The Month of Muharram ul Haram ~ Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Qs)


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O lovers of Shah Mardan, may our day be beautiful, may our hearts be relieved. Marhaba, marhaba, O lovers of Shah Mardan. May we not be upset, may we be beautiful. Dunya, rubbish dunya. Dunya is not to be loved. Go ahead, O lovers of Shah Mardan. We ask. We ask for the kind favours of our Lord. Let’s say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. This is important. It is important to say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Salamun Qawlaan min Rabbin Rahim. (36:58) (Greeting from a Merciful Lord).

Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Your lovers adore you. May our day be good, may the month of Muharram be honored, may it be blessed. So much and many, O lovers of Shah Mardan; favours of our Lord have no boundaries. Our Lord has many favours. Marhaba, O sincere ones, O lovers of Shah Mardan. May we open. It is a month of Muharram, a chosen month among all months. O lovers of Shah Mardan, go ahead. May the joy of this holy month come into our hearts, may its pleasure come. Let us ask from our Janab-ul Mawla. O lovers of Shah Mardan, let us ask. Let us ask from Shah Mardan. May our souls open.

Holy month. O dear friends, we are in a holy month. We ask for the kind favours of Janab-ul Mawla. O Shah Mardan. First of all, let’s wish and ask according to our condition. Our holy month is the holy month of Muharram. Let us ask from our Lord, let us ask from Hz. Ummuhan, (Hala Sultan) the great one of this country, the honor of this country. She is great, she is great. Our Ummuhan Sultan is great. She gives according to her greatness. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. For several thousand years, our Ummuhan Sultan has opened her doors for us. Sultan, accepted in the presence of our Lord, you didn’t deprive us until now, you kept giving. Hz Ummuhan hasn’t deprived those who visit her. She didn’t sent us back empty-handed from her door until now. Ask. The door of the great ones is open. Ask. They give. Our endurance is according to our conditions.

O Ummuhan Sultan, we ask. We ask that it stops. The possessor and the great one of this world is Hz Ummuhan. Her miracles are evident. A miracle is the kindness of Janab-ul Haqq. Hz Ummuhan gave us and didn’t deny us. Hz Ummuhan favoured the nation for 1,500 years. She didn’t deprive us, she didn’t send us away from her door. She treated us with gifts. You give also. Give and you’ll be given. She is Sultan, ask from her. The Sultan doesn’t send anyone back empty-handed. Ummuhan Sultan watches us and favours those who visit her, those who love her; She favours them. That door doesn’t close. The door of the great ones doesn’t close. Does a door of the great ones close? Does a door of the Sultan close? It doesn’t. Let us say, O people of Muhammad SallAllahu alaihi wa s-sallam.

Let us say, for the honor of the Sultan, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Her love, her affection; she gave us affection from her affection towards the Prophet SallAllahu alaihi wa s-sallam. We fell in love. Janab-ul Mawla made us love our Sultan. Love and be loved. Love and be loved. Don’t be dry. Go ahead, O lovers of Shah Mardan. How beautiful you are. How beautiful, how majestic you are, O Shah Mardan. A holy month, the month of Muharram has come. It comes with power, it will show Islam with its majesty. Our Ummuhan Sultan; let us kiss her feet, let us ask. They will lift everything from our shoulders. There is power, especially this Muharram. In Muharram, Sheikh Mehmet Efendi, there are amazing appearances during the month of Muharram. There is an amazing manifestation of sultanate. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi lhamd. Janab-ul Mawla didn’t leave it empty. The Month of Muharram didn’t come empty.

“Ghulibati r-rum” (30:2) (The Byzantines have been defeated) “Wahum mimba’di ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) (After their defeat they will win.) It says Islam will win in Quran Azim-u Shan. “Ghulibati ar-rum” (30:2) There is a manifestation, a power which will destroy our ego and lead to servanthood in this holy month. Sick ones will recover, we will. Weak ones will find strength, we will. Flags of Islam will rise. “Ghulibati r-rum” (30:2) (The Byzantines have been defeated) Janab-ul Mawla is saying. Allah Allah. “Ghulibati r-rum” (30:2) Your Lord is saying, Janab-ul Haqq Al-Qadir and Al-Muqtadir, your Lord will rescue you from weakness. He is Sultan. He won’t leave you despicable. At the door of Allah, our son Mehmet Efendi, a servant is not left despicable. He does servanthood only. That’s what He wants; do servanthood, don’t fear. Neither will you fall sick, nor become despicable, nor be defeated. “Ghulibati r-rum” (30:2) Allahu Akbar.

