The Last Friday of Sha’ban

On the last Friday before the beginning of Ramaḍān, Mawlānā warns people of the consequences of not fasting. He diagnoses the modern disease of depression as a lack of spiritual nourishment.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Sohbat – 2004

Last Friday (Thursday night) of Shaban Mu’azzam. There are many tajallis (manifestations) on this night. It came down heavily on me. I kept sleeping and waking up. As my spirituality looks at the other side completely, this side gives heaviness and I feel like sleeping because during sleep the activities of spirituality become easier. It works while sitting but when you lie down it is of a different quality. It comes down on my eye like this, sleep becomes dominant, I leave to sleep. 

(Beginning of Jumaa Khutba) 

Al-hamdu lillahi lladhi fataha lis-sa’ilina abwaba l-jinan. Wa a’dalahum n-na’ima wa akramahum bil huri wal ghilman. Fa subhan alladhi afada rahmatahu ala s-sa’imina fi sh-shahri Ramadan. Ash-shhadu an la ilaha illaAllahu wahdahu la sharika lah. Wa la nadhira lahu wa la mathila lah. Alladhi man alaina bil in’ami wa l-ihsan. Wa nashhadu anna Sayyidana wa sanadana wa Mawlana Muhammada, Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa Habibuhu wa Rasuluh. Shafi’u l-mudhnibin fi yawmi l-mizan. SallAllahu Ta’ala ‘alaihi wa ‘ala alihi wa awladihi, wa azwajihi wa as’habihi wa atba’ih, wa khulafa-i rashidina l-murshidina l-mahdiyyina min ba’dih. Wa wuzara’ihi l-kamilina fi ahdih. khususan minhum ‘ala l-a’immati khulafa-i Rasulillahi ‘ala t-tahqiq. Umara-i l-mu’minin. Hadarati Abi Bakrin wa Umara wa Usmana wa ‘Aliyyin dhawi l-Qadrin jalee. Wa ‘ala bakhiyyati l-sahabati wa t-tabi’in. Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajma’in. 

O believers, this Friday is the last Friday of Shaban Mu’azzam. Next Friday is for those who will reach it, and we ask from Janab-ul Mawla to let us reach it. It will be the first Friday of holy Ramadan Sharif. How happy for those who reach it! How happy for believers who reach these months, and whose hearts are filled with love for Allah and Rasulullah, filled with longing and love towards Allah and His Rasul. There is here and hereafter for them. What a pity for those who can’t appreciate these holy days and especially who can’t respect, who can’t even think of respecting, holy Ramadan Sharif. They are Khasira d-dunya wa l-akhirah; they are losers both here and hereafter. They won’t have dunya. Let them not think they are having it. 

When they don’t come to Juma prayer, they are losing. Let them not think they are benefitting from not fasting in Ramadan Sharif, from not respecting Ramadan Sharif. They are harming themselves. They are harmed both in appearance and in spirituality. Their physical lives will be shameful, and their spiritual lives will diminish. And there are new troubles now; countless people are bothered with these new troubles. What is the least trouble they have? They call it depression. In the old days, they used to say “I’m depressed, I will go and have a walk”. In old days, they would come back to normal after having a walk when depressed. They would be relieved. Nowadays, the depression of these people is from the moment a man is conscious, he is in depression. Because they can’t have everything what they want. When they can’t have it, there happens a huge blast, and as a result of this blast, that man perishes without spirituality. Neither with pills, nor with syrups, neither with doctors, nor with judges will they prosper. Their job is over. Jobs of aghas and beys became over. 

Take care before the illness comes.

Listen carefully. Listen carefully to this matter. It is good when a man takes precautions. Take care before the illness comes. They used to say “See when you’re sick”. When you are caught by an illness, you can’t even have a bite. Now they’re not asking. Everyone is depressed. They go to doctors for check-ups. A doctor checks and says: “Ya Hu, you are like iron, you are a healthy woman. You don’t have anything. Let me examine your mind.” When he says so, she becomes happy: “Where will you examine?” Dr: “There’s a neurology hospital in Nicosia. They don’t like to call it a mental hospital now. They call it a neurological centre”. Woman: “Why don’t you say it’s a mental hospital? May Allah keep us away from it”. 

