He Drew Close And Closer Still (53:8)

If your business is dunya, then you are buying and selling dirt! Dunya is Najasah/filth and Allah’s order is, “Clean yourself and approach.” Constantine built Istanbul/Constantinople but could not build himself. The table for which the Disciples asked, was only granted to the Nation of the Beloved (ﷺ). And from the bounties of this table Shahi-Mardan’s Yaran is nourished. ” ثُمَّ دَنَا فَتَدَلَّىٰ – He Drew Close And Closer Still (53:8)”.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق, Sohbat of the 16th of July, Ramadan, 2013

As-Salam alaikum Ya hadirun, O yaran of Shah Mardan. Allahu Akbar. Allahumma la hawla wa la quwwata illa bika Ya Rabbana. Who are we? We are weak servants. Let us say we are like ants who strive to fulfill what is mawajab/obligatory upon ourselves. When an ant falls into a hole, it struggles to get out of it. We too are weak servants. We want to be saved from this dunya crisis and watch & make service for the Sultanate of Peace. 

Above every knower there is always a person whose level is higher, who is higher in rank, or who seeks to be closer to his Lord.

Come on in, welcome to you O yaran of Shah Mardan. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. You came with khair & we sat in khair. Marhaban, marhaban O yaran of Shah Mardan. What a beautiful word it is- marhaba is a word that gives Man honour, it is word which is blessed in dunya and akhirah. When you say marhaba, you feel an inner joy & opening. Marhaba – this is a holy addressing of Shah Mardan and we say it also: Marhaba O yaran Shah Mardan. How beautiful it is. Dastur Ya RijalAllah. Madad Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, lmdad Ya Rijal Allah. We want to be better. To be better…

Al-‘ilmu maratibun – knowledge is in levels. There is no need or limit to the levels of knowledge. Wa fawqa kulli dhi ‘ilmin ‘alim. Above every knower there is always a person whose level is higher, who is higher in rank, or who seeks to be closer to his Lord. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. It is the key that opens all the treasures. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May you tell us & we understand. Dunya ad-daniya – it is low. Seek what is high. The holy ones seek what is beautiful, what is kamal/perfect- 

You should trade with love & longing. Know and find what you should love, what you should take, what you should do and the profit you make. 

Marhaba. O yaran- ahbab of Shah Mardan. May we also be from them, may we not fall into the filth of dunya. Wa tahhir nafsaka. Purify your ego, it says. Dastur, madad O Shah Mardan. May our day be good and may our Nur get more & more. “What do you do?” asked one to another. “I do trading”. “What do you gain out of it?” “Sometimes I gain, sometimes I lose”. You should look for a trade, a business that it incurs no loss. The trade in dunya has too much loss. What about its profit? Don’t be deceived by who say it makes profit. Who trades with dunya, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, who trades with dunya makes no profit. They buy trash and sell trash. They buy fertilizer and sell fertilizer. What profit can they make out of fertilizer? What is it that you can gain out of it? That filth may be given to those who have the attribute of najasa/filth & who ask for it. And your profit out of this is filth. Meaning if you trade, make business for dunya, that is also filth. And your trade is also filth, doesn’t bring you any profit. Who created you according to your honour did not create you to trade filth, O son. You should trade with love & longing. Know and find what you should love, what you should take, what you should do and the profit you make. 