What news Janab-ul Haqq has for His servants. May our souls open. May faith be loaded into our hearts. O our Lord, You created us. How beautiful! How beautiful! “Ghulibati r-rum” (30:2) (The Byzantines have been defeated) “Wahum mim ba’di ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) Al-Qadir Al-Muqtadir Allah. Our Allah Jalla Jalaluhu, whose greatness has no boundaries, He will make us rejoice this holy month, the month of Muharram. “Wahum mim ba’di ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) JanabAllah will open. Let us ask, let us ask. What is necessary from heavens? Ask for the favours of heavens, ask for the grants of heavens. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan, O dragon, a lion who swallows disbelief. He will swallow, destroy the falsehood. Falsehood cannot stand against the Truth. It will disappear.

Month of Muharram. Allah Allah. What power Muharram is giving. It is giving us power. “Wahum mim ba’di ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) Even though they appear as winners, “Wahum mim ba’di ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) they will be defeated. For sure, they will be defeated. Falsehood and disbelief will be destroyed. “Wahum mim badi ghalabihim sayaghlibun.” (30:3) Don’t sleep. Even though they appear as winners, they will be defeated. Understand it. O lovers of Shah Mardan, O listeners of the lions, listen and believe. Muharram is this month. So much honor has been given to all prophets. Power has been given to believers. Those without endurance have been loaded with strength, loaded with power. He is Allah Jalla Jalaluhu.

O lovers of Shah Mardan, find joy. Find joy. Don’t be desparate. Don’t be hopeless. Even once say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. It will crush the world, destroy disbelief. It will destroy disbelief. A single manifestation of Janab-ul Haqq, a single tajalli will destroy. The hearts of believers will be filled with faith. Go to Ummuhan Sultan. Kiss her hand. She won’t send you back without giving. She is Sultan. Our Ummuhan Sultan is Sultan. Cutting our hope… Why shall we cut our hope? Our holy honored Sultan is rewarded by heavens. Which month is this month? This month is the holy month when the distinquished flags of Islam will be raised. We are weak. However, if we say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, we will open. Spirituality gives strength to a man. It gives joy. Look for possessors of spirituality.

O lovers of Shah Mardan, O friends of Shah Mardan, O servants of the Sultan, ask. Let us ask. Let us ask from our holy Sultan. May she load us with faith. Prophets are loaded with faith. They are loaded with faith. They load us with faith too. They load us with faith. You are Subhan, our Lord. O Shah Mardan, load us with faith. Give us the joy of heavens. Let us say Allah, we will destroy the disbelief of this world. Mashallahu kan wa ma lam yasha lam yakun. It conteracts the poison. It finishes the poison. The world shines in Muharram, the holy month in which power was given to all prophets. O lovers of Shah Mardan, be loaded. Ask to be loaded with faith. If he is not loaded with faith, he’s rubbish. Be loaded. They are saying: be loaded this month. Month of Muharram; be loaded. Be loaded with light. Be loaded with honor. Be loaded with faith, O lovers of Shah Mardan. We won’t be distressed. It is the month of Muharram. We won’t be distressed. Guard the door of Sultan. Receive light. Search for light. Light is received from the Sultan, not garbage. Light is received from the Sultan. Light is from heavens. On earth is rubbish.

O our Lord, may our souls open, may we get relief. May we rejoice, O lovers of Shah Mardan. Go ahead, listen, O friends. Don’t cry, be relieved. Be relieved. May she endow you. May our holy Sultan endow us. Let her say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim once, your needs will be vanish. Whatever need is asked, everything is given during this holy month. The power given to a Saint by our Lord who’s rich in favours, cannot be estimated. O lovers of Shah Mardan, let us embrace heavens. Let us be filled with the light of heavens. May our souls be filled with faith. May Your young servants be loaded with faith. Ask for faith. Ask for faith, don’t fear. Faith. The beauty of a believer is faith. A man without faith has no value. Be loaded with faith. It’s Muharram-ul Haram. Be loaded with faith. May Shah Mardan dress you in a beautiful adornment of faith. May we open.