A mind is the biggest blessing Janab-ul Haqq granted to His servants. A man can guard himself with a mind; he can find his way and path. As soon as the mind is gone, he’s not good anymore. He falls to an animal level. His job is done. Therefore “You don’t have anything, we will only examine your mind. Come”. “Where shall I come?” “There’s a neurology hospital in Nicosia. Go there. Let’s see what they say for you.” May Allah not lead us to that hospital. As soon as you enter the door, If you’re partially crazy, you become crazy completely before you’re out. What’s the reason? They don’t make research. They send to a mental hospital, but the doctor in a mental hospital is partially crazy together with them. They say someone sitting with a people for 40 days will become one of them. People around crazy ones not for 40 but for 140 days will become partially crazy too. Shortly, this is not being researched. 

The man’s body is healthy. They’re not asking what other cause could there be. If the body’s fine and nothing is seen, then there’s a deficiency in spirituality that this person has fallen into such condition. He has money, a car, a wife, a horse, everything but comfort. A man says “I’m depressed.” What shall we do? Shall we tie your feet and throw you into the sea? What will your condition be? It’s not an illness of the physical. It belongs to spirituality. Do you pay attention to the spirituality of these people? Do you meet their spiritual needs? What are their needs? Can you cover them? Do you give such education to your children? You teach them foolish things with useless inventions. Inventions don’t make a stomach full. If you bring a plastic car, plastic fruit and vegetables, what’s the use? Why do you take them in? What will their use be? They won’t fill the stomach. They are of no use. Bring the real ones. They can’t give because they can’t cover the spiritual needs of these people. They became irritated and confused. 

A little more and maybe everyone will go crazy. Now the conditions of people can still be tolerated, we tolerate a lot. May it not become so bad that we long for these days. But still they push ahead. After being pushed, pressed it will burst. Now there’s nothing. They said to a man in a hospital – now they are only pulling the tail of the bear. They said: “You’re just raising some dust. We are just holding the tail of a bear so the bear scratches and raises dust.” When you pull off the tail of the bear, then you have real trouble. The explosion comes when the bear is released. Now there’s nothing. 

If you’ve money, you’ll find everything. The time will come when you won’t find anything with your money. We… I managed for WWII – The war which was 60-70 years ago. I managed for the war, which was 60 years ago so I know. I know well the conditions of the markets, how we couldn’t buy bread for money, how we couldn’t find bulghur, wheat. There was no pasta, no rice. I know all of it. You can’t buy for money. You are on this island. Don’t think they will send you ships full of food so that you eat and throw the half away. No. Therefore, be cautious. There’s nothing yet. Comfortable, we’re very comfortable. We have to make a lot of shukr to JanabAllah. Something will happen to those who don’t make shukr. If you want to know what is hunger, fast in Ramadan and taste it. 

Now people’s mouths chew everything they want for 24 hours. If they don’t find something, they chew gum like camels. Both men and women put chewing gum into their mouths. For women it’s ok, for men it’s better not to chew. It is like the people of Lut. It’s embarassing. It’s not appropriate for men to chew gum in their mouths. It’s like men who became like women. It’s not appropriate at all. I’m telling it as a fable because people of this time, starting from their childhood have something in their hands to eat. They don’t eat at home but instead eat this & that in the streets. They drink coke. Adults drink beer. More desperate ones drink alcohol. They eat everything. Their mouths chew for 24 hours. Time will come. We’re on an island. They will fall into such a condition, they won’t find what they want. They will search in the garbage. 

