New Year

Mawlānā gave an important address about the new year and its celebrations. Mawlānā spoke about the coming year and how we should receive it.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs),

Lefke – Cyprus,

Sohbat of the 31st of December, 2012

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, O Abu Wak Wak why are you rushing? “Don’t you know that this evening is a blessed night?” Blessed for what? They say it is a blessed night. People… Everyone will receive what suits them best. Every person will take what is due to them of good or bad. What do you think about this evening when people are going mad? Whether they are Kings, from the highest to the lowest they are going crazy. There is no goodness in this… No goodness.

I am sorry that the Muslims are getting ready to welcome the first evening that is organized by the Europeans. That in this night ends the year 2012 and begins the year 2013. 13 is a disliked number for the people of Haqq. It is an evening that brings bad luck. And people are getting ready to celebrate from East to West of the world, every type of Muslim, and people are going towards, they are getting ready to welcome the organized New Year and it has, it has no foundation. It is false. I am sorry that the Muslims, from their Kings to the lowest type of people, are getting ready to welcome the new year.

They never stood up to celebrate the Hijri year, that has a foundation to be celebrated as the new year.

They do not say ” ‘Aam, Aam al Jadid.” They say “sana al Jadid.” Sana/year that will have hardness & it will have easiness. The new year in Islam (Hijri) is passed. They never stood up to celebrate the Hijri year, that has a foundation to be celebrated as the new year. But they get ready for this evening that has no foundation, welcoming a new year and I am sorry that who is not speaking Truth is a silent shaytan. I am sorry to say that their kings, their princes, scholars & all people in general are getting ready to celebrate with every forbidden thing. All types of forbidden things. That make shaytan happy & anger Al Rahman. May Allah Protects us.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said “Who follows a people, he is from them.”

The Prophet (ﷺ) said “Who follows a people, he is from them.” First of all what will befall them in their graves: when a dead person is in his grave, two angels come to him and question him. They ask “what do you think O man? Were you up on these evenings of New Year?” “What about this were you Muslim, or Christian or Jewish or Majusi?” Did you not hear that the Prophet (ﷺ) said “who follows a people he is from them?” And his grave will be blown and it will be filled with fire, with fire. May Allah protect us. O believers I am sorry for you because you are following and you are leaving to be the heads and you became the tails. This is not for the honour of Muslims to follow the non Muslims. For what are you doing this? But now the majority of people are ignorant and they do not have knowledge about these things.

This evening is forbidden for Muslims, for the Princes & the general public, to make this an evening of celebration.

This evening is forbidden for Muslims, for the Princes & the general public, to make this an evening of celebration. It will turn to be an evening of worry and misery for them. NaudhuBillah, O Muslims repent to Allah (swt). Repent to His Prophet (ﷺ) and make your way the way of Islam: The way to peace. I am a weak servant. If people don’t listen they are not aware of the danger. They are entering a tunnel and there is no way for them to turn back. May Allah (swt) protect us, may Allah (swt) protect us.

What will come at the end of time is Armageddon and it will leave maybe half the people on earth. Half will die and half will remain. Repent to your Lord and return to Him and if you gather, then gather to read praising to the Prophet (ﷺ). So this action may be a reason to forgive your sins and next year insha’Allah will not leave a trace of non belief on the face of the earth & the flags of Islam may be raised around the world from East to West. Since the news from Heavens gives these good tidings with this.

And Salam aleikum, O Muslims. Kings & Princes repent to your Lord. And Allah (swt) is witness of what we have spoken, Hasbuna Allah wa Ni’ma Al Wakil Tub aleina Ya Rabbana…. “Appoint for us a King so we may fight in Allah’s way” (2:246) We may fight shaytans from people & jinn. Otherwise may Allah (swt) protect us from what will happen in these days.

Repent to your Lord. These are just few words but people are drunk and they do not cry. Repent instead of getting ready for celebrating. Gather and read Mawlid Al Sharif. it would lift away the weight from you, the hardship of this year. And repent so you never celebrate an evening of this night again. We repent & turn to You O our Lord. And Al Hamdulillah O Lord. Keep us under Your Protection O Allah! Allahumma Tub Alaina, Allahumma Tub Alaina… Fatiha.

Do not run after the area of anger

This year, this new year When we say ‘Aam Jadid, it will be a year full of joy. While these are the hardest years from the beginning of this world. “If the dust is removed you will see if what is under you is a horse or a donkey.” We see what will be tomorrow. Every person will be compensated either with goodness & joy or with affliction and anger. Do not run after the area of anger. This evening people are running to the area of anger. It has no taste, not for this evening nor this year….

O Lord grant Your Beloved Honour and greatness….. Ya Rabb, Ahdina As-Sirata Al-Mustaqima Sirata Al-Ladhina An`amta Alayhim… min Al Nabiyina, wa al Shuhada’ wa al Salihina… Fatiha.


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