Quran ul-Karim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS), Sohbat – March, 1989

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya Sultanu l-Anbiya, madad ya Sultanu l-Awliya. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-Aliyyi l-Azim.

Quranu l-Karim is an endless ocean. You can find neither its shore, nor its depth, it is such an ocean. It is the word of Allah. Like a boat passing through a huge ocean without seeing its boundaries and which cannot find its path when passing for a second time, the oceans of meanings of Quran Azimu Shan is such an ocean. Someone studying it for 40 years, 50 years, 100 years, will still be weak in it and will not comprehend its meanings. Every time new meanings will appear, meanings of Quran Azimu Shan. That is why, they say Kurani Kerim is powerful and who reads it is weak. No matter how knowledgeable the one reading it is, Kurani Kerim leaves him weak. A man’s capacity to understand its meanings is weak.

And as Quran Azimu Shan is the word of Allah, all people are addressed by it. Every person takes his share from Kurani Kerim. There can’t be anyone without a share from Kurani Kerim. Since Quran Azimu Shan came down to our Prophetﷺ and till the day of Resurrection, to all people coming and leaving, there is a share for everyone in Kurani Kerim. And as Allah Almighty ordered, O mankind, “fihi dhikrukum”(21:10). It has your dhikr (mention of you) in it. Everyone is addressed by Kurani Kerim, all your dhikr is written in Kurani Kerim. If you say “There isn’t my name in Kurani Kerim”, maybe it’s not seen outwardly, but as we said, when you look at a huge ocean, nothing can be seen. When you get inside it, there are many worlds and creatures. You can’t see anything from outside and see only its waves from above. You can’t see the creatures inside it unless you dive into it and go deep below. And our dhikr (mentioning), all your dhikr is in Kurani Kerim, says JanabAllah. By “you” is meant all mankind. All your dhikr is there.

If anyone says “I am not mentioned there”, he opposes what Allah Almighty has sent and denies it. He will say it is a lie, hasha. Everyone’s and everything’s dhikr is in Kurani Kerim. However, what’s inside Kurani Kerim everyone finds, knows and sees only according to the level of their faith and according to the level of their knowledge. When you are deep down in the ocean, darkness is everywhere. After some distance, underwater becomes completely dark. If you don’t keep a light on, you can’t see creatures there. Moreover, Allah Almighty gave such power to creatures there that they emit light to see the path on which they are and to know the place they are. Likewise, of course it’s possible to see and know the truth in the depth of Kurani Kerim only with the light of faith. According to the power of his light of faith a person takes his share from Quran Azimu Shan.

Certainly Kurani Kerim teaches all mankind about the happiness here and hereafter and makes them reach it. Everyone has his rank in the presence of Allah Almighty. There is a point he will reach. That point is reached with the light of Quran. Unless the light of Quran is used, one can’t reach that point, one will remain in darkness. Everyone on the Day of Judgment… There won’t be a sun or moon on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, it will be dark. Everyone will be ordered to walk in that darkness. When passing through that darkness everyone will walk with the light of their faith. Someone with little faith will have his light turning on and off on his thumb, and he will walk with that light. Someone with no faith will not know where to go in that darkness. He will remain like that. That day people with lights like that of the sun or like that of the moon or like that of the stars will come. But their lights will be assigned only for them. A light like the sun’s will not brighten the whole world but will be assigned only for him. He will walk with that light. Who has no light will drown in that darkness. We seek refuge in Allah.

With its all appearance Kurani Kerim is full of ayats of good tidings and warnings. The Prophetﷺ has an attribute of warning – the attribute of a warner and the attribute of a giver of good news. Our Prophetﷺ was sent both for warning and giving good tidings. He has shown us things we should refrain from – what is ordered that we should stay away from. There is a limit of halal and haram. We’ve been ordered to refrain from haram. However, in fact, the meaning, purpose and wisdom of refraining from haram is to refrain from displeasing Allah Almighty. When we say to refrain from haram, it is to refrain from displeasing Allah Almighty. What are you good for if you displease Allah Almighty? What is your gain? What can you do? Everything will turn its back to you.

May Allah let us dive into the oceans of Quran. Our happiness is with Quran, our well-being is with Quran.

Kurani Kerim is the book which tells about everything. As we said, everything’s dhikr is in it. When Musa, alaihi salam, was called to Mount Sinai, when the Holy Torah was going to be sent to him by Allah Almighty, he was called there. And when he went, until he came back, someone called as-Samiri made a calf out of gold. A statue in the shape of a cow. He made a golden calf. And regarding this calf – he saw once Jibrail, alaihi salam, when he was coming to Prophet Musa on a horseback, he (as-samiri) saw life bursting out of the soil where this horse stepped. When he took from that soil and put inside that golden calf, the calf started bellowing. It started mooing. And as-Samiri told the people “Look, O Children of Israel, this is the god Musa is looking for”. Hasha. “He lost him and is looking for him now. Look, this is it. Come and worship it.” He said so and deceived the Children of Israel. And the shining of the golden calf, the beauty of the gold was fascinating for them and its mooing blurred their weak minds. They said “It must be it”. They said as-Samiri must be telling the truth. Hasha. And they started worshipping it.

When Prophet Musa came back, he became very angry and shattered the calf into pieces. And he didn’t kill as-Samiri but convicted him. He was punished by a state of not looking at anyone or talking to anyone from that community. Nothing came out from his mouth except “Don’t talk to me. Don’t touch me. Don’t come close to me. Don’t get in contact with me”. Whomever he saw, he said “Don’t talk to me, don’t come to me”. JanabAllah had imprisoned him within himself. Just like this the matter we are talking about – certainly in Quran Azimu Shan which tells about everything, Allah Almighty described and explained the path people should walk on and gave authority according to their ranks to find their ways to that light. Allah Dhul-Jalal made Quranu l-Karim in such a way that if the whole of its reality became apparent, this world wouldn’t be able to carry it. Only what’s necessary for us in this world opens from its reality.

After all, on the Day of Resurrection Allah Almighty will let His believer servants hear the ancient word of Kurani Kerim from Himself. The relieved believers will receive then, the joy and relief and happiness one person will have then, if that came down on all troubled people of this world and were divided among all people, all of them would be rescued from their sorrow and dive into joy and relief oceans. Only when we hear Allah Dhul-Jalal reciting it; and every Friday Janab-ul Rabb ul-alameen is inviting His believer servants into His presence. All people of paradise are at the feast of Allah on Friday in the station of Hadirat alQuds. May we reach that station inshaAllah. And the Divine feast every Friday will be different every time. Completely – everything will appear as higher and more beautiful. The previous lights won’t disappear. However, the second light coming from Allah Almighty will show more beauties never seen, heard or known. Believers will be occupied by them and everything will be complete in the Divine feast. Then Allah Almighty will let them hear His ancient word from Himself and melt them in joy and will let them see His Perfect Beauty – Quran Azimu Shan.

May Allah let us dive into the oceans of Quran. Our happiness is with Quran, our well-being is with Quran. Even if you don’t know how to read it, every day open and…


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