O yaran Shah Mardan, they make us get used to it. Addabani Rabbi. O glorious Prophet. O glorious Prophet. Our Mawla created you beautiful. Who is the Sarwar-i Kainat (Master of Creation) in the creation? Who is the most beautiful, the most expensive jewel of creation? He is our Prophet. Go ahead and say it O Shah Mardan. Don’t come out with a claim of beauty. You can’t reach his beauty. Don’t enter the competition of intelligence and wisdom, you can’t even come close. If the beauty of all angels came together, it can’t reach his beauty- the beauty of Allah’s Beloved. He (swt) dressed such an azamat O Son, on the Pride of Creation. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, we don’t know. May jewels pour out of your mouth, not filth. Don’t claim to know. Wa fawqa kulli dhi ‘ilmin ‘alim. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, Above every knower is one more knowledgable Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi ma li siwahu Allahu Allah. Aman Ya Rabbi. What a beauty, what a latafat /subtlety it gives to remember Your Majestic Name. Madad Ya Sahiba-z Zaman. O Shah Mardan- Shah Mardan is the holy one who is present in every century, who is the lover of the Prophet (ﷺ). He is in love with Allahu Dhu-l Jalal’s Beauty. Don’t sleep! You lose if you sleep. Stay awake. Don’t look to the dunya. Ad-dinu n-nasiha. Religion is advice. Meaning religion is the maktab/school that teaches people what is good as well as what is bad. You should learn it- You should learn what gives you benefit as well as what doesn’t give benefit. 

The right to speak on the Day of Judgement belongs to the Sahibu-r Risalatu Mutlaq.

Madad Ya Sahiba-l Imdad. O Shah Mardan! May there also be a power for us from your lion attribute, from your wisdom. May we hear the words which will make our inner & outer beings clean, enlightened that, tomorrow is the yawm al-mahshar / the day of judgement. Who will speak on the Day of Judgement.. Not everyone can speak- The right to speak on the Day of Judgement belongs to the Sahibu-r Risalatu Mutlaq. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Only our Prophet who is dressed with the dress of azamat, on whose being the dress of “pride of Creation” is dressed, can speak. Not anyone else can open his mouth. 

It says “be clean”! Islam says “be clean”. Your zahir/outer being should be clean as well as your batin/inside. For a person who intends to wear the servanthood belt for the Rabbu-l Izzat and to enter the Divine Presence, it is said: be clean. Tahara/cleanliness comes first. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May we open- the holy Ramadan comes full with the manifestations that will make our outer as well as inner beings clean. Don’t run after iftar. Don’t run after making a little money, don’t run after trading. Our trade in this holy month should be different. 

Our Saadatlu Prophet would make khatim/ read the Holy Quran once completely in this holy month, wouldn’t he? He is the Saadatlu Prophet. Allah! What a beautiful addressing-saadatlu/happy. Why don’t you be like this too? Is it suitable for Man who is granted intelligence to be with filth when he has the option of being saadatlu/happy? Alhimna rushdana. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your holy uncle said it: be clean, be a servant and draw closer. “Thumma dana fatadalla” (53:8). “He Drew Close And Closer Still”. Allahu Akbar! Shah Mardan can say it, we can’t say. We will listen to it. And each time we listen, may our hearts, our inside as well as outside be filled with Nur. May it be filled with Nur and we be from those yaran- may we be from the ahbab of Shah Mardan. You be from them too, O Man! Instead of running after filth, enter such an assembly that you may be given jewels, that they may give beauty to your face, wisdom to your words, good health to your body & dress a dress of majesty on your outer appearance. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Why do they run after it? An illustration for it, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. When you bring home liver, all cats “meow, meow, meow” and run after it, to take a piece from it. This is the behavior of cats, it is not suitable for us. When we become slaves to eating and drinking, we fall to category of animals who are “Hammuhu, atluhu wa shurbuhu”. The characteristic of the people whose only concern is “What to eat, what to wear, what to gain” is the characteristic of animals. The Sultan of the Prophets (ﷺ) was not sent as a barn keeper. Hasha! 

“Thumma dana fatadalla.” (53:8). Draw closer. Draw closer- draw closer to the Absolute Owner of the absolute treasures. “Thumma dana fatadalla. Fakana qaba qawsayni aw adna” (53:8,9). “Thumma dana fatadalla” (53:8). “Dana & fatadalla”- It is beyond everyone to be able to distinguish between these two. “Then he approached & came closer and was at a distance of two bows’ length or nearer”. Allah Allah. O our Lord, how much You granted us. Grant us power and we open up, O our Lord. May we not run after this trashy world. People have turned into cats that run after liver. They go “meow, meow, meow” everywhere since the liver has arrived. “But it is raw!” “We don’t care if it is raw or not, it is nice liver!” People are also like this in this time. “Wait, is it halal or haram for you?” Cats say “All of this is halal for us”. Cats don’t question, just throw whatever they find inside. 