They have bad habits. They got such bad habits during the last 30 years. Instead of gathering to make shukr, they opened themselves (to bad habits). Next week is Ramadan Sharif. Allah is watching. He says: “I’m looking at My servants one more time.” Especially, He looks at these Cypriots. “Let’s see, if they are going to fast and count.” A war is waiting at the door. A war is not far. You are in the area of war. Don’t think that you can protect yourself, hide yourself. You are in the open. No protection for anyone except who is protected and hidden by Allah. Certainly they will be swept away and suffer. There will be ones who’ll go at once and ones who’ll suffer a lot. Therefore… 


The time is coming when everyone will have what they deserve.

Ramadan Sharif is coming, once more Janab-ul Mawla will look: “Do they know Me, or not? Do they know themselves? Do they know who they are? How is humanity on earth? How did they appear? What did they appear for? Did they look for it? Did they ask what they were created for? They will come to their senses. If not, we’ll leave them again.” Then, after this Bayram there will be another Bayram. We seek refuge in Allah. Don’t leave fasting. Who openly doesn’t fast this year won’t reach next year. If a war starts, they will vanish in this war. It’s a sign of Divine anger. 

Mountains are exploding. Fire is billowing like the fire of hell. Don’t think that fire comes from volcanoes only. Janab-ul Haqq can raise a volcano from wherever He wants whenever He wants. Any place of the world can explode. A sign of Divine anger is not necessarily a volcano. A hurricane is coming, a strong storm is coming. It’ll destroy houses. They are not coming to their senses, not taking heed. Floods are coming, floods are covering. They’re not taking heed, still saying it’s nature. Still saying it’s nature. Everywhere is shaken with calamities. They’re still saying it’s nature. Don’t. Say Allah. Who is nature? Who is nature? Where is it? Where does this nature rule from? Tell. They have degraded these people with inventions. Muslims are going after them as well. What a pity! The time is coming when everyone will have what they deserve. Pay attention and respect Ramadan Sharif, you’ll find peace. 

JanabAllah is opening the doors of paradise in Ramadan Sharif.

We read first khutba for Ramadan as a preparation. JanabAllah is opening the doors of paradise in Ramadan Sharif. For those who know themselves and keep the orders, the doors of the 8 paradises are open. For those who don’t know, a fire of hell will be sent on earth. The doors of hell are opening too. Watch yourself. Guard your religion, guard your faith. 

We are not without religion and faith. We haven’t come from families of unbelievers without religion or faith. Our seven generations back were Muslim. What have we become? What have we become? What happened to us? Why did we change? There were Greeks, our companions on the island. Did the Greeks change their religion? Did they destroy their churches? Did they change their priests? Did they change their alphabet & everything? Did they lean towards Islam or remained with their religion or get rid of it? Do they keep their religion? What happened to us? Is there a purer religion than Islam that we follow after them? Leaving this religion what have we become? Where did we reach? They’ll see where we reached on Bayram. 

Ala inna ahsana l-kalam wa ablagha l-nizam. Kalamullahi l-Maliki l-Azizi l-Allam. Kama qal Allahu tabaraka wa ta’ala fi l-kalam. “Wa idha quria l qur’anu fa’istamiu lahu wa ansitu la’allakum turhamun”(7:204) (Listen to Qur’an when it’s read) Audhu billahi mina sh-shaytani r-rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim “Wa ma khalaqtu l-jinna wa l-insa illa liyabuduni”(51:56) (Men & Jinn were made to serve Me) Al-hamdu lillahi hamdan kamilin, wa s-salatu wa s-salamu ‘ala Rasulina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma’in. Ta’ziman li Nabiyyi wa takriman li fakhamati sha’ni safiyyihi faqala. Fa qala ‘Azza wa Jalla min qa’ilin mukhbiran wa amira. “Inna Allaha wa mala’ikatahu yusalluna ala an-Nabiyyi ya ayyuha lladhina amanu sallu alayhi was sallimu tasliman”(33:56) Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin. Hasbuna Allahi wa ni’ma l-wakeel. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azim. 


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