The Means Of Approaching Allah

Nothing is of value except Allah (Subhanahu wa T’aala), the secret demand in the soul of Man. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah (Subhanahu wa T’aala) asks man to seek the means of nearness to Him, to ask sincerely through the heart, by visible or hidden means. How can man reach his reflection in the Mirror of the Real? He must follow a way. He must use the link of Reason, in the Realm of Possibilities. Personality disappears, seeking vanishes, and then, man arrives at his station in infinity. But, Allah almighty’s grants during the time of Mahdi (alayhi s-salam), will be reached by the link in the Realm of ‘Be, and it is!’ A highest rank that can be attained by man with the help of heavenly beings. That is Wasilah – the means of approaching Allah (Subhanahu wa T’aala).


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs),

Sohbat of 31st of January 2010

Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad, madad Ya Rijal Allah La Ilaha illa Allah La Ilaha illa Allah La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammadun Rasulullah alayhi salatullah wa salamu Madad Ya Sultan al Awliya O master of this world, they are asking our support or, something that should be useful for people and gives them benefit – benefit. 

And we are saying, audhu Billahi min as shaytan ar-rajim we are running away from shaytan who never likes mankind to reach any benefit. He never likes. Shaytan’s mission is only to try to make troubles, to make sufferings, and miseries for people. That is shaytan’s mission. He never likes mankind to be happy. Therefore we are saying, audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim, O our Lord, please protect us. Allah Almighty is protecting, giving His protection for everything but Allah Almighty, if He is asking to do something, making it with some means. Directly no one can carry, Allah Almighty’s appearance. Never, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, no one can reach directly Allah Almighty’s protection or His grants. No one, but, as Allah Almighty is saying, O! … …what ulama? -Salafi ulamas you are reciting Holy Quran. There is a verse, a verse, what is that verse? You know what we are speaking, you must understand. You must follow heavenly comings, quickly. Don’t be heedless. You must understand what Lord of Heavens is asking, from His servants. To understand and to ask. 

You are denying, you are not accepting wasilah- the means. The one who is refusing the means he is going to lose his belief about Holy Quran.

Just, we are speaking on something important and we are saying, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim We are saying first, Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al-rajim that we are asking protection from Allah Almighty. And no one can reach directly. When, where is Allah? Subhanahu wa T’aala, Almighty, Where? We ask. It is a big blame for mankind to ask directly from Allah Almighty. Therefore you are salafi ulamas, present, ready for understanding? Yes. What saying Allah Almighty. He is saying, astaizzu Billah, 

Wa Abtaghu Ilayhi Al-Wasilata” (5:35) Seek the means of nearness to Him. 

You are denying, you are not accepting wasilah- the means. The one who is refusing the means he is going to lose his belief about Holy Quran. Not being concerned, what it says, – wabtaghu ilayhi’l wasilah That means no one… Who is that “Ilayhi”? Who is damir, who is that? Damir, a closed meaning, Wa Abtaghu – seek! for reaching your goal, target or anything that you are asking, that you are asking to reach and you can’t reach. You need as a person asking to fly, but himself can’t fly, he must use a plane. That is wasilah (the means), to take you from earth to the skies. That is wasilah and you are asking to reach skies but you can’t do that by yourself. That is an example to make more clear our brains for understanding something. ‘wabtaghu ilayhi wasilah’ wabtaghu -what is your asking? What is your target? Or what is your pleasure? Yes, I like to be in skies, that is my wish, another word… My hobby. I like to reach my hobby For what? To be happy. Hobby makes people happy. Shakespeare not knowing such a thing. Yes, hobby is that secret demand through souls of people. Very good description. That, only heavenly ones can grant to you.  

“Ma Farratna Fi Al-Kitabi Min Shay’in” (6:38) We Have omitted nothing from The Book.

Everything, you can find through My Holy Book. Just I sent to you as My Last Message with My Last Messenger (ﷺ). “We have omitted nothing from The Book.” (6:38) You can find! 