Let us ask. Wish so that it is given. May Janab-ul Haqq give. So many Sultans, lovers, came and left. They were full, they asked for faith. JanabAllah gave faith. Ask for faith and Islam. May He dress you in the beauty of faith. May He dress you in honor. May Allah not deprive you. He doesn’t. He doesn’t. He won’t. He didn’t. It will open for us too. It will open for us too. Beauties of heavens will open. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Your lovers adore you. May our souls get relief and open. For more than a thousand years, JanabAllah keeps on giving his favours. No one who goes to His door is deprived. No one who calls to Allah is denied. O our Lord, we wait for Your love and bliss, favour us accordingly, ya Rabbi. May our love increase day by day, may our bliss increase. May our faith towards our Lord increase. Let us say O our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan. Search for the Sultan. Don’t be without the Sultan. If you are without the Sultan, you’ll become rubbish. Don’t be rubbish. How do you become rubbish? Don’t be rubbish. Don’t run after rubbish.

O lovers of Shah Mardan, what beauties Janab-ul Mawla grants according to our conditions. You are Subhan, You are Sultan. You don’t send us away from Your door. We will do servanthood. We are created to do servanthood, my son. We weren’t created for dunya. We were created for servanthood. There is the Sultan. Show affection to the Sultan. Love the Sultan, O lovers of Shah Mardan. May we open. May our strength and power increase. A believer cannot be weak. A believer is strong. That strength will come. That strength will come. The strength comes. Our holy Subhan, our Sultan. Our Mawla didn’t deprive us. Even during childhood, favours come from our Sultan, beauties come, joy comes. Our souls open. So we go to our Sultan. The Sultan meets us. As soon as the Sultan meets us, as soon as the great ones meet us, our souls become filled with relief. Whoever leaves dunya, their souls are filled with relief. Nothing fills the souls of the sons of Adam, only love of our Lord Jalla wa ‘Ala, The bliss of His love, blessings and reverence. Let us be filled with these.

May our strength increase, Mehmet. Don’t be rubbish. Earth and skies won’t give you anything. What is given to your souls is from heavens. Let us ask. Ask for beauties of heavens. Ask for the bliss of His love. Dunya; what does it have? It has nothing. Who has everything is Allah Jalla wa ‘Ala. Ask for Allah. Search for Allah. You’ll find everything. You are Subhan, ya Rabb. You are Sultan, ya Rabb. O lovers of Shah Mardan. Load our souls with the bliss of Your love, ya Rabbi. You have many saints who load/charge. You were loaded, may we be loaded too. May we be loaded with the bliss of Your love. May we be supplied with the bliss of Your love. May we not become rubbish. May we become jewels. May we be servants at the door of our Lord. O Rabb-ul Izzet, You grant a lot in this holy month. O lovers of Shah Mardan. Fill our souls with faith. Fill our souls with Islam. May our souls be filled with the blessings and miracles of Your love. We give our souls to You, O our Lord. Allahu Allah. Allahu Rabbi ma li siwahu illa Hu.

What shall we do in dunya? Dunya is rubbish. Never-ending rubbish. Don’t run after rubbish. Search for the door of the Sultan. Our Allah, our Subhan, our Sultan, load us with Your love and bliss, ya Rabbi. May Allah Jalla wa ‘Ala load us with faith. Faith comes from heavens. Subhana man ‘azza wa sha’nuhu. Allahu akbar. Subhana man ‘azza wa sha’nuhu. Our Allah, whose greatness has no boundaries. Ask so that He gives. O our Lord, we asked for our Sultan. We stood at the door of our Sultan. Don’t let us be sent away, ya Rabbi. Fill us with faith. Fill us with Islam. Fill us with the bliss of Your love. O our Lord, accept us for Your servanthood. May Allah call us His servants, that will be enough.

Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) (Greetings from a Merciful Lord.) Salamun qawlam mir Rabbir Rahim. How beautiful! What a beautiful addressing has reached us, O our Lord. Don’t separate us from the holy Sultans, ya Rabbi. May we open. May we rejoice. May we love, may we rejoice. May we get relief. May our souls be filled with the love of our Lord.

– Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat of the 7th of November, 2013.


Video Link: The Month of Muharramu-l Haram


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