The Foundation Of The Day

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat of the 31st of December, 2012

Bismika Allahu wab tada’ta… Washrah sudurana, wahfaz imanana. Zidna imana wa-l Islama, zidna Ya Rabbi takriman min ‘indak Ya Allah. Shukur Allah. Allah Almighty granted us His great Favor. Shukur Allah. While the world is running away from worship, thanks to Allah Almighty who granted us love and yearning for His worship. Endless salat & salam on Your most Beloved Prophet (ﷺ). We send salat & salam to our Umm Hiram Sultan also. May we see good days, may our days be good. 

If you make the foundation strong, then the building will be strong also. What is the foundation of the day? It is the fajr prayer. Whosoever prays the fajr prayer, builds a strong foundation for that day. His day & his doings in this day will be upon a strong foundation. When he doesn’t pray, shaytan knows. Shaytan knows it. He says “Go back to sleep, there is still time..” This is for the Muslims. But for the general, nothing! He covers them with one blanket, one more, one more.. Each worse than another. 

Shaytan’s whole sickness of heart is to make man dishonoured. Who teaches man all the sins is shaytan. Who teach man all goodness are the Prophets. When they left the Prophets & followed the deeds of shaytan the world has become all upside down like this. It is going now like a car whose axle is broken. It is going now. One can’t stop it by braking and it doesn’t stop when it is out of gas because it took the downhill path, & going downhill is easy for the people. Going downhill into this dirty world, they say “Please take me as a member too”. They made up a new word for “member”. It is also the invention of shaytan. 

All the belief & struggle of today’s people is to destroy the old & to bring a new world. And here is the world they brought! “Leave the old” say the jon Turks. What does this mean? The new Turks. Jon Turk. Jon Turks say “we don’t want the old. We will build a new world”. What harm did you suffer from the old? What is the harm of old? Old castles remain but all old buildings are destroyed. Our state, the Ottoman state- The Sultanate of the Othman Dynasty- was the protector of Islam. It was the attribute of the Sultan- the guard of Islam. They wouldn’t give any chance to shaytan. And what did shaytan do? Always trying & whispering to the people “let’s bring change, reforms”. 

What is the reform? What is the innovation? It means “Let’s break all the bonds that the religion binds us with and build a new world”. They built & made it like a dirt hole! And they fell into what they made.. Everywhere is full of dirtiness, everywhere in the great countries is full of dirtiness. Russia is the same, China is the same, India is the same. German is the same, French is the same. The British are Sultanate & conservative Our people lost their direction, going like a car with a broken axle. You know axle?  It is moving. It goes, it is moving ahead. But how is it going? It was going downhill. Now it came to uphill & is not going! Now they can’t make it move, saying “What should we do? “What should we do?” Don’t insist still since you hit the uphill now. You can’t make it work. You should return to the path that works. You are going on the wrong side. You should return to the right side so that it goes. 

The trouble with all the innovations is that shaytan made the children of Adam worship him and forget their Lord.

In this situation, what they call “innovation” is shaytan making them worship him. The trouble with all the innovations is that shaytan made the children of Adam worship him & forget their Lord. He made them forget their Lord- shaytan & made them worship him. And the situation today is the troubles that come on those who worship shaytan. They have no arrangement of their finances. They don’t know anything. They have no knowledge nor do they have any softness. 

They have no money in their pockets now either. Whole world now asks money from one another. Astonishing. Astonishing. Astonishing. The Great Sultan AbdulHamid may paradise be his abode, ruled the Empire of 7 million km square for 40 years. Everyone had gold & silver in their pockets. What have they become now? They are printing money. You can use that paper you print as toilet paper if you like. It has no value, no value.. There are so many machines that print the same that you print & put on the market. 

In this country, in this country that we live in, in 1930s, in the whole country there were 75 vehicles. We would call it “tamofil”. There were 75 registered ones. When I was coming to Istanbul the latest number of these machines was 757. It was the car of the judge, I know. I reached this age but I know all of it. I remember them one by one. There was one car & it was the car of the judge. And my dad who was a worker in Awqaf/foundation would go on foot. Now? Now the number of cars reached 1 million? Or did it reach 2 millions? Everywhere is full with cars in this country. This Lefke, there was one.. We would call it “bioforio” They would make an assembly on top of a big, tall machine. They would put benches on it so that it would become like a bus. It would move from here in the morning, calling “who is going to Nicosia?” 3 people, or 5 people would go. It would take & bring them back after noon time. 

But now the wildness, madness is beyond bounds. Before they could manage with 3 gurush, very little money daily. Now even if you give them 3 million, they say “it is very little. We can’t manage with it”. Why can’t you manage with it? Because they did not tell you the method of “management”. You devoted your whole life to shaytan, you devoted yourself to the service of shaytan so shaytan doesn’t leave you. He keeps that person in his service like a donkey. Keeping people like this; today, tonight shaytan will make the whole world mad. 

Tonight will be the night when people go crazy. This doesn’t exist in our religion nor does it exist in our customs. But the people will go crazy. And I say “May it be the end of it. May it be the last one”. May our Lord send us a Sultan for the honour of His Beloved (ﷺ). Sultan that he has spiritual power, majesty. It is said “Sultan is the shadow of Allah on earth”. I am waiting for this. I want that there will not be another night that mankind will go crazy like tonight. They corrupted everything. Tomorrow, even our people say “Happy New Year” following the fashion. What new year? It has become like this- shaytan made whole world accept his way, his system. May he be finished! Unless the people come to their senses, troubles & calamaties won’t leave them. And they can’t be saved from the torment of the grave when they die. Aman ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. May Allah protect us from the torment of the grave. 

Religion is forgotten. Faith is forgotten. Worshipping is forgotten. Good manners are forgotten. Good character is forgotten. We turned into a herd- it is not obvious if we are men or animals. May Allah forgive us. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq, Al Fatiha. 

Aman ya Rabbi. We reached the morning in safety, may we reach the evening in safety. May your hands be kissed. Stand firm. Stand firm. Do what these ones say “don’t do” & don’t do what they say “do”, you will get saved. Good bye. 

H.F. Allah bless you. 

May Allah make our past & future days all khair. May He (swt) make us live with good works, with His worship. How beautiful, how beautiful is our Lord. Fatiha. 

May your day be khair. The swords will be drawn. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al Hamd. Alfu salat alfu salam on you O Beloved Prophet of Allah! I want power, strength for this, otherwise my grave is ready there too. They will lay me there also. Before this I want to execute the Heavenly command. Allah ya Rabbi, tawba. Fatiha. 

How are you Hj Mehmet, are you good? May Allah increase your Nur. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbi r Rahim” for all our children. O Lord, may You send the Master who will destroy the Sultanate of shaytan. 


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