Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus

Every Friday Allāh invites the people of paradise to Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus; a beautiful journey through the heavenly realms where everyone receives according to their rank. On that day, when Allāh Almighty will show His beauty, the faces of the believers will shine like the sun.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbet of the 6th of December, 2001

There are educated ones and uneducated ones. There are scholars and there are students. There are listeners. These men studied hard for many years, racked their brains and learned. You can’t put them together with common people. Milk has cream. Every country has an upper crust. People are like milk but milk has a layer of cream. All the milk can’t be cream. There can’t be milk without cream. The least we can say is, their brains aren’t working. A nation is like milk – they have both the milk and its cream. Without milk, there is no cream. Without the people, there is no upper crust. Must be. They are on top. Can cream stay down? Can the milk stay on top and the cream stay below? According to the law of density, cream should stay below the milk, right? It doesn’t, it stays on top. Everything is for taking a lesson. 

Let’s talk about Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus. It is a deep issue. 

Did Haji Jamal come? 

M: He didn’t. 

Every Friday, Allāh Almighty (جل جلاله) makes a divine invitation. He (جل جلاله) invites His servants.

Every Friday, Allāh Almighty (جل جلاله) makes a divine invitation. He (جل جلاله) invites His servants. The angels come and they bring an invitation that says: “The Owner of all kingdoms, Allāhu dhū l-Jalāl calls His servant ‘Abdu l-Malik to His (جل جلاله) divine invitation”. Asta‘īdhu biLlāh. “Wa-Llāhu yad‘ū ilá dāri s-salām” (10:25) The invitation to Dāri s-salām is general, to Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus is on Friday, if we try to describe it now we won’t finish until next week. “It reaches there” he says. 

When they leave their place, Mr. Hüseyin, and as they are going, nobody is able to describe the beauties, the riches, and the splendour of the places they pass on their route. The people of paradise are passing on paradise horses – just as we search for enjoyable routes. Even our driver wants an enjoyable route. When we go somewhere, he says “it has a beautiful view”. The views that you see they certainly are not all alike. Every Friday when he is invited, the manifestation and the routes are different. Manifestation. Allāhu Akbar. 

Everybody comes to the place to which they are invited, according to their ranks. Allāh (جل جلاله) sent us to sulṭāns’ palaces also. I sat in their meetings. Names are written on the seats, you have to sit there. Also here, according to their ranks, an accompanying angel comes to wherever their place is. Then Allāh’s (جل جلاله) offering starts. He (جل جلاله) offers, offers His servants, food and drink, then dresses and crowns. Yā Allāh. Anta Allāh. 

Is it raining? 

M: Yes 

M: Mā shā’a Llāh. O Lord You make us say from the Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus. Allāhu Akbar. Mā shā’a Llāh. Mā shā’a Llāh. Let it rain from Your Generosity, the Owner of the Ḥaḍīratu l-Qudus, the Owner of all kingdoms Allāh, make it rain – their hearts may soften. Let the gloom in our hearts go away and open. 

Mr. Hüseyin, then Allāh (جل جلاله) says; “Is everything all right?” After that Allāh (جل جلاله) will show His beauty from the veils of glory. Allāh Almighty (جل جلاله) will be seen. “Wujūhun yawma’idhin nāḍiratun ilā rabbihā nāẓirah.” (75:22,23) “On that day, the faces of the believers shine like the sun. They look at their Lord” says the holy verse. Then, after that manifestation, the veils of glory open according to everyone’s rank – if the nūr (light) that is opened for a higher rank is opened to you, it will burn you. It is given according to your rank, to the power that you acquired in this world. Don’t ask for more. You can’t tolerate more. They say: “He is blown away”. Allāhu Akbar. 

Let it rain. Let it rain. It isn’t snowing. Until it comes, let me say something new. 

When He (جل جلاله) opens, nobody can look at anything else. Finished. When people look at His (جل جلاله) Beauty, nothing else remains. Nothing has taste anymore. Finishes. With that spot given, the seas open. When you say: “I turned my face to You” – would you be interested in something else? This is the meaning of ashhadu – “I turn my face to You. I have no business with shayṭān. I’m not on good terms, I’m at war with shayṭān. I avoid shayṭān’s friendship. We ended our agreement and our peace. Let it go to hell, not to come near me one more time. Now I have turned to my Lord.” How? This is the meaning of shahādah. That’s why a‘ūdhu biLlāh reminds us of this. 

When you say A‘ūdhu… you announce that shayṭān no longer has any hope for you. Shayṭān says “Maybe he forgot. I may still approach him.” When you say: “A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni r-rajīm” it is still on your mind. As it approaches, proposing an agreement, you say “a‘ūdhu…” and the game is spoiled. “He spoiled the game again.” That’s why, the more you say “a‘ūdhu…” in a day, shayṭān loses hope from you. If you continue “a‘ūdhu…” for 40 days, Haji Hüseyin, everyday 40 times, on the 40th day shayṭān announces, it says: “My soldiers, don’t approach closer to Lefke village headman Mr Hüseyin. It is difficult. He messes up our plans. We hoped to hook him and make him obey us. He curses us 40 times a day. Each time I approach him slowly, I tell him to sign it, when he says “a‘ūdhu…” he shoots at us. We are shocked. I don’t have hope anymore. I gave up on this man called Mr. Hüseyin Zihni. You also give up because he is wasting our efforts. Our efforts are wasted.” 

When it announces this, they won’t approach you. For how long? It comes every 40 days. It comes every 40 days. It comes slowly. It comes again – A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni rrajīm. “He shoots at us again.” When it is 40 times, finished. Can you do it? Shahādah is to accept that Allāh (جل جلاله) is the Lord and we are His (جل جلاله) servants. “You are our only Lord. We are only Your servants. We only live for You. We only act for You. We only live for You. We only die for You. We die in Your way” and then he completes his promise. When you take shahādah, it means to complete. 

Where is that Shahādah and where are today’s Muslims, our situation? You both want your dog’s stomach full and don’t want it to touch the bread. When you say dog, dog is our ego. You’ll both fill its stomach and claim you are a servant of Allāh. Can’t be. This is wrong. 

O Lord, You are opening from Your endless mercy. We know that these signs of mercy are reserved for the time of the Owner of time Mahdī (alayhi s-salam), who will raise the flag of Islām

“O Lord, You are opening from Your endless mercy. We know that these signs of mercy are reserved for the time of the Owner of time Mahdī (alayhi s-salam), who will raise the flag of Islām. Make it continue O Lord. Prepare our hearts to accept him and greet him, to be with him (alayhi s-salam) O Lord. Raise the flag of the beloved Prophet O Lord. We fast Ramaḍān as if we are worthless. These worthless people, underestimate us. We don’t want such Ramaḍāns anymore. We want to attain Ramaḍān with glory with the Owner, to whom You gave dignity, with his soldiers, with his (alayhi s-salam) viziers and Your saints. Let us reach O Lord. Let us reach O Lord. Let us reach to Mahdī (alayhi s-salam), who will destroy shayṭān’s sultanate. 

Biḥurmati l-Ḥabīb Biḥurmati l-Fātiḥah. Yā Rabbī. 



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