May we open since he opened us this door with the Generous Grants of Allah Almighty, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, Shah Mardan is the Habibu-r Rahman (beloved of the Rahman). His ma’idah, his table is broad. Don’t look for another table. Run to the table of Shah Mardan. The disciples of Prophet Jesus asked for that table but he said “Wait. Wait! You are the people who fish. You are who make a living with fish. And what is it that you request?” The great Prophet, Prophet Jesus, one can’t even look at his face, Prophet Jesus was so majestic. Who looked at his face would fall down. O glorious Prophet- Prophet Jesus, the Prophet who took from the Nur of our Prophet (ﷺ). O glorious Prophet, Prophet Jesus. The bandits in this time humiliate the great Prophet by saying “he was hanged, he was crucified. And what should we do? Let us put a bell, shout and ring the bell so that we can save him”. Why do you ring the bell? What will you save with it? Who do you call with the bell? It has no value- who are left outside of Islam have no value. 

“‘Inna Ad-Dina ‘Inda llahi l-‘Islam” (3:19).

However it is an addressing for whole Prophets- “‘Inna Ad-Dina ‘Inda llahi l-‘Islam” (3:19). Is it not like this? Allah’s religion is Islam. Islam, aslam taslam. Submit, find peace. Our Prophet, Sultanu-l Anbiya alaihi s-Salam had a holy letter written to Heraclius. Learn the history! They don’t learn, they don’t teach the history. Did the holy letter of our Prophet Sultanu-l Anbiya go to Heraclius or not? Did it reach him or not? Our Prophet the Sultanu-l Anbiya, who says “I am a Prophet” in the deserts of Hijaz being an orphan and who had his Risalat / Message sent to East and West. Heraclius, who thought himself a big deal- Go ahead O Shah Mardan. “Well, I built a church”. You built a church but you couldn’t build (ma’mur) yourself. “I built the Hagi Sophia” he says. Yes, you did. Even if you did 10x more of it…He says “I built, developed Istanbul”. You did but you couldn’t develop yourself. Yes? You couldn’t develop yourself. You became Konstantin, you built a church. You built many churches. Calling it Konstantaniyya, you became the king of a state which had glory, fame, which has no equal in the world but you couldn’t be a king to yourself. 

Can you be a king to yourself, O Shaykh? Tell us! Yes. Russia says “I will rule the world!” but you can’t even rule yourself. You can’t rule yourself. If your stomach growls while you sit in the parliament you leave the parliament and run to keep that order. “Where are you going to, Putin?” “He was pressed & went to WC”. What is Putin compared to whatever discomforts him? It can defeat Putin 10x, 100x. Insan, Hazrat Insan, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. MashaAllah la quwwata illa billah. 

It was such a kingdom- Konstantin built a city with that power. He built it-Konstantin – & adorned everywhere with churches, palaces, monasteries. He built Konstantaniyya but couldn’t build himself. He couldn’t make himself famous. He built a pile of stones, a church. But he couldn’t transform himself into the appearance and attribute, which was asked from him. Whether it is Heraclius or his like, their magnificence and posing on the outside brought them nothing. The pile of stones remained but he, himself, is gone, disappeared. What is asked from us is not to make piles of stones. Our Prophet Sultanu-l Anbiya who is the Master of whole creation- go ahead O Shah Mardan, you say it, we can’t say it- built a masjid from the branches of date trees. There he performed salat for his Lord and presented his servanthood to Him. 

“He has knowledge of fiqh” is said for exceptional people that they have ma’rifah from the secret of creation. Fiqh is higher than knowledge. 

