nur – there are people on whom Nur descended. Search for them so that you can take Nur. Shame on the people who are running after fire. They are running after nar/fire and not looking for Nur. Is what today’s people are looking for, Nur or nar? What the people of today are looking for is fire & that fire will burn them. 

“Faltamisu Nura”, it says. Look for Nur so that the doors of the seven Heavens open and you dive into their oceans of Nur. Animals can’t enter there. The place where animals enter is the barn. But who looks for Nur does not look for the nur on earth but looks for it in Heavens. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Masha’Allahu kan. O yaran of Shahi Mardan, look for Nur. These assemblies of ours take place to look for Nur. May Nur come to us. There is the Nur nature in people as well as the nar, the fire nature. Look for the Nur nature, so that you can be Nur and the doors of the seven Heavens open for you. But everybody is looking for nar, looking for fire. What do they do with the fire? People look for the fire to extinguish the Nur. They invented all kinds of fires. What is the reason for it? So that it extinguishes the Nur. Shame on those people who are the enemies of Nur. They worship the fire. The people of this time worship fire. Shaytan was made of fire. It was expelled, it didn’t want the Nur. It did not bow to the Prophet Adam so that it could take Nur. It said “The fire in me is enough for me, I don’t want any other”.

Fire burns. Nur is life. Fire is death. And it (shaytan) swore on oath, saying “I’ll set traps for mankind on the ways of death so that they kill each other, so that they remain in the darkness”. It wants people to remain in darkness just as it remained in darkness and not be in Nur. Allah Almighty says: “Faltamisu Nura”. Look for Nur. Nur is not with shaytan but with the Rasulu Kibriya (ﷺ). O Nurun Nur (Light of Light) – Allah Almighty granted His Habib from that Nur. Look for it through him. But they don’t. O Shahi Mardan, you said, “They are not looking for it through him because they have become the servants of their dirty egos.” The meaning of their lives in their opinion, is to feed, to decorate, to entertain, to enjoy their dirty egos. All of them are in darkness. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Because of this, people like the fire but don’t like the Nur. 

Fire is with the shaytan and Nur is with the prophets. Following shaytan is easy but following a prophet, asking for Nur is difficult- it is difficult for the people. “Faltamisu Nura”. These people will change. How will they change? Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. You change when you say it. It makes you dive into the Nur oceans. If you don’t say it, you remain in the hells of darkness. Hell is not suitable for Man. This is why Allah Almighty created Man in paradise. It is the paradise that is from Nur. There is no fire in paradise. Is there any fire? There is not. It is the paradise. Allahu akbar ul-akbar. People have come to a state where they don’t know what they want. “Faltamisu Nura”. Instead of “Seek Nur”, the people of today seek fire. What will you do with the fire? “I will burn mankind” they say. Who is their master? Shaytan. For what does it want the fire? It makes them build all these weapons filled with fire. Who teaches them? Shaytan. Why is it doing all this? To extinguish mankind. O people! Allah Almighty granted you honour. Your honour is with your humanity. Why do you want to burn your honoured being with fire? Shame on you. 

Because shaytan is made of fire, it makes people worship fire. It presents the fire to people, saying “take these fires”. The people like this. Dunya is not enough for them and they are looking for fire in order to build new worlds. What is it that they strive for? A new world. What is it built upon? Upon fire. So here it is: the world that the people of this time built, is on fire. The world that the prophets brought is on Nur. Prophet Jesus did not bring fire. The Prophet of the End of Times (ﷺ) did not bring fire. All these thousands of prophets brought Nur. Walk behind them so that you can find Nur. As for the Nur, if you leave fire you find the Nur. “Faltamisu Nura”. You find the Nur with the ones who are the possessors of Nur. It says “Seek”- the order of Heavens. “I sent prophets filled with Nur, so that you can take from that Nur; you can take from the Nur of Heavens”. You left this and lit fire on earth. You set dunya on fire. You said “Let us worship this fire. Let this be our way – let us burn, burn, burn.” Now this is the only claim, the only desire of the people to burn the world. Why should you burn the world? “Let us burn! This is what our master told us.” May you burn in hell with your master! Hasha min al-huzur. 

Who is their master? Shaytan. What does it teach? To burn with fire. The master of today’s people is shaytan. What it teaches is fire. They are teaching all kinds of fire to burn the people and all humanity, to burn the honour of humanity. Allahu akbar. SubhanAllah. This is the claim of shaytan, and this is what the people run after also. Shame on them. Man was not created from fire. Man was created from Nur. Shaytan was created from fire. For this, shaytan wants to make people from shaytan (fire) like itself. Adam alaihi s-salam came down from Heavens with Nur. Shaytan said “I will take this Nur from you and put fire instead of the Nur. I will set dunya on fire”, said shaytan. May Allah protect from its evil. 

Beauty is with the Nur. Ugliness is with the fire. Keep your Nur. Look for the possessors of Nur. If you don’t look for them, you will become a coal. Your Nur will be taken away and you will become all black, because shaytan’s appearance is all black because there is not even a speck of Nur with it. And there is no Nur with most of today’s people. There is darkness on their faces and they get completely messed up inside that darkness. 

O people, people of today, distinguish between Nur and nar. Look for the Nur and run away from the fire. Nur is with the Prophet of the End of Times and all the prophets. Nar/fire is with shaytan and with who follows it. Their lives have no taste. They are always burning and always want to burn. Alaihim ma yastahiqqun- whatever they deserve will be given to them. Who drags humanity into the fire today is shaytan and people are running after it. They are running to fire – all nations are running to fire. Shame on them. Shame on them. You are created from Nur and then you call people to the fire. O Ajam (Iran/Non-Arabs), O Russian, O Turk, O Indian, O Arab, O Farisi (Persian)! Don’t call, don’t drag people into the fire! Give them Nur, don’t give them fire or later the fire that comes from Heavens will burn you. Beware O Farsi, O Turk, O Ajam, O other nations! You are calling people to the fire. But a fire is coming down, is approaching, that will burn you. Beware. Be together with the possessors of Nur. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Masha Allah. If you leave them, you fall inside the fire. 

May Allah forgive us. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Your yaran admire you. May your holy words be a power, a strength for us. Then let us say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say it and don’t fear. Who recites the Bismillah has no fear. Who is without the Bismillah is in all kinds of troubles. Aman ya Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi. May Allah Almighty not make us from the ones who forget the Bismillah. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Success is from Allah Almighty. What Allah loves is Nur. What shaytan loves is fire. Run to Nur. Leave the fire and dunya is in safety. Fatiha. 

Shukur Allah. InshaAllah Nur will burn are destroy the nar/fire. Shaytan will not be victorious. The Prophet of the End of Times will be victorious. Go ahead O Shahi Mardan. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May our outer & inner beings grow stronger, more beautiful & honourable. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and don’t fear. 



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