One person saying, sitting on chair, and saying, ‘I am that one who knows everything’ you can ask me, I can answer.’ New Anyone? One simple person, standing up and saying ‘O our master, I have a simple question,’ What is that? ‘The hairs… it’s numbers, it is… What is it? Hair I am wondering if we are adding them going to come odd or even odd… say to me this hair this, what is this? Not ear, beard. I am wondering if it is odd or evennn… English is very strange language. Once I am learning second time, I am forgetting I don’t know if I am so old and I am looking in mirror,  I am saying, ‘Not yet, are you too much an old one’. And is amusing… Yeah. From this coming this, sometimes I am remembering, sometimes I am losing, what is that? That person asking if your hairs odd or even. That Salafi scholar sitting and saying ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I am not adding them, to say odd or even. I don’t know.’ You said that you know everything, now you are saying, ‘I don’t know’. Ask another question! Eh! Another person standing up and saying, ‘O our teacher, I am wondering about ant, ant, it’s body has 2 parts, headside, back-side, I am wondering for long time… For what?! If the intestines of ant on head-side or back-side? Sit down! What is this question?! And you said you know everything, and I am wondering 40 years wondering and looking, because that is finishing sutur 2 sides, finishing.

What is that? Sit down! Therefore now people say, ‘We know everything’ & they know nothing. For what are we saying, “Ma Farratna  Fi Al-Kitabi Min Shay’in” (6:38) Everything that we are wondering to know so that your heart getting in satisfaction, You may look in My Book, you can find everything. Allah Almighty saying (Subhanahu wa T’aala) ‘Nothing have We omitted from the Book’. You can find in My Holy Book ‘Look!’ ”I am not seeing.” Yes, a blind one can’t see. If you are saying, ‘There is sun, there is moon saying, ‘I don’t believe that there is sun or moon, Why is he not looking and seeing? So that these Salafi ulamas also, I am asking them, what does it mean? – ‘Wabtaghu’ What are we asking? Allah Almighty is saying, ‘Ask!’ Hmm? It is a word that means a person asking, or he likes to reach that point but he can’t. Some means to make him reach to his wish. What he is asking, eh? What is ‘Ibtigha’, ‘Wabtaghu’? Which thing? What is your greatest interest? – The thing that is making you happy? If you are going to know about it, your ‘Wabtaghu’ You must ask, ‘Ibtigha’, (seek) you must ask really, through your heart you must ask in order to know about something that you need, of which you are in need, ‘I like to fly’. Yes “Wa Abtaghu Ilayhi Al-Wasilata” (5:35) Everything that man is asking to reach you must use some means, zahiran aw batinan. You may see or you can’t see something. 

Allah Almighty is showing what should be your most high, or your most beloved pleasure,  you may reach. What is that ‘ilayhi’? What is that ‘who’?  The dameer, secret. What is that? Say! Who is that one? Can anything be asked, but Allah  for everyone to reach. Ilahi anta maqsudi – My God, You are my goal. No full-mind person asking, except from his Lord. The muntaha – last point that a person asks to reach beyond which is nothing, beyond that, nothing has any value. 

Man’s most high desire is to reach his Lord, his Creator, Who is bringing him from nothing to be something. Are you coming by yourselves O Salafi ulamas to dunya? And coming for what? You know? Say to people, say to people, Wa Abtaghu Ilayhi – Who? This dunya or ma siwa? Do you think that Allah Almighty ordering you to run after this Creation or asking from you to reach to your Creator? This is nothing. Ma siwa Allah. Ma siwa Allah Everything except your Lord, they are like shadows of you reaching to your Creator. Shadow may be on earth when sun is shining, your shadow you may see on earth  under your feet. There is another shadow of you which you may see of yourself, not like shadow on earth, but you may see in a mirror. And through there you can see another being that looks like you, but it is not you. So that you are saying, ‘I am asking to reach to that one’s real being.’ Do you understand? I am not asking to look through this mirror to see a beautiful lady or girl on it. It is not enough for me when  I am looking, to ask to reach her. How are you going to reach, hmm? 