O who claim to be great, are you able to present servanthood to your Lord? “We have this many weapons, tanks”. What is its value? What honour does it give you? Because your honour is with what you present to your Lord. You prepared all kinds of instruments. For what? To finish the children of Adam. Shame on you. Allah Almighty doesn’t show pleasure for His servants to be killed with injustice You are zero. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. He speaks to us. We should understand. We will understand. Is fiqh or ‘ilm/knowledge higher? “Faqad tafaqqah”. It didn’t say “Ta’allam” but said “faqad tafaqqah”. “He has knowledge of fiqh” is said for exceptional people that they have ma’rifah from the secret of creation. Fiqh is higher than knowledge. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, how beautifully does he say. This Konstantin built churches, this, that… He brought & put the stones of the crazy Pharaohs of Egypt and considered it as an honour. The oxen that carry those stones can carry heavier burdens than you, they are more powerful than you. So they brought it & put in the middle of the Hippodrome. Do you know the Hippodrome (Sultan Ahmet Square now) Sheykh Mehmet Effendi? It is the square of Hagia Sophia now. There is no one who learns, who knows. Say “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! ‘Ala man takabbara wa tajabbar”. Say O Shah Mardan, that this unclean Man may not claim to be great. “AzamatuLlah ra, azamatu Huda ra”. Allahu akbar. “Learn this” he says “and you may be filled – filled with the Nur of Heavens”. 

You should look for the holy ones- the Shah Mardan who will give you this Nur. He gives you from that Nur and you become enlightened.

You should look for the holy ones- the Shah Mardan who will give you this Nur. He gives you from that Nur and you become enlightened. Who is without Nur? They are animals. Who don’t accept the Nur, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, are left in the animal category. Who didn’t accept the Nur our Prophet (ﷺ) brought are left in the animal category. Who accepted got higher, higher & become more exalted. 

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! ‘Ala man takabbara wa tajabbar. Allah Who is the Absolute Jabbar. O lion, Shaykh Shah Mardan. May you teach us adab. For this we ask and every morning comes a nawiya to us, a kind of tazeem comes to us. This happens with ilham/ inspiration, Sh. Mehmet Effendi, not with reading books. These are the words of Shah Mardan. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah, Hasbuna Allah. If these little men knew anything, they would stand in the time of sahar in Cairo, in Said, in Alexandria and say “O our Lord! We are your servants. We fell into such a crisis that we can’t get out of it. Shaytan bridled us & pulls us to whatever side it likes. Send us a servant of Yours who will save us. Send a Shah Mardan”. 

The great Sultan lies in Egypt, our Sayyidina Hussein- ‘ala Nabina alaihi s-salam. He is Sultan! Why don’t you go & tell him “This is our situation. You are Sultan. You are the pure line of the Prophet-alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. You are a lion. Save us! We can’t be saved otherwise”. Why don’t you say like this, O arrogant people of Egypt? The Sultan of all these awliyas is there – our Sayyidina Hussein. Why don’t you go to him? Why do you shout in the squares like animals? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Teach us and we may learn. Not only books but even libraries are not enough to explain the honour of Man, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. It is only a drop of which Man is informed. Ma warahu- no one can know the treasures beyond it. Why did He grant Man the Caliphate? No one can ask this. Prophet Adam, the KhalifatuLlah. What was there with the Prophet Adam- alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam? Search for it and find. You can be Maronite, or you can be Jesuit, or you can be Protestant, or you can be from the other sects of Christianity- it has no value. Search for your value- who is Prophet Jesus? What did he do? To where did he invite you? 

What can we say? Our hearts are full but we have weakness. He (swt) gave us a weakness.

