Protection from calamities

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ

On Friday night, Mawlana explained some of the secret power in Surat Al-Kahf and how it can be used for protection.

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Sohbat of the 11th of November 2011

Astaizu Billah, “Wa La Ratbin Wa La Yabisin ‘Illa Fi Kitabin Mubin” (6:59) Astonishing! When he was reading Surat al Kahf today, something has come, Hj  Mehmet. 

Everything is in it (The Quran)… 

What has come, in the end? 

There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record (6:59). 

Ma Farratna Fi Al-Kitabi Min Shay’in” (6:38). Allah Allah… (We have neglected nothing in the Book) Holy Quran..”Dawa li kulli darr” (The remedy for all troubles). Astonishing!

What came to my heart after he read: Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim. There is this Holy Verse. Shaykh Mehmet may know it by heart: 2 men, owners of (date-palm) gardens. One claims..  and says that, “there is no garden like mine. Also, my sons.. I am stronger in terms of my sons. Nothing can touch me”. He says like this. And how does the second man reply? The second man says: “My garden, my land… and my sons, thanks to Allah, with the grants of Allah, we are on our feet. Although our garden is small, and our sons are not as many, compared to you, but I hope that my garden & my sons are under the protection of Allah Almighty. Nothing happens to them. 

The other one claimed that, “I have that many sons and so much power. Nothing can happen to me”. He claimed like this. And, the other one claimed the other way. Then.. What does the Holy Verse say? “Ala Ma Anfaqa Fiha Wa Hiya Khawiyatun Ala Urushiha Wa Yaqulu Ya Laytani Lam Ushrik BiRabbi Ahadan”(18:42) 

M. That is. The (Verse) before this?

S.M. “Wa Law la ‘Idh Dakhalta Jannataka Qulta Ma Sha’a AlLahu La Quwata ‘Illa Bil-Lahi ‘In Tarani ‘Ana ‘Aqalla Minka Malaan Wa Waladaan. Fa`asa Rabbi An Yu’utiyana Khayran Min Jannatika Wa Yursila Alayha Husbanan  Mina As-Sama’i Fatusbiha Sa`idan Zalaqan”(18:39-40) 

M. This is, this is what I want. Look, what has come to the other one?

S.M. “Or the water of (the garden) becomes so deep that so you can never find it.”(18:41) 

The garden of the second one? “In Tarani ‘Ana ‘Aqalla” 

S.M. “It was better for you to say, when you entered your garden: That which Allah wills! There is no power but with Allah! If you see me less than you in  wealth & children, it may be that my Lord will give me something better than your garden & will send on it a bolt from the sky, then it will be  a smooth earth. (18:39-40). 

M. Then? 

S.M. “Or the water thereof becomes so deep so that you will never be able to find it. (18:41)

So his fruits were encircled (with ruin). And he remained beating his hands with sorrow over what he had spent upon it, while it was all destroyed on its trellises. He could only say: Would I had ascribed no partners to my Lord! (18:42)  And he had no group of men to help him against Allah, nor could he save himself. (18:43).  

M. This is! Allah Almighty shows His servants how they can protect themselves. That one said “Masha Allah”. His house, garden, family stayed within the “protected” circle. The other one did not say this. Everything was burned & destroyed. The sign pointed out in this Verse is very important. 

Everybody should say “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” when they enter their homes.

Is it not like this? I want this (in a written form) that we may inform everyone. 

Those who say “Masha Allah” … no harm touch neither the family nor the house of those who say “Masha Allah” . But, this world will fall on the heads of those who don’t say it. This world will fall on their heads. But “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” .. Whoever says, when they enter their homes, for every blessing “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” .

“‘In Tarani ‘Ana ‘Aqalla Minka Malaan Wa Waladan” (18:39) 

Even if my wealth & my sons are less, but “Masha Allah, Masha Allah” fortunately we are under the Divine Protection. The other one did not say this. Allah protected this one (who said it). But the other one was burned. Now, I will make Sh Mehmet give a fatwa to everybody. He may write it in details that we have no other solution (other than) to have faith & say: “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah”. 

Those who say “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” nothing touches either their lives or their wealth or their families – Neither fire, nor earthquake

Those who say “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” nothing touches either their lives or their wealth or their families – Neither fire, nor earthquake.. This (news) has come to me, it came, astonishing! Astonishing! You understand Rukiyya? They may say, “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah”. When they say this, even if fire rains on earth, it will not touch them. Those who don’t say it, who are arrogant & unbelievers, all of them will be burned & taken. Allah Allah.. 

This is.. Because this is the answer for it. We have no other solution. We have no other solution, other than calling to Allah. Here (in this verse), for this man, saying only “Masha Allah” was enough to save him from the fire, as well as from the flood, or from any other disasters & darkness. Himself, as well as his wealth & family. Will they say this? Whoever says it, will get saved. I will make him write a fatwa about this. Allah Almighty is showing us. This is it. The protection is through this. Saying, “I will bring machines, will make (earthquake-resisting) houses” You can’t be saved with these.. These people cannot be saved. Only those who say “Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah” will be saved. 