O people, you must understand  Holy Quran. They are not understanding anything, of ‘Wa Abtaghu Ilayhi’, that you are looking and seeing in… I am saying Arabic. where is the mirror, the mirror  of Truth, or a mirror for showing (fake), True or fake mirrors are of two kinds, one showing a show through it, it is not real being, no. You are not asking that one. You are asking…  Because, when you are spreading your hands,  you can’t touch it. You are asking for a mirror which, when you are looking in it, you may reach to that one inside it. And this is a mirror you are looking into and seeing. Yes. What do you think, Salafi ulamas? Any mirror for the Creator? Hmm? No mirror? Must be a mirror because without mirror you can’t look to Him. You can’t look to Him and you are asking to reach Him. That is matlab-ul-aala, the highest desire for man to reach what he is asking to reach. Because when he is reaching  that through that mirror, you are looking at yourself that yourself just disappeared, vanished and there is That One only. 

Holy Quran. Some people may understand something  from ulamas or awliyas of past times. Sometimes they are looking, sometimes they are reaching, sometimes, some-ones are being. When entering, finished. No more your personality, your personlaity just disappeared and you vanished, finished. That is highest desire, no end for it, no ending for that vision. An end. …Eh, we were saying that, how? 

What is the meaning of Wa Abtaghu Ilayhi Al-Wasilata” (5:35) 

If you are asking to look to reach yourself first of all, you must have a mirror. That mirror is wasilah, the means for you to look to you. And then, and then, and then, so many, so many realities, so many stages, so many stations, so many  levels to reach, going up and what you are asking to reach getting to a point where you are going to vanish, to lose yourself. You look, and what you were asking, just vanished also. What they are saying now, they are making me speak on some point that was important. It was important, we were saying about shaytan. shaytan. Allah takes that away from His servants. That shaytan, biggest enemy and we are in need to save ourselves, from shaytan’s trips and traps. How can it be? One ayat al karimah, one ayah coming on my heart, to speak on it, was… 

Follow the way of those who turn to Me (31:15) “Wa Attabi`Sabila Man  Anaba Ilayya” (31:15) 

Khitab, addressing one and same time addressing everyone. The summary of our speech here that is coming to me is… “Fa’atba`a Sababan” (18:85) So he followed the way. Nabi mursal, Sayyidina Dhu’l Kifl. He was wondering how he can do and he was walking, running to an aim, a target. He was stepping on, following the way. That fa atba’a sababa  Subhanallah, is such an ocean. You can find for everything that man is learning, that, that is the key which may open everything. “And He has subjected to you what is  in the heavens and earth”(45:13) If not stepping you can’t reach step… On which point? “Fa’atba`a  Sababan” (18:85) 

Therefore in this world all things are just tied, tied, another word, better, -linked, to a reason. Without reason there can’t be anything. And Nabi, Prophet Sayyidina Dhu’l-Kifl was running to an aim and he was asking to reach that point and stepping on steps of reason. Therefore this world is Alam-ul-Imkan, of possibilities. Everything can be if you are using reasons. Without reason you can’t reach any  target, here and Hereafter. Here, it is Alam-ul-Imkan. This world, for everything of possibility, of possibility. But after this life, it is not possibility. Possibility and second is… Alam-ul-Amr, there is  another two words for it, Alam-ul-Imkan, mumkinat and Alam-ul-Imkan, possible and  impossible. Hanh… Now everything on dunya, linked for reasons. When Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) coming…  Now, people using possibility, that is Sunnatullah. Everything on this Sunatullah means everything just linked for reasons. When Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) coming everything will be linked on Qudratullah Qudratullah does not need reason. No reason for Qudratullah. Sunnatullah on reason. But Qudratullah, no need for sabab. 

And when Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) coming follower of Sayyidina Muhammad, alfu salat, alfu salam, Ya Sayyid al Awwalin wal akhirin wa ala khalifatullah  Sayyidina Mahdi (as). Qudratullah is without reason. Without reasons, ‘Kun fa Yakun.’ That is highest rank that a person may reach, but he can’t reach that point if he is not using wasilah. Whoever is asking to reach Qudratullah so that he may say for anything, ‘Be!’ And coming into being. For that you must not use sabab. Sabab is something and wasilah something else. May Allah forgive us and give us a good understanding. This is an important explanation. explanation is important. Perhaps some awliya spoke about it but now some high level awliya know that secret and from that secret a little bit, drops they are sending now, for preparing people for the coming of Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) and his personality – he is going to use  ‘Kun, Fa Yakun’. Therefore when he is coming,  when he says: Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, technology and scientists, finished. May Allah forgive us. Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Aziz Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Karim Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum



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