Beware of Extremists

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani (Qs), sohbat – 1st August, 2014.

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet (qs)

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Sadati As’habi RasulAllah, madad ya Masha’ikhina, madad ya Sheikh Abdullah Faizi Daghestani, madad ya Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyya.

Ad-dinu n-nasiha. Religion is advice. In fact it is obligatory to give advice here. And it is obligatory to listen too. It’s obligatory to accept the truth. Hadhrat Ali Effendi said that the sign of craziness is “imma ifrat, imma tafrik”, meaning you go from one extreme to the other. And in our religion of Islam – “ad-dina l-wasata”, you have to be in the middle. That’s why nowadays we can see everywhere people are going to extremes. This is not a smart thing. A smart person won’t do bad things when he gets angry. He has to know the real meaning. Also does it comply with the command of Allah? While you think you’re doing good, in fact, you’re doing bad. You destroy both yourself and others.

Why am I telling this? Nowadays, we see that fitna is everywhere, all around the world. Some people are being oppressed, very oppressed. When they stand up to stop that oppression, they do much worse. They do a useless thing then. They have strength, huge weapons in their hands. You destroy and kill people. Then, as if it’s not enough, you destroy the houses of Allah. You blow them into air, you blow up the graves. Our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) says to respect even the bones of the dead, deceased Muslims. You blow up beloved servants of Allah. Not only alive, but also dead people can’t escape from your oppression. Do you think what you do is good? Or you think you will succeed in it?

I don’t know if he did as much as you, but Genghis Khan destroyed with the Mongol armies too. In less than a year, nothing was left. This man was thousand, ten thousand times stronger than you. In 3-5 years, he destroyed everything. Now, it’s not even known where his palace or his grave is. Now ask where he is now. It’s unknown. And are you going to be eternal by oppressing?

In contrast, there is the Ottoman Empire, which goes on the right way and makes people live in justice, goodness and mercy on the way of Allah. Khalifas of the Prophet, Khalifat-ul Muslimeen, they were lasting for 700 years. They didn’t oppress anyone. People used to ask for help from Ottomans everywhere. They went even to India. Ottomans went to Malaysia and Indonesia in order to help Muslims over there. Anyone who heard the name of Ottomans would start trembling. There was no unbeliever who wasn’t afraid of them. Many years passed since then.

This oppression can’t go on like this. They say “Az-zulmu la yadum”. (Oppression doesn’t last) It’s a known truth. You say you are ahl-us sunnah. Ahlu s-sunnah can’t be like this. Or you have gone out of ahlu s-sunnah. Who doesn’t know madhhabs and shariah can’t be from ahlu s-sunnah. Ahl-us sunnah are the people who don’t do harm to what Allah has ordered. Oppression is zulumat. Zulumat is darkness. The more you oppress, the more you become harmed. Who do we tell this to? We tell this because there are many deceived people. Who has gone there is stuck, no goodness from them. I don’t think they’ll do good. Because who does oppression is cursed by Allah. He can’t be saved because he has oppressed and killed Muslims. He will go to eternal hell.

But there are many deceived young people from Central Asia. Somehow many people are deceived in that region. Our Prophet was not like this. Our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) and Qur’an describes them as the biggest unbelievers, the biggest hypocrites. Don’t be deceived by them. Don’t be among them. Nothing can be attained with bombs, guns and weapons. It is with justice, beauty and guidance. The more you oppress, the more troubles come onto you, the more people following you will be destroyed. That’s because we hear many people being deceived.

Our Prophet says, he was Arab but Arabs are not from him. Who are the worst unbelievers? The unbelievers of Quraysh. Our people assume they are saints when they see Arabs. These Arabs don’t believe in saints. I don’t understand how you see them as saints then. I get angry here but with a reason because we know what is inside and outside them. Everyone sees it now. As our Prophet said, he was Arab, but Arabs are not from him. The Prophet is ahead of Arabs, he doesn’t accept them. He says to follow whoever is on the right way. He says “walaw ‘abdan habashiyyan”, meaning – even if it is a black man on the right way, follow him. But if he’s from Quraysh and unbeliever, don’t follow. It is obligatory to listen to what our Prophet says. That’s why, be cautious, don’t destroy yourself. Aiming to become a shahid, don’t become dirty, don’t be like a carcass. Because the one who oppresses Muslims on purpose will go to eternal hell. Our Prophet says so.

May Allah protect all of us. May Allah give understanding to these people. And we are not afraid of anyone. Allah is with us. He is not with the oppressors.

Today we speak about to be extreme. Hz Ali he was saying from the side of madness – “imma ifrat imma tafrik” – to go to the end of this side or you must be in the right in the middle. Allah said in Quran, “We created you “Ja’alnakum ‘Ummatan Wasatan” (2:143) “We make you a middle Nation”- to be in the middle not to be extreme. Extreme is not good. Why we say this? Because these days there is big fitna around us. And people… there was oppression, they have been oppressed for many years. And other people came and said, “we will save you from this.” And beginning war. But what happened? The old oppression it is now very light from what happened now, from these people who they said “we will save you.” They make oppression for these people 100 times more. Of course you have oppression, but when you do this, you are making people to say “how it was nice in the old days.”