They say “We put a bell to invite”. Are the people in front of you animals that you put bells? They hang bells on the necks of animals. What is this that you ring bells? It is a shame. It is not proper to call Man with bells. The power people can give is different. The power of Prophets is different. The power of Awliya is different & the power of who are in the Divine Presence is too strong to describe in words. Aman Ya Rabbi tawba Ya Rabbi. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What can we say? Our hearts are full but we have weakness. He (swt) gave us a weakness. They are not like us- we are a person who is on zero level- there are such holy ones that there is no end or limit to what they will say, S. Mehmet Effendi. Be careful when you read the Holy Quran. It opens to you. It opens, so go ahead! Go ahead and don’t fear. Don’t fear from their weapons or planes. If one points at it, he can destroy it. He is the Hazrat Insan. Killing the Hazrat Insan is the biggest kufr, the biggest disobedience to Allah. He (swt) will take its revenge. Be ready for that day, O oppressors, that He will take from you the revenge of the oppressed ones. 

These realities are like an ocean, we can’t even speak a drop of it.

O our Lord, don’t leave us in the hands of our dirty ego. May we open. Send us the Master in this holy month for the honour of Your Habib Ya Rabbi. Send us a Sultan who will teach us about ourselves, who will teach us our identity. Send the Shah Mardan. Allahumma Ya Allah. We are left ignorant. These realities are like an ocean, we can’t even speak a drop of it. Insan – Hz Insan. There is such a term for us – being Hazrat. So don’t leave it to run after filth. Don’t be a hyena, don’t be a dog, don’t be a wolf, don’t be a fox, don’t be a snake, don’t be a bear, don’t be an ape. Man is Man. No one else has the honour Man has. No one can interpret or express it. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, it opens slowly. Read it carefully. You have permission. Read and say, don’t fear. It will open. Ya Rabb, Ya Fattah. 

Grant us a bit of power for the honour of Your Habib so that we can move these unbelievers who take pride in their metal. I want to make them move with the top of my stick. I want to make them upside down because my permission is from Shah Mardan. I give you permission also. Tawfiq/success is from Allah Almighty. You can have buildings like the palace of Balqis built with saying Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. What happiness does it give – the story of the Queen of Sheba. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, search this. They give us power. Our power increases in the external too. It dresses us in the dress of majesty. What is the dress of majesty? It was with the Prophet Soloman and he sent a holy letter to express that dress of majesty. When Malika Balqis, the Queen of Sheba, took it in her hand and looked at it- though she had a claim to be great- she trembled and fell down with her throne. Say it. Don’t fear, it opens. 

There are such strong servants of Allah Almighty- that only angels know their number- who can kick the world and pull it out of its orbit. 

O our Lord, may You forgive us. Grant us power. We are nothing. For the honour of Your Habib (ﷺ), for the honour of the holy ones who are on his way, for the source that makes us say these words also, we ask for a power from the power Your Awliya have. May the weakness leave us. May we be from the yaran of Shah Mardan. Speak from Shah Mardan- speak your every word from Shah Mardan that you may open. If he hit one dabkah- you know what dabkah is? If he hit the ground like this- Prophet Solomon with his horse- he would reach the First Heavens. Allahu Akbar! “‘Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa ‘Innahu Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim” (27:30). O honourable Shah Mardan! May you feed us, may you give us power and we have no weakness left. We may kick the world- Al-‘ilmu Lillah. There are such strong servants of Allah Almighty- that only angels know their number- who can kick the world and pull it out of its orbit. 

May we be upon adab, may we not run after filth. Seek a clean table O son. Seek clean tables. May what you eat be clean, halal. May Nur come to your face, come to yours too, O son. The water under the palace of Balqis, you didn’t see it S. Mehmet Effendi. Its path would go from here to the mosque. The water would come out from under it. And above were the foundations of the palace of Balqis, made from the stones of old times. I saw it AlHamduLillah. These shaytans shut it down also. But it will open. The water would come out like this- Aynu-l Fijah. I can’t get enough of reciting that Holy Verse of Prophet Solomon, S. M. Effendi. The holy letter he sent- “‘Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa ‘Innahu Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim”. Let alone her throne, the whole earth shook at that time. 

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim- may its light come to our faces, eyes. 


Look at the stories of the Queen of Sheba, S. Mehmet Effendi. There are many important things in her stories – look to them, not others. Allah bless you. May a power come to your mouth, to your body. May you be dressed from the azamat dress & whoever sees you fears & trembles. 


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