A lot of things are coming now. A storm (terrible difficulties) is coming. This may be written as a fatwa, in a fatwa arrangement or in any other arrangement, as it comes to your heart. He may write (Sh Mehmet) & put his seal on it, showing “we are on this (way). Nothing will touch those who are on this way, even if whole world becomes upside down with the earthquakes & other disasters. Allah Allah.. “Masha Allah” , regardless! Finish! 

Neither an enemy can touch them nor cannons. Neither fire, nor floods, nor earthquake.. This is very important. There is no man who can be against this. Subhan Allah Al Aliyyil Azim. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allah Almighty has shown a remedy for everything in Holy Quran; always through stories, examples…How beautiful. Always through stories, examples, 

O Rukiyya! This has come after the storm, (eartquake in Van?) on this Friday. When the Hafiz AbdurRahman was reading it, as our Friday wird, may Allah grant him safety- this has touched my heart. I think it is Haqq, 100% Haqq! 100% Haqq! Neither enemy, nor floods, nor earthquakes nor fire can touch. Even if bombs rain on them from the skies, no matter how much it rains, cannot touch these people. “Masha Allah, La Quwata illa Billah” “Masha Allah, La Quwata illa Billah” Can anything hit them after they say this? No chance! I have given permission now to Hajji Mehmet. Insha Allah, a fatwa for Muslims regarding important matters of the approach of the end of  times (al Qiyamat) From now on, a lot of things will come to Shaykh Mehmet’s heart. He will overpower! Ok, this is enough for tonight.

S.M. Allah bless you. 

M. This is important. It is astonishing! Astonishing! Astonishing! He said “Masha Allah” (in the Holy Verse) and he got saved. The other one became arrogant & he became ashes. ” Ana Aqalla Minka Malaan Wa Waladaan” (18:39) He has wiped out & finished them all. This, “Ana Aqalla” Minka Malaan Wa Waladaan” Allah Hafiz..Masha Allah.. Masha Allah..Subhan Allah. 

There is no more fear in our hearts now. He has taken away the fear. No more. When you enter your home, say “Masha Allah, La Quwata illa Billah”. “Masha Allah, La Quwata illa Billah”. Nothing touches you in dunya or in hereafter. Be relieved, Haji  Mehmet, be relieved..  Maybe tomorrow if you are careful, He gives another zuhurat-appearance to your heart. There is no one who knows, or understands this zuhurat up till now. It was not written, nor said before. This (has come) today.. It is the end of the Holy Month. This has come now. Have no fear! 

“Masha Allah, La Quwwata illa Billah”. O our Lord, may we reach the morning & the evening with goodness. May we reach the morning with goodness. Our children, families, our lives, our wealth, O our Lord they are all under Your Protection. Our wealth is not important but our children & family, or whatever You granted us, O our Lord.. We have surrendered to You. It is Your Grant to us. May You not put us in misery. May You not make us disgraced & miserable among the people. They are Your servants, O our Lord. May the way open for them, O our Lord! 

Otherwise, neither can they be saved from the earthquake, nor from the floods or from the fires or storms… Can’t be saved from any of the disasters. What the armies can’t achieve, this does, it does immediately. Ok, May Allah grants safety. With the barakah of Sh Mehmet Effandi.. Pray for us, and we may pray for you as well. May Allah make your end in a good way. May you be granted to reach Mahdi (alayhissalam) & to be from his wuzera, to be in his service. 

S.M. May you be granted this as well.

M. We have become like trash. Like trash…May Allah grants us the safety of faith. May we see the barakah of tonight. May we see the barakah.  And May Allah not deprives us of the spiritual manifestations of tonight. May He dress on us the dress of Majesty! May shaytan & those who follow shaytan disappear. The door of tawba is open. May Allah Almighty grant us tawba. May Allah grant us health & wellness.  May He not make us bedridden and become miserable. And, May He also not makes us miserable among the people. And, may we not be crushed, confined to bed.

Aman ya Rabbi, Tawba ya Rabbi.. I am relieved. A power has come to my heart, Hajji Mehmet, with your barakah. There is a need for many Fatwas, for the people. You will prepare a Fatwa book, that you may overpower the false, made up ones. Overpower them! Overpower, that we may be saved this way. Fatiha. 

Aman ya Rabbi.. Aman ya Rabbi..Aman ya Rabbi.. Astonishing! 

This is an astonishing victory! It is astonishing! Ok, O son! May Allah make your rank higher. May your spiritual & physical powers get stronger. 

And, Insha Allah, may you be granted to be from the wuzera & close ones of Mahdi (alayhissalam) & to be in his service.

S.M. All together with you, insha Allah.

M. Me? I will lay down now! (joke).  This is an astonishing zuhurat/appearance. It has come at last. An astonishing zuhurat/appearance.

You may leave.. My prayers are with you. 

May we see your good days. May you raise & show Islam’s power & glory. 

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