And these people they are making oppression for every people, even that people, not the same from their oppression. And even House of Allah, mosques, they are blowing up. How you can do this? Prophet (said) (swas) even one bone of Muslim if it is old, maybe 10 year 100 years, you must take it and put it (bury) again, respecting it. How you do this and you are saying “we are Muslims, we are saving you?” This is not Ahlu s-Sunnah. Ahlu s-Sunnah they are not like this.

There are two kinds of Muslims. Ahlu s-Sunnah and the others they are all extremists, all! What you have out of Ahlu s-Sunnah – they are extremist. We accept Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, we accept S. Omar, we accept S. Osman, we accept S. Ali (kAw). And we accept and respect Ahlu l-Bayt. This is the etiquette of Ahlu s- Sunnah wa l-Jamaat. Who saying not respecting and saying this is this and that, they are out of Ahlu s-Sunnah, they are extremist. Which kind of part, this is extreme of Islam, Muslim, not Islam, Muslim. Because Islam is one. The right Islam….Islam is away (far) from these people. Especially non-Muslim people quickly they say “Islam.” But Islam is different and Muslims are different. Islam is the purest religion, because it comes from Allah (awj). But Muslims they are weak against their egos, against their people. They can make…they are following Islam maybe 5%, not 100%, but after people say “this is Islam”. No! This is not Islam.

And to…those who think we are strong, we are good fighters, we have good weapons, we quickly we take and kill, destroy everything, and we will be here. No they don’t think because oppression is not going to continue – for a very short time it is. Because before these people, before a 1000 year or 900 something like this, there was Genghis Khan Mongol Emperor, he came to all this area, and he destroyed Samarkand, Bukhara to Baghdad, even everything he destroyed. Hulagu he was destroying Baghdad and throwing all books in Tigris (river). But how many years he was in power? Maybe only 2 years he was in this area. After what happened, finished! Even now they don’t know where is his grave. They looked saying “maybe here, maybe here. No palace, nothing.”

But compared to this there is another good example – Ottoman Empire. There was Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa they were respecting Prophet, Awliya’, sahaba, all the sahaba. And respecting Ahlu l-Bayt, Ahlu t-Tariqa. And they had justice and mercy. So they were 700 years in power. You can imagine? It is the longest Empire since.. in history. Why? Because there was justice. With justice it continues with oppression it is a very short time. For a very short time it continues. Because they (Ottomans) were respecting all sahaba and others, so Alhamdulillah it was a long and nice for Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa’, and they were fighting all ahlu l-bida’ who wanted to make fitna in Islam. They were fighting against them, nobody could hear their voice. And besides them they were fighting also non-believers because they were attacking them because shaytan doesn’t like Prophet’s (saws) flag to be high.

And there was Khalifa of Muslims, Khalifa of Prophet (saws) defending Islam and Muslims. Even in India, they were defending Muslims in Indonesia also. Everywhere they were hearing the word… the name of Ottoman, they were afraid. They cannot do anything against Islam. Why? Because Allah supports them, Prophet (saws) support them. Why we say this? We are not saying for these people who are not fighting because these fighting people they are finished now. I don’t know if… They are cursed from Allah. Because they are making not acceptable things. But we say this for many people from Asia, from Pakistan from other people they want to join them they thought they are right. No! Don’t go there. They are not right.

These people in Quran and Prophet (saws) he was saying. In Quran “Al A’rabu ashaddu kufran wa nifaqan” (9:97) Hypocrites, these Arabs. These people, especially these people. And our non-Arab people, when they saw one Arab saying something, they thought he is a saint. How do you say he is a saint? They don’t believe in saints. Why believe them? Prophet (saws) he said “I am Arab, but the Arabs are not from me.” And he was saying, the most enemies to him they were his tribe, Quraysh. Kuffar Quraysh they are the most famous for this. And Prophet (saws) he was saying also, to follow negro, habashi, man who is on right way, taking you to Allah. If he is, you must follow him. But if he is from Quraysh and Arab and he is making bad things, don’t follow him. So, this is opening.

Don’t be cheated by who is saying “we are Arab, we are knowing Quran.” They don’t know anything. Even they don’t know how to read it. We are in big fitna days. So we are “Ad-dinu n-nasiha” (Hadith) Din/religion is to give advice. And to give advice is obligatory, and to listen to this advice it is also obligatory. So we are advising our people – Don’t be cheated and you are thinking you’re going to be shahid. No! You are not going to be shahid if you do these things. Only you are a murderer and you will be judged like this. And who kills a Muslim with oppression, he will be in hell forever. This is what is written in The Quran and what the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) said in Hadiths.

So don’t be cheated and come to Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jamaa’ even if they don’t have weapons for what they have now in their hands. They are with Allah, they are more powerful than these people who have everything. Alhamdulillah we are not afraid, because Allah is with us and insha’Allah not against us.

Alhamdulillah, wa min Allahi t-Tawfiq Al Fatiha.


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